145 Works

A utopia brasileira

Bernard Émery

O Olhar do Alegorista na Poesia Portuguesa Contemporânea

Rosa Martelo

Evaluating Natural Products for Control of Black Spot Disease on Roses

Ekaterina A. Jeliazkova

Essential oil composition of Mentha longifolia from wild populations growing in Tajikistan

Farukh S. Sharopov

Growth and Essential Oil Yield of African Basil, Ocimum gratissimum, under Light and Water Stress

Elizabeth Omobolanle Ade-Ademilua

Microscopy for Quality Assessment of Bilberry Fruit (Vaccinium myrtillus L.)

Thomas S. Villani

The Saga of Food Supplements: Safety and Missing Knowledge – A Commentary

Arti Parihar

Violencia a flor de Piel - Mental Health as a Landscape of Violence

Chantal Figueroa

Illegal Logging and its Dynamics of Violence Within the P'urhépecha Plateau

Ana Del Conde

The Taphonomy of a Sacrifice: Burial 6 of the Patio Hundido at el Teul

Ventura R. Perez

Personal Taphonomy at Sacred Ridge: Burial 196

Anna Osterholtz

Demon Landscapes, Sacrificial Architecture and Monumental Death

Neil Whitehead

REVIEW: Global Health in Times of Violence

Heidi Bauer-Clapp

Game of Objects: vicarious causation and multi-modal media

Aaron Pedinotti

John Lilly, The Mind of the Dolphin, and Communication Out of Bounds

Bruce Clarke

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