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Role of Host Cellular Membrane Raft Domains in the Assembly and Release of Newcastle Disease Virus: A Dissertation

Jason P. Laliberte

TLR Activation Prevents Hematopoietic Chimerism Induced by Costimulation Blockade: A Dissertation

David M. Miller

Mitotic Response to DNA Damage in Early Drosophila Embroyos: a Dissertation

Seongae Kwak

The Humanized Mouse Model: The Study of the Human Alloimmune Response: A Dissertation

Marie A. King

Notch-1 and IGF-1 as Survivin Regulatory Pathways in Cancer: A Dissertation

Connie Wing-Ching Lee

Mutations in the vpu and env Genes of HIV-1 Can Adversely Impact Infectivity: A Dissertation

Kathryn H. Richards

Role of Disulfide Bond Rearrangement in Newcastle Disease Virus Entry: A Dissertation

Surbhi Jain

Roles for Histones H4 Serine 1 Phosphorylation in DNA Double Strand Break Repair and Chromatin Compaction: A Dissertation

Melissa Anne Foley

GLUT1 Structure Function; Context, Ligand Cooperativity, and Mutagenesis Studies: A Dissertation

Trista K. Robichaud

piRNA Function and Biogenesis in the Drosophila Female Germline: A Dissertation

Carla Andrea Klattenhoff

The Role of the MRN Complex in the S-Phase DNA Damage Checkpoint: A Dissertation

Mary Elizabeth Porter-Goff

Delineating the C. elegans MicroRNA Regulatory Network: A Dissertation

Natalia Julia Martinez

Role of WFS1 in Regulating Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Signaling: A Dissertation

Sonya G. Fonseca

Analysis of Long-Range Chromosomal Interactions in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: A Dissertation

Adriana Miele

Defining the Importance of Fatty Acid Metabolism in Maintaining Adipocyte Function: A Dissertation

Jennifer L. Christianson

Modeling Co-Occurring Depression and Anxiety in Patients with an Acute Coronary Syndrome: A Dissertation

Mayra Tisminetzky

VPS45p as a Model System for Elucidation of SEC1/MUNC18 Protein Function: A Dissertation

Melonnie Lynn Marie Furgason

Study of the Function and Dynamics of Myosin II and Actin in Cytokinesis: A Dissertation

Mian Zhou

Long-Range Side Chain-Main Chain Hydrogen Bonds: A Molecular Signature of the TIM Barrel Architecture: A Dissertation

Xiaoyan Yang

Characterization of the Nef-TCR Zeta Interaction and Its Role in Modulation of Src Family Kinase Activity: A Dissertation

Walter Minsub Kim

Sensitization of CD8 T Cells During Acute Viral Infections Impacts Bystander and Latecomer CD8 T Cell Responses : A Dissertation

Heather D. Marshall

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