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Clustering Brain Activation to Study Social Cognition

Matthias Schurz
Blog posting on a meta-analysis conducted with neuroimaging data from 4207 participants to dissect human social cognition.

Tagungsband zum 31. BBB-Assistent:innentreffen Innsbruck 2022

The potential of waste water heat recovery systems in reducing the energy demand for water heating in the EU in a cost-efficient way

Pavel Sevela, Johannes Frenger, Jürgen Schnieders & Rainer Pfluger
This study, commissioned by the European Copper Institute at the University of Innsbruck and the Passive House Institute, provides an overview of the planned energy and climate saving targets in the area of domestic hot water production and proposes target-oriented solutions to solving these challenges. The persistent energy need for hot water is critically highlighted as a promising category for achieving energy savings beyond the current EU state of the art levels. After extensive research,...

Podcastserie: Gesunde (digitale) Orte?

Simon Liegl, Katja Kaufmann & Tabea Bork-Hueffer
Blog Podcastserie der Vertiefungsrichtung des Masterstudiums Geographie der Universität Innsbruck

Wofür es sich zu leben lohnt

Monika Datterl, Robert Deinhammer, Wilhelm Guggenberger & Claudia Paganini

Tracking How Words Changed Meaning over Time

Adam Jatowt
Blog posting about an online service developed to track the history of words.

Politikwissenschaftliches Arbeiten: Eine Einführung

Franz Eder

Zur Konstitution des Ornaments in der Architektur: Historiografie, Gegenwart und Morphologie

Peter Massin
This dissertation investigates ornament as an object in architecture and examines its historiographical and contemporary constitution in design practice. The Vitruvian description of ornament forms the starting point for the historiography of ornament and its intellectual capacities. The rediscovery of his work during the 15th century sparked an intensive theoretical debate that lasts until today. Following Winckelmann’s disruption of the arts in the mid-18th century ornament transformed into a determining part of the architectural discourse...

Designing the Monodomain Model with ANNs

Sébastien Court
Blog posting on how differential equations are fitted to cardiac data using artificial neural networks (ANNs).

Alpine Nachhaltigkeit auf Hütten (ANAH). Wissenschaftlicher Projektbericht

Jutta Kister, Yvonne Lesewa, David Segat & Jessica Balling
This project report presents the research approach, procedures and results of the project "ANAH – Alpine Nachhaltigkeit auf Hütten". This is a research cooperation between the Institute of Geography at the University of Innsbruck and the Munich Section of the German Alpine Club (DAV) e.V., run from January 2020 to June 2022. The ANAH project comprised the development of a process-oriented sustainability monitoring tool, consisting of targets and indicators, on the topic of sustainable hut...

Being Human. Bridging the Gap between the Sciences of Body and Mind

Gerhard Medicus
What makes humans human? How are body and mind connected, and how are the sciences of the body connected with the sciences of the mind? Evolution has left its marks on the body and the soul. For this reason, the accumulated evolutionary knowledge is a useful and indispensable underpinning for the human sciences, which continue to epitomise the body-mind problem through the separation of the natural sciences and the humanities. Based on this insight, a...

Was uns Menschen verbindet: Angebote zur Verständigung zwischen Natur-, Kultur- und Geisteswissenschaften

Gerhard Medicus
Um unser Verständnis für das menschliche Verhalten zu erweitern, bedarf es vielfältiger wissenschaftlicher Zugänge. Die Verknüpfung von Wahrnehmen, Fühlen, Bewerten, Denken und Verhalten ermöglicht es, tiefere Einblicke zu erlangen. In vorliegendem Buch wird insbesondere auf Lernen und Kultur, Intellekt und Ich-Bewusstsein, Familie und soziale Gefüge, Aggression und Rangordnung, Moralfähigkeit, Humanität und Würde eingegangen. Widersprüchliche Positionen zu den Unterschieden zwischen den Geschlechtern und zu politischem Urteilen und Wirken finden eine mögliche Erklärung. Das Buch bietet alltagspsychologische...

A treatment for viral deception? Automated moderation of COVID-19 disinformation

Julia Haas
The COVID-19 pandemic has been accompanied by reports of unprecedented amount of deceptive and false online information with the potential to severely undermine individual and public health as well as the enjoyment of human rights. Both states and internet intermediaries have undertaken unparalleled steps to address this COVID-19 “infodemic”. Indeed, the COVID-19 pandemic may represent a turning point for the governance of the online information landscape in general and the fight against disinformation in particular....

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Challenges and obstacles for women* in the course of migration

Germaine Pötgen
Blogpost on Challenges and obstacles for women* in the course of migration by Germaine Pötgen

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