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Brandon Prickett
This dissertation tests sequence-to-sequence neural networks to see whether they can simulate human phonological learning and generalization in a number of artificial language experiments. These experiments and simulations are organized into three chapters: one on opaque interactions, one on computational complexity in phonology, and one on reduplication. The first chapter focuses on two biases involving interactions that have been proposed in the past: a bias for transparent patterns and a bias for patterns that maximally...

Between 'true women' and 'new women' : Mount Holyoke students, 1837 to 1908.

Tiziana Rota

A psychological profile of individuals with multiple sclerosis.

Victoria-Anne Eklund

A study of the lateral sway characteristics of human balanced stance for various maintained body positions.

Barry Lewis Allen

Perinatal loss : the mother's experience of grief, resolution, and subsequent child.

Deborah L. Davis

A comparison of three procedures for administration of stress management training.

Tae-Hyun Moon

The development of auditory figure/ground segregation in young infants.

Katherine Alice Benson

The evidence and mechanisms employed in intuitive hypothesis testing.

Daniel Patrick Blyth

Small angle x-ray scattering studies of ionomers.

Edward J. Roche

The effect of estradiol on brown adipose tissue of rats and hamsters.

Neilé Kay Edens

Men in government : the patriciate of Leiden, 1550-1600.

Sterling Andre Lamet

Art and the early Third Republic designs for social engineering in France (1876-1890).

Miriam R. Levin

The treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder in Vietnam veterans : a comparison of interventions.

Andréa L. Wilde

A comparison of language treatment programs with echolalic autistic children.

Ricardo D. Barrera

Accessibility self-advocacy at an independent living center : a participatory research approach.

Mary Leanoir Brydon-Miller

Interactions between Pavlovian first- and second-order conditioning.

Joan Carol Bombace

Application of the general linear model to the analysis of time series data, and philosophical reflections.

Douglas Bill Coulson

Measures of cognitive structure : do they really assess learning at the level of comprehension?

Marcy Ruth Perkins

Knowing another : a case study in perspective and process.

Lillian M. Miller

The relationship of specificity in inkblot color and form responses to behavioral control.

Sidney Robins

A general system theory approach to understanding and changing the college classroom.

Herbert Philip Koplowitz

Thematic apperception as a function of sleep deprivation, set, and goal availability.

Charles LaRue Nelson

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