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Discerning Harmonic Progressions in the First Movement of Zoltán Kodály's String Quartet No. 1, Op. 2 in C Minor (1910)

Martin Ross
Zoltán Kodály’s String Quartet No. 1 in C Minor is one of his earliest compositions. Kodály composed this as a tonal work, emulating the style used by nineteenth century composers. Kodály creates highly polyphonic textures and a complex harmonic language within the C minor tonality. Although this piece is considered tonal, Kodály deviates from the prototypical norms of tonal composition. As in most tonal music, harmonic progressions tend to support the overall tonal syntax. This...

Towards a Semantic Knowledge Management Framework for Laminated Composites

Vivek Premkumar
The engineering of laminated composite structures is a complex task for design engineers and manufacturers, requiring significant management of manufacturing process and materials information. Ontologies are becoming increasingly commonplace for semantically representing knowledge in a formal manner that facilitates sharing of rich information between people and applications. Moreover, ontologies can support first-order logic and reasoning by rule engines that enhance automation. To support the engineering of laminated composite structures, this work developed a novel Semantic...

Impacts of Three-Dimensional Non-Uniform Groundwater Flows for Quantifying Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions Using Heat as a Tracer

Jonathan M Reeves
Heat-as-a-tracer has become a common method to quantify surface water-groundwater interactions (SW/GW). However, the method relies on a number of assumptions that are likely violated in natural systems. Numerical studies have explored the effects of violating these fundamental assumptions to various degrees, such as heterogeneous streambed properties, two-dimensional groundwater flow fields and uncertainty in thermal parameters for the 1-dimensional heat-as-a-tracer method. No work to date has addressed the impacts of non-uniform, three-dimensional groundwater flows on...

Dynamics of Microtubule Networks with Antiparallel Crosslinkers

Kasimira T Stanhope
Microtubules are the most rigid element of the cytoskeleton. They are responsible for the structure of cells and make up the tracks for intracellular cargo transport. Interactions between microtubules, motor proteins, and microtubule-associated proteins drive important mechanisms in the cell, such as cell division, cell motility, cell homeostasis, and cell signaling. I seek to understand how such complex, energy-consuming non-equilibrium biological networks self-organize by studying in vitro microtubules bundled by microtubule-associated protein 65 (MAP65), in...

The Radicalism Plateau: Working Class Transformation, Housing Foreclosure and the Hegemony of the American Dream

Aaron C Foote
Much research has been done to explain how the late 2000s housing bubble burst, but little work has been done to see how working-class people responded and are responding to the issue of foreclosure in their communities. City Resistance, a grassroots community organization, transforms working class people from passive actors going through foreclosure to militant activists seeking to stay in their homes. My two-year ethnographic study chronicles the meetings, civil disobedience, and everyday lives of...

Experimental Test of Genetic Rescue in Isolated Populations of Brook Trout

Zachary L Robinson
Translocations are an important aspect of the management of natural populations in an increasingly fragmented landscape. Maintaining connectivity and gene flow is beneficial for both contemporary fitness and adaptive potential in the face of environmental change. Genetic rescue (GR) can alleviate inbreeding depression, genetic load, and increase adaptive potential of populations. Here, I have translocated 10 (5 of each sex) brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) to four geographically proximate and environmentally similar fragmented stream-dwelling populations of...

Associations between Alexithymia and Executive Function in Younger and Older Adults

Gennarina Diane Santorelli
The prevalence of alexithymia, a condition characterized by difficulties identifying and verbalizing one’s emotions, increases across the lifespan, with older adults reporting greater alexithymic features than young and middle-aged adults. This late-life increase in alexithymia may be the product of age-related decline in prefrontal brain circuitry implicated in emotional awareness and executive processes, notably in the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC). There is a dearth of research on the link between executive function and alexithymia in...

Designing Waste Creating Space: A Critical Examination Into Waste Reduction Through Building Techniques, Architectural Design, and Systems

Courtney M. Carrier
Can we design waste? This is a question I seek to answer through the research of design and systems. Waste is an ever evolving and growing issue in our world today. Buildings and the spaces we inhabit contribute to the vast destruction and increasing detriment to our natural world. There are many “remedies” in the construction industry that attempt to regulate building waste and inspire sustainability, but are merely ruses for a much deeper rooted...

The Role of MicroRNAs in Regulating the Translatability and Stability of Target Messenger RNAs During the Atrophy and Programmed Cell Death of the Intersegmental Muscles of the Tobacco Hawkmoth Manduca sexta.

Elizabeth Chan
A variety of diseases lead to the atrophy and/or death of skeletal muscle. To better understand the molecular mechanisms that mediate these processes, I have taken advantage of the intersegmental muscles (ISMs) of the tobacco hawkmoth Manduca sexta, which undergo sequential programs of atrophy and programmed cell death at the end of metamorphosis. ISM death is mediated by changes in gene expression and numerous cell-death associated transcripts have been identified. MicroRNAs (miRs) are small (~22...

Cold Gas Dynamic Spray – Characterization of Polymeric Deposition

Trenton Bush
When a solid, ductile particle impacts a substrate at sufficient velocity, the resulting heat, pressure, and plastic deformation can produce bonding at the interface. The use of a supersonic gas flow to accelerate such particles is known as Cold Spray deposition. The Cold Spray process has been commercialized for some metallic materials, but further research is required to unlock the exciting material properties possible with polymeric compounds. In this work, a combined computational and experimental...

Patient-Therapist Convergence in Alliance and Session Progress Ratings as Predictors of Outcome in Psychotherapy for Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Alice E. Coyne
The degree to which patients and their therapists align over time on their perceptions of therapeutic processes and intermediary outcomes has generally been regarded as an important element of effective psychotherapy; however, few studies have examined empirically the influence of such dyadic convergences on ultimate treatment outcomes. This study examined (a) whether early treatment convergences in patient-therapist alliance and session progress ratings were associated with subsequent worry and distress reduction (and final posttreatment level) in...

Design and Implementation of a Digital Information Security Service for Physical Documents

Xue Yu
This thesis presents a hybrid information security approach for data on physical documents. This system, called CryptoPaper, allows portions of a physical document be printed with a machine-readable code. This code contains original data and related information security properties. To read this code and access the encoded data, a scanning device with suitable image recognition technology is used. Using a cloud-based access control system, it can be ensured that only authorized users can interpret the...

Tunable Plasmonic Thermal Emitter Using Metal-Coated Elastomeric Structures

Robert Zando
This project was focused on the creation of a gold-coated grating structure capable of inducing a surface plasmon polariton within the mid-infrared region, enhancing emissions at specific wavelengths based on the grating periodicity. The grating structure was formed on a silicone elastomer, polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), in order to give the structure, the ability to have the periodicity dimensions of the grating altered by applying a stress, thereby changing the location of the emission enhancement, giving the...


Urbanization and development of cities is necessary in contemporary society, however, these advancements are also causing urban problems, such as lack of open green space, density problems, traffic problems, and over population.Also, existing buildings are often lacking certain functions that are currently needed since they have been designed in the past. Thus, plaza and mixed used buildings, which are considered as a unit space, are needed to mention for 'publicity' that is a part of...

Bayesian Model Selection and Parameter Estimation for Gravitational Wave Signals from Binary Black Hole Coalescences

Alexander L Lombardi
In his theory of General Relativity, Einstein describes gravity as a geometric property of spacetime, which deforms in the presence of mass and energy. The accelerated motion of masses produces deformations, which propagate outward from their source at the speed of light. We refer to these radiated deformations as gravitational waves. Over the past several decades, the goal of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) has been the search for direct evidence of gravitational waves...

Gender Inequality: Nonbinary Transgender People in the Workplace

Skylar Davidson
Most research on employment gender inequality focuses on differences between men and women, reinforcing a binary conception of gender. This study uses the National Transgender Discrimination Survey to evaluate the employment outcomes of nonbinary transgender people (those who identify as a gender other than man or woman). The results of this study suggest that being out as a nonbinary transgender person negatively affects nonbinary transgender people's employment outcomes. Though all transgender people have higher unemployment...


Benjamin J Blatt
Hovering is an attempt to navigate the contemporary digital environment through traditional means. The imagery created function as paintings, photographs, prints, and drawings. They explore and raise questions about visual perception and sensory awareness, as well as highlighting the modular limitations of the pixelated image and the illusion of reality in the digital landscape.

Design of Children's Event and Cutural Center in Osu, Accra, Ghana

rudi somuah
Osu, a district in central Accra, Ghana, is known for its busy commercial enterprises, countless restaurants and vibrant nightlife. Osu remains prominent in Ghana and also globally for a variety of reasons. One of such reasons is that it is arguably Ghana's most contemporary setting; second to no other location in the entire country. Osu is also the site of Ghana's seat of government- The Colonial era Christiansburg Castle which houses the president’s office and...

A High-Resolution Paleoenvironmental and Paleoclimatic History of Extreme Events on the Laminated Sediment Record from Basin Pond, Fayette, Maine, U.S.A.

Daniel R Miller
Future impacts from climate change can be better understood by placing modern climate trends into perspective through extension of the short instrumental records of climate variability. This is especially true for extreme climatic events, such as extreme precipitation and wildfires, as the period of instrumental records provides only a few examples and these have likely have been influenced by anthropogenic warming. Multi-parameter records showing the past range of climate variability can be obtained from lakes....

Strategies for Reducing Supplier Risk: Inputs into the Supply Chain

Christopher A Greene
There are many aspects to consider when managing an entire supply chain from procurement to fulfillment. Complex assemblies require hundreds of components, sourced from all corners of the globe, to come together in a synchronized fashion. Given the magnitude of the supply chain, high quality standards, and significantly increased outsourcing, there is a strong need to monitor supplier risk and quickly identify and mitigate potential problems. Moreover, the continuous pressure to reduce resources and pressure...

The Evolution of Yōkai in Relationship to the Japanese Horror Genre

Adam J Johnson
In 2007, popular mystery author Kyōgoku Natsuhiko attempted to adapt a collection of random stories known as the Mimi bukuro or Tales Heard into kaidan, tales of the strange and mysterious for today’s readership. The writing experiment ended with Kyōgoku questioning his own writing abilities and publishing his small collection of adapted stories into a book that was not considered very frightening. Although the experiment failed, Kyōgoku’s efforts raise the question, “if not kaidan, what...

Development of a Layout-Level Hardware Obfuscation Tool to Counter Reverse Engineering

Shweta Malik
Reverse engineering of hardware IP block is a common practice for competitive purposes in the semiconductor industry. What is done with the information gathered is the deciding legal factor. Once this information gets into the hands of an attacker, it can be used to manufacture exact clones of the hardware device. In an attempt to prevent the illegal copies of the IP block from flooding the market, layout-level obfuscation based on switchable dopant is suggested...

Evaluation of the Springfield MENU Program

Hannah Stenger
Studies have shown that many low-income and disadvantaged Americans have a poor diet quality, which increases obesity and chronic disease risk. According to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, education and income levels of Springfield residents are well below state averages, and racial diversity in Springfield has increased significantly over the past few decades. Springfield’s demographics increase the risk of health disparities in the community, and higher rates of diabetes, heart disease, and obesity are...

Architecture for Science: Space as an Incubator to Nurture Research

Maryam Mohammad Shafiee
This thesis will study how scientific research environments should be designed, specifically addressing the issues beyond mere needs of research scientists. Assuming that the purpose of research is to create new knowledge and foster discoveries, as well as positively influence the community in its processes and results, this thesis will explore the potential of the influence of this building typology that has not been previously considered enough. The objectives of the thesis are on one...

Influence of Inoculum Preparation upon Sensitivity of Common Food Borne Pathogens to Emulsion Based Antimicrobials

Dillon SD Murray
Antimicrobial optimization procedures use the most resistant bacterial culture that could be present in the food to determine the levels of treatment needed to ensure safety. These procedures usually only focus on one method of preparing these inoculums for testing despite prior research showing that the preparation of the culture can influence how the culture reacts to a treatment. In this work, planktonic cells grown in a liquid media and sessile cells grown on a...

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