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Delta TFIDF: An Improved Feature Space for Sentiment Analysis

Justin Martineau & Tim Finin
Proceedings of the Third AAAI Internatonal Conference on Weblogs and Social Media

Integrating Linked Open Data with Unstructured Text for Intelligence Gathering Tasks

Archit Gupta, Krishnamurthy Viswanathan, Anupam Joshi, Tim Finin & Ponnurangam Kumaraguru
Proceedings of the Eighth International Workshop on Information Integration on the Web

Integrating Probability Constraints into Bayesian Nets

Yun Peng & Shenyong Zhang
Proceeding of the 2010 conference on ECAI 2010: 19th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Mapping Opportunity: A Critical Assessment

Elijah Knaap, Gerrit Knaap & Chao Liu

Learning Co-reference Relations for FOAF Instances

Jennifer Sleeman & Tim Finin
Proceedings of the Poster and Demonstration Session at the 9th International Semantic Web Conference

A Requiem for Smart Growth?

Gerrit Knaap
In the days following the 2004 presidential election there was much consternation in Democratic circles. George Bush won again; the Republicans picked up seats in the House and Senate; and the Republican majority seemed to have grown in depth and strength. Pundits and progressives were already wondering--could the Democrats ever recapture the hearts of an American public now apparently obsessed with security, morality, and personal charm. Among academic and professional planners there was similar concern....

A Layered Approach to Semantic Similarity Analysis of XML Schemas

Jaewook Kim, Yun Peng, Serm Kulvatunyou, Nenad Ivezic & Albert Jones
2008 IEEE International Conference on Information Reuse and Integration

Fault Tolerant Variable Block Carry Skip Logic (VBCSL) using Parity Preserving Reversible Gates

, Muhammad Mahbubur Rahman, Zerina Begum & Mohd. Zulfiquar Hafiz
Reversible logic design has become one of the promising research directions in low power dissipating circuit design in the past few years and has found its application in low power CMOS design, digital signal processing and nanotechnology. This paper presents the efficient design approaches of fault tolerant carry skip adders (FTCSAs) and compares those designs with the existing ones. Variable block carry skip logic (VBCSL) using the fault tolerant full adders (FTFAs) has also been...

Text Based Similarity Metrics and Delta for Semantic Web Graphs

Krishnamurthy Viswanathan & Tim Finin
Proceedings of the Poster Session of 9th International Semantic Web Conference

The Mechanics of a Cantilever Beam with an Embedded Horizontal Crack Subjected to an End Transverse Force, Part B: Results and Discussion

Panos G. Charalambides & Xiaomin Fang
This is the second part of a two-part study aimed at establishing the mechanics of a cracked cantilever beam subjected to a transverse force applied at its free end. Following the development of a four-beam model in Part A, in this Part B of a two Part series of papers, a two dimensional (2D) Finite Element (FE) model is developed and use to obtain independent numerical estimates of the cross sectional resultants dominating the beams...

Proceedings of the Second Semantic Web Policy Workshop

Piero A. Bonatti, Li Ding, Tim Finin & Daniel Olmedilla
This volume contains the papers presented at the 2nd International Semantic Web Policy Workshop (SWPW’06) held on Athens in Georgia, USA on November 5th, 2006, in conjunction with the 5th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC).

Utilizing Semantic Tags for Policy Based Networking

Sethuram Balaji Kodeswaran, Olga Vladi Ratsimor, Filip Perich & Anupam Joshi
IEEE Globecom 2007 Internet Protocol Symposium

Integrating Ecoinformatics Resources on the Semantic Web

Cynthia Parr, Andriy Parafiynyk, Joel Sachs, Li Ding, Sandor Dornbush, Tim Finin, Taowei Wang & Allan Hollender
Proceedings of the 15th International World Wide Web Conference

Utilizing Semantic Policies for Secure BGP Route Dissemination

Sethuram Balaji Kodeswaran, Palanivel Andiappan Kodeswaran, Anupam Joshi & Filip Perich
Policies in BGP are expressed as routing configurations that determine how route information is shared among neighbors to control traffic flows across networks. This process is limited in its expressibility, time consuming and error prone which can lead to configurations where policies are violated or there are unintended consequences that are difficult to detect and resolve. In this paper, we propose an alternate mechanism for policy based networking that relies on using additional semantic information...

Wikitology: Using Wikipedia as an Ontology

Zareen Syed & Anupam Joshi
Identifying topics and concepts associated with a set of documents is a task common to many applications. It can help in the annotation and categorization of documents and be used to model a person's current interests for improving search results, business intelligence or selecting appropriate advertisements. We have investigated using Wikipedia's articles and associated pages as a topic ontology for this purpose. The benefits of the approach are that the ontology terms are developed through...

getimages: Background derivation and image flattening method

Alexander Men'shchikov
getimages performs background derivation and image flattening for high-resolution images obtained with space observatories. It is based on median filtering with sliding windows corresponding to a range of spatial scales from the observational beam size up to a maximum structure width X. The latter is a single free parameter of getimages that can be evaluated manually from the observed image. The median filtering algorithm provides a background image for structures of all widths below X....

Planning for the Future: Montgomery County Parks

Jack Clauff, Joy Cuenca, Melissa Farzin, Angela Vaughn & Jeremy Waldron
Final project for BUMO785K (Spring 2018). University of Maryland, College Park.

Factors contributing to retention of hospital nurses in urban and rural areas

Karen H. Weisman
The purpose of this study was to learn about the characteristics of nurses who have maintained employment relationships with hospitals and to identify differences in characteristics among nurses working in urban and rural areas. Using a three section self report questionnaire, data was collected from 257 registered and licensed practical nurses from two hospitals (one rural, one urban as defined by the definition of metropolitan statistical areas) in the state of Maryland. This represented 61.4%...


Abigail Lara
Outbreaks of several highly pathogenic viruses such as Ebola virus, Marburg virus, and Nipah virus occur periodically in some parts of the world. Because these viruses are highly infectious and associated with high mortality rates, there is some concern that one or more of them could be developed as a bioweapon. In order to be able to effectively treat victims of outbreaks as well as understand and counter the possibility of one of these agents...

A Framework for Relating Frontstage and Backstage Quality in Virtualized Services

Karuna Pande Joshi, Anupam Joshi, Yelena Yesha & Ravi Kothari
Virtualized service models are now emerging and redefining the way Information technology is delivered to end users. In this paper, we propose a framework to measure and track quality delivered by a Virtualized service delivery system. The framework accounts for the service’s internal elements as well as the other services it depends on for its performance. It provides a mechanism to relate hard metrics typically measured at the backstage of the delivery process to quality...

A Framework for Modeling Influence, Opinions and Structure in Social Media

Akshay Java
22nd Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI 2007)

Bioblitz Data on the Semantic Web

Joel Sachs, Lushan Han, Taowei Wang & Cynthia Parr
International Semantic Web Conference (Posters & Demos)

Novel 5′-Norcarbocyclic Pyrimidine Derivatives as Antibacterial Agents

Anastasia L. Khandazhinskaya, Liudmila A. Alexandrova, Elena S. Matyugina, Pavel N. Solyev, Olga V. Efremenkova, Karen W. Buckheit, Maggie Wilkinson, Robert W. Buckheit, Larisa N. Chernousova, Tatiana G. Smirnova, Sofya N. Andreevskaya, Olga G. Leonova, Vladimir I. Popenko, Sergey N. Kochetkov & Katherine L. Seley-Radtke
A series of novel 5′-norcarbocyclic derivatives of 5-alkoxymethyl or 5-alkyltriazolyl-methyl uracil were synthesized and the activity of the compounds evaluated against both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. The growth of Mycobacterium smegmatis was completely inhibited by the most active compounds at a MIC99 of 67 μg/mL (mc2155) and a MIC99 of 6.7–67 μg/mL (VKPM Ac 1339). Several compounds also showed the ability to inhibit the growth of attenuated strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis ATCC 25177 (MIC99 28–61...

Boosting Semantic Web Data Access Using Swoogle

Li Ding & Tim Finin
AAAI-05: Twentieth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Tracking RDF Graph Provenance using RDF Molecules

Li Ding, Yun Peng, Paulo Pinheiro Da Silva & Deborah L. McGuinness
The Semantic Web facilitates integrating partial knowledge and finding evidence for hypothesis from web knowledge sources. However, the appropriate level of granularity for tracking provenance of RDF graph remains in debate. RDF document is too coarse since it could contain irrelevant information. RDF triple will fail when two triples share the same blank node. Therefore, this paper investigates lossless decomposition of RDF graph and tracking the provenance of RDF graph using RDF molecule, which is...

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