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Data from: The Vitamin D Status in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Lauren Veit, Louise S. Maranda, Jay Fong & Benjamin U. Nwosu

CAF-1 p150 and Ki-67 Regulate Nuclear Structure Throughout the Human Cell Cycle

Timothy D. Matheson
The three-dimensional organization of the human genome is non-random in interphase cells. Heterochromatin is highly clustered at the nuclear periphery, adjacent to nucleoli, and near centromeres. These localizations are reshuffled during mitosis when the chromosomes are condensed, nucleoli disassembled, and the nuclear envelope broken down. After cytokinesis, heterochromatin is re-localized to the domains described above. However, the mechanisms by which this localization is coordinated are not well understood. This dissertation will present evidence showing that...

Histone Deacetylase 3 Coordinates Heart Development Through Stage-Specific Roles in Cardiac Progenitor Cells

Sara L. Lewandowski
Disruptions in cardiac development cause congenital heart disease, the most prevalent and deadly congenital malformation. Genetic and environmental factors are thought to contribute to these defects, however molecular mechanisms remain largely undefined. Recent work highlighted potential roles of chromatin- modifying enzymes in congenital heart disease pathogenesis. Histone deacetylases, a class of chromatin-modifying enzymes, have developmental importance and recognized roles in the mature heart. This thesis aimed to characterize functions of Hdac3 in cardiac development. We...

Differential burden of musculoskeletal pain in African Americans and whites patients at the time of total joint replacement surgery

Anthony Porter, Leslie R. Harrold, Philip C. Noble, David C. Ayers, Patricia D. Franklin & Jeroan J. Allison
Objective: African Americans patients have greater operative joint pain and functional limitation at the time of total joint replacement (TJR) compared to white patients. We examined the factors associated with this apparent disparity. Methods: A consecutive sample of 5745 patients with advanced knee and hip osteoarthritis [who elected to undergo TJR in 2011-201] reported, preoperatively, medical comorbidities, operative and non-operative hip/ knee pain using Hip and Knee Disability and Osteoarthritis Outcome Scores (HOOS/KOOS), function using...

Requirement and Function of Hippo Pathway Signaling in the Mammalian Gastrointestinal Tract: A Dissertation

Jennifer L. Cotton

Mechanisms of Synaptic Development and Premature Aging in Drosophila: A Dissertation

Yihang Li

Activation of mTORC1 Improves Cone Cell Metabolism and Extends Vision in Retinitis Pigmentosa Mice: A Dissertation

Aditya Venkatesh

Understanding Drug Resistance and Antibody Neutralization Escape in Antivirals: A Dissertation

Kristina L. Prachanronarong

A Novel SMC-Like Protein Modulates C. Elegans Condensin Functions: A Dissertation

Lucy F. Chao

Identification and Characterization of MicroRNA Modulators in Caenorhabditis Elegans: A Dissertation

Zhiji Ren

Eosinophils as Drivers of the IL-23/IL-17 Axis: Implications for Acute Aspergillosis and Allergic Asthma: A Dissertation

Evelyn V. Santos Guerra

Characterization of Higher-order Chromatin Structure in Bone Differentiation and Breast Cancer: A Dissertation

Ahmet Rasim Barutcu

Developing an Adeno-Associated Viral Vector (AAV) Toolbox for CNS Gene Therapy: A Dissertation

Sourav Roy Choudhury

Single-Molecule Imaging Reveals that Argonaute Re-Shapes the Properties of its Nucleic Acid Guides: A Dissertation

William E. Salomon

Insights into Melanocyte Regeneration and Melanoma Initiation Using the Zebrafish Model System: A Dissertation

Sharanya Iyengar

ATP-Dependent Heterochromatin Remodeling: A Dissertation

Benjamin J. Manning

Exploring New Strategies to Overcome Resistance in Glioblastoma Multiforme: A Dissertation

Yulian P. Ellis

A Gene-Centered Method For Mapping 3’UTR-RBP Interactions: A Dissertation

Alex M. Tamburino

Jun Kinases in Hematopoiesis, and Vascular Development and Function: A Dissertation

Kasmir Ramo

The Role of Medial Habenula-Interpeduncular Nucleus Pathway in Anxiety: A Dissertation

Xueyan Pang

Cell Size Control in the Fission Yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe: A Dissertation

Daniel L. Keifenheim

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