12 Works

Inflectional paradigms as interacting systems

Eric R. Rosen

Emergent Gestural Scores in a Recurrent Neural Network Model of Vowel Harmony

Caitlin Smith, Charlie O'Hara, Eric Rosen & Paul Smolensky

Human-Model Divergence in the Handling of Vagueness

Elias Stengel-Eskin, Jimena Guallar-Blasco & Benjamin Van Durme

Tensor Product Decomposition Networks: Uncovering Representations of Structure Learned by Neural Networks

Richard T. McCoy, Tal Linzen, Ewan Dunbar & Paul Smolensky

Lexical strata and phonotactic perplexity minimization

Eric R. Rosen

Deep neural networks easily learn unnatural infixation and reduplication patterns

Coleman Haley & Colin Wilson

Neural network learning of the Russian genitive of negation: optionality and structure sensitivity

Natalia Talmina & Tal Linzen

Extending adaptor grammars to learn phonological alternations

Canaan Breiss & Colin Wilson

Structure Here, Bias There: Hierarchical Generalization by Jointly Learning Syntactic Transformations

Karl Mulligan, Robert Frank & Tal Linzen

Learning the surface structure of wh-questions in English and French with a non-parametric Bayesian model

An Nguyen & Colin Wilson

Learnability of derivationally opaque processes in the Gestural Harmony Model

Caitlin Smith & Charlie O'Hara

Testing for Grammatical Category Abstraction in Neural Language Models

Najoung Kim & Paul Smolensky

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