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The Kentucky Re-Entry Universal Payload System (KRUPS)

James Nichols
Due to the uniqueness of atmospheric entry environments, ground facilities cannot accurately replicate re-entry conditions. Consequently, scientists primarily rely on numerical models to predict these conditions and inform Thermal Protection System (TPS) designs. These models often lack flight validation, which is necessary for increasing their fidelity. Thus, there is a substantial need to obtain such data to advance modeling capabilities. The Kentucky Re-entry Universal Payload System (KRUPS) is an adaptable test-bed for scientific experimentation with...

The Economic Impact of Diabetes in Kentucky

Michael W. Clark, Jenny A. Minier, Charles J. Courtemanche, Bethany L. Paris & Michael T. Childress
Excerpt from the Executive Summary: The Kentucky Department of Public Health is responsible for improving the health and safety of Kentucky’s residents by preventing disease and injuries and encouraging healthy lifestyles. The department administers nearly 150 programs that address critical health issues affecting Kentuckians. These programs screen newborns for health problems, prevent the spread of infectious diseases, promote oral health, and provide numerous other services. Diabetes represents a growing health concern for the nation and...

A Description of COVID-19 Lifestyle Restrictions Among a Sample of Rural Appalachian Women

Michele Staton, Martha Tillson & J. Matthew Webster
Background: COVID-19 has led to swift federal and state response to control virus transmission, which has resulted in unprecedented lifestyle changes for U.S. citizens including social distancing and isolation. Understanding the impact of COVID-19 lifestyle restrictions and related behavioral risks is important, particularly among individuals who may be more vulnerable (such as rural women with a history of substance use living in Appalachia). Purpose: The overall purpose of this study was to better understand the...

Cancer Curriculum for Appalachian Kentucky Middle and High Schools

Lauren Hudson, Katherine Sharp, Chris Prichard, Melinda J. Ickes, Sahar Alameh & Nathan L. Vanderford
Background: Appalachian Kentucky faces the highest cancer incidence and mortality rates in the country due to poor health behaviors and lifestyle choices. These poor health behaviors are facilitated by a lack of cancer education. Youth represent a vulnerable population that could be greatly impacted by increased cancer education. Teachers have the power to facilitate this learning. Purpose: This study examined the need for cancer education curriculum in Appalachian Kentucky middle and high schools from the...


Xiaohang Yu
Tan Dun’s Crouching Tiger Concerto for Amplified Cello and Orchestra is not only one of the most frequently performed cello concerto of the recent past; it also demonstrates Tan’s masterful synthesis of artistic forms from the Chinese and the Western art music traditions with visual media that extends beyond the concert-hall. The music for this concerto was initially composed as part of the score for Ang Lee’s film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, itself a landmark...

The G7 Suite

Joseph Dunn
The G7 Suite is a multi-movement chamber work that combines elements of European Art Music, Indigenous Music from Latin America, and various representations of American music. The melodic material is derived from the national anthems of the Great Seven nations: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Each melody is re-set to new music genres and aligns itself to the rules and expectations within each idiom. This compilation is more...

What Happened in Harris Neck?

Anna Sharpe
This project traces the history and legacy of the seizure of Harris Neck, approximately 2,600 acres on the Georgia coast, once largely composed of rice and cotton plantations. After the Civil War, freedmen and women transformed the area into a thriving Black community. The community of approximately a hundred families, a school, a church, a post office, and many small farms and businesses flourished from the late 1800’s until 1942, when the federal government seized...

Stress, Burnout, and Well-Being in New Veterinary Graduates

Addie Reinhard
Suicide, stress, and burnout are occurring at high rates among veterinary professionals, and the transition from student to practicing veterinarian has been shown to be a particularly stressful time. The aim of this study was to evaluate an online professional development program for new veterinary graduates incorporating peer social support and training in professional skills important for success in the transition to practice. In this mixed methods study, the program was evaluated qualitatively with focus...


Daniel Quinn
Fall implementation of a rye (Secale cereale L.) cover crop (RCC) prior to spring corn (Zea mays L.) planting is a management practice used to improve soil conservation, water quality, and limit herbicide dependence. However, corn growth and yield following a RCC is often reduced due to early-season nitrogen (N) stress and decreased plant emergence, which can limit RCC adoption. The objective(s) of this research were to evaluate corn agronomic management practices (e.g., N and...


Allie Hopper
Supported communication is defined as anything that improves access to or participation in communication events or activities (King, Simmons-Mackie, & Beukelman, 2012). This thesis describes the results of a study that took place when a training program to provide graduate students in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) with “hands on” experience in providing supported communication to persons with chronic aphasia (PWA) was interrupted by the outbreak of Coronavirus-19 and switched to a remote delivery format...

The Influence of Socioindexical Information on the Speech Perception-Production Link

Kyler Laycock
The body of work on speech perception demonstrates the ability of listeners to utilize both visual and acoustic information in their processing of a given speech signal. More recent studies have established that listeners are sensitive to cues in both these modalities which inform their perception of a speaker's identity in parallel with the linguistic message, but the relationship between social information in perception and production together is unclear. This study reports the results of...

Synthesis of Dual Small Molecule Hybrids to Probe the Synergy between DNA Repair Enzymes and IDO1

Nathaniel George
Indoleamine 2 3-dioxygenase (IDO) has recently been highlighted as a promising target for small molecule based immunotherapy. IDO is often coopted by various cancer cells to promote an immune-suppressive environment around tumors. DNA damage repair (DDR) enzymes have recently been targeted for inhibition to promote genetic instability and bolster immune recognition. DDR enzymes such as PARP and POLγ are common inhibition targets due to their direct effects on cellular function. In the process of designing...


Casey Byrd
The metabolic rift theory explores materials and social exchanges between rural and city communities and human-nature relations. Metabolic rifts can exist both environmentally and socially and are often geographically or culturally unique. Ultimately the metabolic rift is earmarked by increasing disconnection between humans and their environment. This thesis draws upon life cycle analysis studies, social-economic studies, and environmental and sustainability studies to argue that large-scale contemporary urban composting efforts, although well intended, are insufficient to...

\"Playing the Game\"

Graciela Barajas
Latinx members of the FFA Organization are disproportionately underrepresented in leadership positions. When they do get elected to leadership offices, they oftentimes have to accept behaviors that erase their cultural identity. This study aims to find what aspects of their identity they feel they have to give up in order to be seen as a potential state or national FFA candidate. Findings include the participation of the state-officer game, joining cliques that fit the white...


Guetchine Gaspard
Macroecological and biogeographical modelers have predicted the distribution of species across space relying on the relationship between biotic processes and environmental variables. Such a method employs data associated, for instance, with species abundance or presence/absence, climate, geomorphology, and soils. Statistical analyses found in previous studies have highlighted the importance of accounting for the effects of spatial autocorrelation (SAC), which indicates a level of dependence between pairs of nearby observations. A consensus has existed that residual...


Tera Buerkle
The use of dating applications (apps) to find romantic and sexual partners is widespread across age groups, however, there is a paucity of research on dating apps with those in middle adulthood. Sexual script theory suggests that women’s agency (i.e. the ability to act in one’s own best interest) may be impacted by expectations from an inherently sexualized context, such as dating apps. Feminist theory contends that women’s agency is complicated by gender socialization due...

The Effects of Systematic Manipulation of Reinforcement Within a Classroom Management System

Amanda Gayle Chavez
Research suggests that best practice is for teachers to incorporate evidence-based classroom management strategies into their daily routines to improve student behavior. One aspect crucial to evidence-based practices is the rate at which teachers deliver reinforcement. Though research recommends reinforcement be provided frequently within classroom management systems (Robacker et al., 2016), no objective recommendation exists that assists teachers in delivering it systematically. In this study, a single case withdrawal design was used to analyze the...

Cloning and Functional Characterizations of Circular RNAs from the Human MAPT Locus

Justin Welden
Under pathophysiological conditions, the microtubule protein tau (MAPT) forms neurofibrillary tangles that are the hallmark of sporadic Alzheimer’s disease as well as familial frontotemporal dementias linked to chromosome 17 (FTDP-17). In this work, I report that MAPT forms circular RNAs through backsplicing of exon 12 to either exon 10 or exon 7 (12→10; 12→7), and that these circular RNAs are translated into proteins. Using stable cell lines overexpressing the circular tau RNAs 12→7 and 12→10,...


Ryan Schubart
This study explored how school leaders make sense of and address digital citizenship as defined by Ribble (2011), and investigated what successes and challenges school leaders experienced while implementing digital citizenship programs in large Southeastern technology-rich schools. This bounded cross-case study, undergirded by Weick’s (1995) Theory of Sensemaking, is also designed to explore how school leaders implement digital citizenship programs at technology-rich schools in a large. 1:1, Southeastern public-school district, and how they view their...

Measurements of Wind Turbine Wake Evolution and Trajectory During Morning Boundary Layer Transition and Under Wake Steering Conditions via Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Stewart Nelson
In July of 2019, a flight campaign was conducted using semi-autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) at the Port Alma Kruger Energy wind farm in Ontario, Canada, to study various aspects of wind turbine wake evolution. Horizontal transects across the wakes were measured using modified fixed-wing aircraft fitted with a five-hole probe to measure the wind velocity vector. Reference boundary layer conditions were measured by an octocopter with an assortment of mounted sensors flying vertical profiles...

Effect of reduced plume entrainment on the burning rate of porous fuel beds

Sara McAllister
Large outdoor fires often exhibit unexpected fire behavior, particularly compared with much smaller fires. Understanding the difference between large- and small-scale fires is of importance for both fire behavior predictions and safety. Large fires are often characterized by very tall plumes that can extend to the stratosphere. Particularly as the actively burning area increases, plumes in large-scale fires likely entrain relatively little and may act in a similar fashion to a chimney. To explore the...

Effects of dimensionless numbers on decomposition of methane hydrate

Shoma Shimizu & Genichiro Kushida
It is necessary to elucidate the decomposition and combustion of methane hydrate for fire safety during transportation and storage to utilize it for commercial practice. The amount of methane evolved during the decomposition of methane hydrates is affected by the conditions such as the initial temperature, initial density and ambient temperature. In the present study, the internal temperature of methane hydrate and the amount of methane evolved during its decomposition were investigated by a dimensionless...

Evaluation of Orange Pavement Striping for Use in Work Zones

Erin Lammers, William Staats & Ken Agent
Interstate widening projects are commonplace in Kentucky, and safety is of primary concern within the project work zone. Past experience with long work zones revealed two critical safety issues: driver confusion due to unclear pavement markings and a lack of continuous work zone signage for motorists indicating they are still within a work zone. This concern is heightened in transition and taper areas. Highly visible markings in an alternative color other than standard yellow or...

Geologic Characterization, Hydrologic Monitoring, and Soil-Water Relationships for Landslides in Kentucky

Matt Crawford, Lindsey Bryson, Zhenming Wang & Edward W. Woolery
Complex spatial and temporal variables control the movement of water through colluvial soils in hillslopes. Some of the factors that influence soil-moisture fluctuation are soil type, thickness, porosity and permeability, and slope morphology. Landslide-characterization and field-monitoring techniques were part of a method to connect hydrologic and geotechnical data in order to monitor long-term hydrologic conditions in three active landslides in Kentucky, establish hydrologic relationships across the slope, and analyze specific soil-water relationships that can predict...


Nathalia Araujo
Prostate Apoptosis Response-4 (Par-4) is a tumor suppressor ubiquitously expressed in all tissues and able to selectively induce apoptosis in cancer cells. Although well established in the context of cancer, relatively little is known about the function of Par-4 in the healthy and non-tumorigenic context. Observations from our lab showed that Par-4 knockout mouse lines were obese and displayed adipocyte hypertrophy under a normal chow diet when compared to Par-4 wild-type mice. These Par-4 knockout...

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