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Contradictions Between Local Values and Top-down Conservation Priorities: Taşkale, Turkey

Emine Cigdem Asrav & Ayse Guliz Bilgin Altinoz
Taşkale village, located on a valley, has been formed by having direct relations with nature within its own dynamics. In its historical continuum, there has always been active and continuous use of places even though functions change in time. The initial settlement starts in rock-cut spaces, then the settlement moves towards the slope of the valley in front of the rock formation. The rock formation has been used for various purposes of inhabitation, storage and...

El Camino Tierra Adentro as a rural landscape

Graciela Mota, Pilar Rincón & Sara E. Narvaez Martínez
Camino Real de Tierra Adentro was the Royal Inland Road, also known as the Silver Route. The inscribed property consists of 55 sites and five existing World Heritage sites lying along a 1400 km section of this 2600 km route, that extends north from Mexico City to Texas and New Mexico, United States of America. The route was actively used as a trade route for 300 years, from the mid-16th to the 19th centuries, mainly...

Rights-Based Approaches in Rural Heritage - Principles and Practice

Bente Mathisen, Ave Paulus, Grainne Shaffrey, Gurmeet Sangha Rai & Riin Alatalu

Hotel Industry Performance in 2018-2019 and the JHFM Index

Atul Sheel

Hotel Asset and Equity Risk Before, During, and After the Global Financial Crisis

Marilyn F. Johnson, Mark S. Johnson & Antoinette C. Tessmer
In this paper, we use asset betas and equity betas over the period January 2000 through December 2015 to investigate the operating and financial risk of hotel industry REITs and C-Corps. We conclude that, on average over our sample period, the operating risk of C-Corps exceeds that of REITs. One interpretation of this result is that management contracts between REITs and C-Corps allocate more operating risk to C-Corps than to REITs. We also find that,...

Abstracts of Presentations at the 2018 Annual iAHFME Research Symposium

Neural Generative Models and Representation Learning for Information Retrieval

Qingyao Ai
Information Retrieval (IR) concerns about the structure, analysis, organization, storage, and retrieval of information. Among different retrieval models proposed in the past decades, generative retrieval models, especially those under the statistical probabilistic framework, are one of the most popular techniques that have been widely applied to Information Retrieval problems. While they are famous for their well-grounded theory and good empirical performance in text retrieval, their applications in IR are often limited by their complexity and...

Multi-Level Barriers to Art Adherence Among HIV-Infected Women in Rural Eswatini: A Mixed Methods Approach

Nozipho Becker
Eswatini has the highest global prevalence of HIV despite universal access to free treatment. Lack of compliance continues to be a significant challenge for HIV care and management programs throughout the country. Studies investigating barriers to antiretroviral therapy (ART) adherence, particularly in women, who are the most vulnerable to HIV infections, are limited. The disproportionate impact of HIV on women can be attributed to multiple risk factors at the individual, household, and community/structural levels. Women...

I {heart} Meetings... (Don't Stop Believin')

Ann Kardos
A presentation given at the December meeting of the Five College Cataloging & Metadata Group, regarding running better and more effective meetings.

Transfer Learning with Mixtures of Manifolds

Thomas Boucher
Advances in scientific instrumentation technology have increased the speed of data acquisition and the precision of sampling, creating an abundance of high-dimensional data sets. The ability to combine these disparate data sets and to transfer information between them is critical to accurate scientific analysis. Many modern-day instruments can record data at many thousands of channels, far greater than the actual degrees of freedom in the sample data. This makes manifold learning, a class of methods...

Talking Underwater

Rhean Westerlund

On the Coastline: The Genesis of Green Infrastructure Towards a Future Sustainable Landscape for the City of Maputo, Mozambique

Ana Beja da Costa & Luis Ribeiro

\"Why Did the Turtle Cross the Street? An Examination of Herpetofauna Habitat Road Fragmentation

Carlos J.L. Balsas

Study on Greenway Network Planning Based on Big Data Social Behavior and Urban Potential Space Framework

Xixi Chen & Liang Li

Study on Greenway Plant Landscape Based on Bird Habitat Conservation - A Case Study of Wenyu River - North Canal Greenway in Beijing

Mengyuan Zhang, Yilun Li, Shuxin Fan, Peiyao Hao & Li Dong

Cultural Ecosystem Services and Local Identity – A ppGIS Case Study from Budapest Metropolitan Region

István Valánszki, Sándor Jombach, Krisztina F. Kovács, Asmaa Abualhagag Ahmed, Fernando A. Mendez Garzón & Gabriella Balha

Imparting Olmsted’s Legacy Abroad: An Exhibition Series in Beijing, China

Yanhong Tang & Jack Ahern

Rising Seas: Adaptable Planning Strategies for Coastal Urban Greenways - Case Studies in the US and China

Hongbing Tang & Jeanne Lukenda

Revitalizing Urban Waterway's Community Greenspace: Streams of Environmental Justice

Richard Smardon, Sharon Moran & April K. Baptiste

Understanding Governance Structures in Shaping Greenway Implementation in City-Regions: A Case Study in Central Zhejiang Province, China

Jun Xian Chen, Sun Sheng Han & Si Qing Chen

Greenways as a New Potential for Shrinking Cities. The Case of Milan (Italy)

Luca Maria Francesco Fabris, Gerardo Semprebon & Fan Fu

Vistas, Views, Prospects. Research and Design

Albert Fekete

The 606 at Three: Trends in Use of Chicago's Elevated Rail-Trail

Greg Lindsey, Yunlei Qi, Paul H. Gobster & Sonya Sachdeva

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