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Disabling Structures: Perspectives on Marginalization in a Russian Cityscape

Cassandra Hartblay

Taphonomy and Warfare in the Mesa Verde Region

Kristin A. Kuckelman

Online Deliberative Discourse and Conflict Resolution

Donald G. Ellis

The Future of Reading/Thinking: Epistemological Construction in the Age of the Kindle

Benjamin J. Cline

Communication, Technology, Temporality

Mark A. Martinez

An Iconography of the Flesh: How Corpses Mean As Matter

Margaret Schwartz

Human Material in the Communication of Capital

Atle Mikkola Kjøsen

Informational Ontology: The Meaning of Gilbert Simondon’s Concept of Individuation

Andrew Iliadis


Christina Vagt

Gaia's Game

Niklas Schrape

Rewriting the Matrix of Life. Biomedia Between Ecological Crisis and Playful Actions

Christoph Neubert

Clean by Nature. Lively Surfaces and the Holistic-Systemic Heritage of Contemporary Bionik

Jan Mueggenburg

Music and National Culture: Pop Music and Resistance in Brazil

Lorraine Leu

A estética do retrato e a obra de Carlos Heitor Cony

Eunice T. Piazza Gai

Ikon como Logos: A Poesia Visual de Ana Hatherly

Piero Ceccucci

The Position of the Body in the Poetry of Isabel de Sá

Catharien Hamerslag

Identity and Memory in Lusophone Cinema

Paula Jordão

Identity and Memory in Lusophone Cinema

Paula Jordão

Nationally Correct: The Invention of Portuguese Cinema

Tiago Baptista

Laughter Desdramatizador: Combating Gender and Memories of Portuguese Cinema Classic

Luís Trindade

Fetish Empire as the New State: Spell Empire and the Colonial Sortilégio

Patricia I. Vieira

Not the Boy Next Door: An Essay on Exclusion and Brazilian Foreign Policy

Diego Santos Vieira De Jesus

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