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Antígona de António Pedro (1954): o alcance social e estético de uma peça

Inês Alves Mendes

Satyal, Prabodh, William N. Setzer


On Resolution | Intellectual Property and Indigenous Knowledge Disputes | Prologue

Jane E. Anderson

Violence as Communication: The Revolt of La Ascensión, Chihuahua

Jose Angel Hernandez

Taphonomic and Skeletal Indicators of Captivity and Violence in the Southwest (AD 1000-1300)

Debra L. Martin

Evidence of Violent Conflict in Males from Pot Creek Pueblo

Catrina B. Whitley

REVIEW: So That All Shall Know/Para que todos lo sepan

Angela M. Labrador

Communication and Artificial Intelligence: Opportunities and Challenges for the 21st Century

David J. Gunkel

\"Discursive Games and Gamic Discourses

Gerald Voorhees

From Punched Cards to \"Big Data\": A Social History of Database Populism

Kevin Driscoll

Wasting the Future: The Technological Sublime, Communications Technologies, and E-waste

Sabine LeBel

Whither the Material in New Media Studies?

John W. Kim

The Performative Gift: A Feminist Materialist Conceptual Model

Jörgen Skågeby


Christina Vagt

Syncretisms and Popular Catholicisms in Portugal

David Frier

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