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ACMAP 7th Annual Conference. Lima, Peru

Fragile Balance: Human Mediums and Technical Media in Oliver Lodge's Presidential Address of 1891

Erhard Schuettpelz

Facts and Photographs: Visualizing the Invisible with Spirit and Thought Photography

Margarida Medeiros

Ghosts of the City: A Spectrology of Cinematic Spaces

Petra Löffler

Anthropogenic Ignitions

Bethany Bradley

Communication, Machines & Human Augmentics

John Novak

Meeting Calendar

Meeting Calendar

Insensible and Inexplicable - On the Two Meanings of Occult

Florian Sprenger

Media in Action: From Exorcism to Mesmerism

Stephan Gregory

The Ghostularity

Jeffrey Sconce

Mind Reading in Stage Magic: The “Second Sight

Katharina Rein

Spiritualist Writing Machines: Telegraphy, Typtology, Typewriting

Anthony Enns

Integration: Understanding New Mediation via Innovations in Horror Cinema

Laurence A. Rickels

Insulin/IGF-1 Signaling Pathways


Medicinal Plants Used in Traditional Medicine of the Caucasus and North America

ACMAP 5th Annual Conference Program book FARGO-ND

ACMAP 6th Annual Conference Spokane-WA

Data's Intimacy: Machinic Sensibility and the Quantified Self

Internet of Things and Automation of Imaging: Beyond Representationalism

Anna Nacher

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