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Rapid Method of Processing Sperm for Nucleic Acid Extraction in Clinical Research

Matthew K de Gannes
Background: Sperm contain highly compact nuclei, inhibiting DNA extraction using traditional techniques. Current methods extracting sperm DNA involve lengthy lysis and no means of stabilizing DNA, hindering clinical research. Objective: We sought to optimize an efficient method of extracting high quality human sperm DNA. Methods: Sperm from three volunteers were isolated using PureCeption. We tested 1) proteinase K with DNA/RNA Shield, 2) DTT and TCEP as reducing agents, 3) QIAshredder homogenization, and 4) stability of...

War of the Moon

Bibiana Medkova
Space, in the post-World War context, was the new frontier of ‘global’ dominion. Space Race of the 1950s was a competition to signal technological capability and military strength. The objective of War of the Moon is to unpack the motivation for Moon race in 1950s. What did countries have to gain politically, economically, socially and technologically by conquering space and landing on the moon. At what cost? Who financed it, and where did the labor,...

Effect of Spring And Winter Temperatures on Winter Moth (Geometridae: Lepidoptera) Larval Eclosion in New England

Emily L Hibbard
Field and laboratory experiments were conducted to elucidate various factors influencing the temperature-dependent larval eclosion of winter moth, Operophtera brumata L, in New England. We found no difference in duration of the embryonic stage of eggs reared from larvae collected in Massachusetts (MA) and on Vancouver Island, British Columbia (BC), where winter temperatures are rarely below freezing. The number of growing degree days (GDD) required for larval eclosion declined with the number of days chilled...

Adaptive Airport Architecture

Yash Mehta
The architecture of Airport terminals is unique in nature as it is linked with a wide range of concerns that go hand in hand to demonstrate the efficient functioning of the building. From an inconvenient mode of travel to the city center to the congestions in the security screening, concerns varying from urban design to systems engineering have an impact on the user experience. Along with these concerns, the spatial organization of the airport terminals...

School Bus Routing To Allow Later School Start Times

Rana Eslamifard
School districts providing busing services for students who live too far to walk to school. In many districts a fleet of school buses is used in sequence to transport high school students, then middle school students, and then elementary school students. The result is that high school classes must start much earlier in the morning than the elementary school, and buses may traverse similar routes three times each morning and afternoon. In light of recent...

Validity Parameters for Step Counting Wearable Technologies During Treadmill Walking in Young People 6-20 Years of Age

Zachary Gould
Introduction: Wearable technologies play an important contemporary role in the measurement of physical activity (PA) and promotion of human health across the lifespan, including for young people (i.e., children, adolescents, and young adults). As new objective wearable technologies continue to develop, standardized approaches to documenting validation parameters (i.e., measures of accuracy, precision, and bias) are needed to ensure confidence and comparability in step-defined PA. Purpose: To produce validity parameters for step counting wearable technologies during...

Magnetite Mineralization of the Hammondville Pluton: Poly-Phase Kiruna Type IOCG Magnetite-Apatite Deposits in the Lyon Mountain Granite

Phillip Geer
Recent mapping of the Eagle Lake Quadrangle, NY, coupled with whole-rock geochemistry and microscopy has offered insight into the petrogenesis of the magnetite-apatite deposits of the Hammondville mining district in the eastern Adirondack Mountains. This study provides insight into the magmatic history of the ca. 1060-1050 Ma Lyon Mountain Granite (Hammondville Pluton) which is intimately related to, and hosts the deposits in this area. Magnetite seams are commonly surrounded by well layered magnetite gneiss, which...

Yamamba's Amorphous Self and the Marginal Space in Ohba Minako's Stories

Katsuya Izumi
This thesis deals with how Ohba Minako, a Japanese woman author who was prolific in the late twentieth century, uses a Japanese female yōkai (or “supernatural monster”) called yamamba (often translated into “mountain witch”) in order to produce a non-hierarchical community in her short stories and novels. Yamamba are usually depicted as old women who lure lost male travelers in the mountains into their huts in order to eat them. Therefore, feminist scholars analyze this...

The Effect of Colorblind Racial Ideology on Discussion of Racial Events: An Examination of Responses to the News Coverage of the Trayvon Martin Shooting

Stephanie Lawrence
This study explores how participants respond to news coverage of the Trayvon Martin shooting based on their colorblind racial attitudes. The purpose of this study is to understand how people’s beliefs about the salience of race and racism, as well as how framing within news coverage, contributes to how people privately respond to racial events and their willingness to publicly express their views in discussions. Participants answered questions about their racial ideology, their views about...

Reinvigorating Englewood, Chicago Through New Public Spaces and Mixed-Income Housing

Givan Carrero
At the start of the second industrial revolution, Chicago was home to many workers from the Union Stock Yard meat packing industry located in what is now known as the Back of the Yards neighborhood. As business grew, so did the need for housing, leading to the development of a new neighborhood, Englewood. For years, the neighborhood was prosperous and was home to the second largest business corridor in the city. During the Great Migration,...


Red seaweeds are reported to represent the largest group of algae, with more species accounted for than the combination of brown and green seaweeds. Due to the high amount of polysaccharides in red seaweeds, they are mainly utilized for commercial agar and carrageenan production in industry. However, increasing studies indicate other valuable compounds such as lipids and polyphenols could be potential utilized for multiple human needs (e.g., drug development) (1, 2). With increasing studies demonstrating...

Combating Slavery and Colonization: Student Abolitionism and the Politics of Antislavery in Higher Education, 1833-1841

Michael E. Jirik
During the early 1830’s, the nascent American Antislavery Society needed support at the local level. This thesis argues that college and seminary students were a crucial demographic that helped garner support for, and spread, abolitionism. Examining the proliferation of radical abolitionism at three locations, Lane Seminary, Andover Theological Seminary, and Amherst College, reveals that students developed intellectual and moral arguments to justify their abolitionist sentiments. Typically, student abolitionists rhetorically battled with faculty, administration, and other...

Optimal Topological Arrangement of Queues in Closed Finite Queueing Networks

lening wang
Closed queueing networks are widely used in many different kinds of scientific and business applications. Since the demands of saving energy and reducing costs are becoming more and more significant with developing technologies, finding a systematic methodology for getting the best arrangement is very important. In this thesis, design rules are proposed for tandem and various other topologies, to help the designer find the best arrangements which maximize the throughput. Our topological arrangements problem (TAP)...

Short Line Railroads and Municipal Land Use Planning, Policy, and Regulation

Alexander R Train
This research puts forth an examination of the relationship between municipal planning and short line freight railroads. Methodologically, it employs a content analysis framework that explores local master plans and zoning bylaws for the presence of concepts relevant to short line railroads. A historically omitted topic, the railroads are found to be frequently omitted from plans, often conflicting with civic and recreational interests despite their increasingly efficient ability, economic and environmental, to service numerous industries....

Development of Nanoemulsion-based Delivery Systems for Evaluation of Triglycerides Bioactivity in Caernohabditis Elegans

Jose D Colmenares
Digestion and absorption of bioactive free fatty acids have been studied using the nematode Caernohabditis elegans (C. elegans). However, fatty acids mostly occur in foods in the form of triglycerides, which are highly hydrophobic molecules with low water-solubility, thereby making it difficult to study the fate of ingested fatty acids in C. elegans. The purpose of this research was to develop a method to deliver hydrophobic bioactives, including triglycerides, into C. elegans. Nanoemulsions containing triglyceride...

Seamless Application Delivery Using Software Defined Exchanges

Divyashri Bhat
One of the main challenges in delivering content over the Internet today is the absence of a centralized monitoring and control system [38]. Software Defined Networking has paved the way to provide a much needed control over network traffic. OpenFlow is now being standardized as part of the Open Networking Foundation, and Software Defined Exchanges (SDXes) provide a framework to use OpenFlow for multi-domain routing. Prototype deployments of Software Defined Exchanges have recently come into...

The Primary and Convergent Retrieval Model of Memory

William J Hopper
Memory models typically assume that recall is a two-stage process with learning affecting both processes to the same degree. This equal learning assumption is difficult to reconcile with studies of the 'testing effect', which reveal different forgetting rates following learning from test practice versus learning from restudy. Here we present a new memory model, termed Primary and Convergent Retrieval (PCR) that assumes successful recall leads to a selective enhancement for the second stage of recall...

Fruit and Vegetable Intake, Attitudes, and Beliefs of Multicultural Middle School Students in Central Massachusetts

Emily M Harrington
High fruit and vegetable (FV) intake is associated with healthy weights and decreased risk of chronic disease. Yet, adolescent FV intakes fall below national recommendations. Few studies involve racial/ethnic minority adolescents in formative research, despite their increased risk of poor FV intake. Consequently, the purpose of this study was to describe the type and frequency of FV intake of urban multicultural young adolescents, and to examine their attitudes and beliefs towards increased consumption of FV....

Spatial Ecology of Great Barracuda (Sphyraena barracuda) around Buck Island Reef National Monument, St. Croix, U.S.V.I.

Sarah L Becker
Marine protected areas (MPAs) are increasing in popularity as a tool to manage fish stocks through conservation of entire habitats and fish assemblages. Quantifying the habitat use, site fidelity, and movement patterns of marine species is vital to this method of marine spatial planning. The success of these protected areas requires that sufficient habitat is guarded against fishing pressure. For large animals, which often have correspondingly large home range areas, protecting an entire home range...

Navigating the Interim

Joseph E Saphire
Navigating the Interim attempts to build a framework for the ways in which visual art, media studies, and forms of social practice might intermingle within a career in the arts, as well as within a thorough art education curriculum. From broad theoretical analysis to the specificity of technical exercises and prompts, this paper serves as a roadmap for the ways in which production, teaching, and organizing might begin to merge into a single holistic practice....

Human Capital, Employment and Subjective-Objective Poverty: A Micro Case Study of Nepal

Tejesh Pradhan
This thesis derives an alternative subjective-objective poverty line (SPL) using self-reported qualitative assessments of perceived adequacy for different categories of consumption namely, food, housing and clothing. Modeling the probability of reporting that actual consumption in each category is adequate, I find that actual measures of consumption are highly significant predictors of perceived consumption adequacy. The perceived adequacy for different consumption components respond more elastically to spending on the corresponding category of goods than to that...

Differential Microglial Activation Following Immune Challenge in Peripubertal and Adult Outbred Mice

David J Placzek
Pubertal development is a time of growth and development in the brain, leading to high sensitivity during this period. Past research in our lab has shown that shipping female inbred and outbred mice during pubertal development alters their sensitivity to steroid hormones in adulthood, thus affecting sexual receptivity, cognition, depression-like behavior, and anxiety-like behavior. Here, we test the hypothesis that mice treated with lipopolysaccharide during pubertal development would have more active microglia, the brain's immune...

New as Renewal: A Framework for Adaptive Reuse in the Sustainable Paradigm

Luke A. Beck
The way in which we approach building design is constantly being influenced by evolving economic, environmental and social parameters. These factors have implications on both pragmatic and aesthetic facets of design. The built environment is not autonomous from its immediate site or the ecologies of the region in which it is located, rather, the former must be designed to symbiotically exist within and enhance the latter. The term ecology is defined as “a branch of...

Dwelling in the Vision of Utopia: A Politico-Religious Reading of Tao Qian

The present work offers a critical analysis of Tao Qian’s political and religious thought from readings of his poetic works. Focused on Tao Qian’s writings about the “Way” and the crisis of the “Way”, I examine how he constructs his political utopia and religious utopia that stand out as his response to the multidimensional existential crisis. Chapter 1 provides a summary of Tao’s depictions of the “Way” and the crisis of the “Way”, which serves...

Black Politics of Folklore: Expanding the Sites and Forms of Politics in Colombia

Carlos Alberto Valderrama
This paper puts into question ideas of politics limited to the theories of social movements and contentious politics. In using the concept of black counterpublic, understood as a web of relations and spaces, I show how black politics of folklore expands the sites and forms of politics in Colombia of 1960. In doing so, I describe two aspects of the black counterpublic from the point of view of black political intellectuals into the racialized field...

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