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Data from: Optical depth and size characteristics of small coastal Florida cumuli from surface-based lidar and radiometer measurements

Rodrigo Delgadillo
Data in this collection is from micro-pulse lidar (MPL) and near field of view (NFOV) radiometer from 20 Dec 2014 to 1 March 2015. The instruments are co-located and zenith-aligned. Measurements were recorded at the CAROb site (http://carob.rsmas.miami.edu/) located in the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science. The data in this collection is categorized as MPL and zenith radiometer data.

2016-2018 Readiness for Interprofessional Learnings Scale (RIPLS) Pre-test and Post-test Survey Results

Eva Williams, Hector Rivera, Carmen Presti & Gauri Agarwal
This dataset contains the results of a Readiness for Interprofessional Learnings Scale (RIPLS) pre-test and post-test that was administered in association with a health professions course in inter-professional education (IPE). Between 2016 and 2018, 251 surveys were collected from medical and nursing students at the University of Miami who participated in a one-day course on inter-professional education. All 251 participant surveys were entered into the data file. 245 surveys were complete and used in the...

Eddy-induced transport tensors in the Atlantic

Igor Kamenkovich & Luolin Sun
This data set contains results from numerical simulations used to study stirring of water by mesoscale currents (“eddies”). This stirring leads to large-scale transport of oceanic properties (“tracers”). These eddy-induced transports can in turn be related to the large-scale tracer gradients, using a transport tensor. The concept is widely used to describe these transports in the real ocean and to represent them in climate models. The data in this repository include several tracer diagnostics and...

Sharks as exfoliators: widespread chafing between marine organisms suggests an unexplored ecological role

Lacey Williams, Alexandra Anstett, Victor Bach Muñoz, John Chisholm, Chris Fallows, Jonathan R. Green, Jesús Erick Higuera Rivas, Gregory B Skomal, Megan Winton & Neil Hammerschlag
This dataset is associated to the article “Sharks as exfoliators: widespread chafing between marine organisms suggests and unexplored ecological role” by Williams et al. (2021), published in Ecology's The Scientific Naturalist. Specifically, these are the video and jpeg files used to generate Table 1 in the Appendix and Figures 1 and 3 as well as the metadata master table which includes all documented chafing incidents and the file names for the associated video or photograph....

SAM model output files from A. Chandra, P. Zuidema, S. Krueger, A. Kochanski, S. P. de Szoeke and J. Zhang,2018: \"Moisture distributions in tropical cold pools from equatorial Indian Ocean observations and cloud-resolving simulations”, J. Geophys. Res. - Atmos.

Steve Krueger & Adam Kochanski
This data set contains two sets of cloud-resolving simulations using the System for Atmospheric Modeling (SAM - http://rossby.msrc.sunysb.edu/~marat/SAM.html) which contributed to the analysis found in Chandra et al., 2018, "Moisture distributions in tropical cold pools from equatorial Indian Ocean observations and cloud-resolving simulations”, Journal of Geophysical Research. The model output files were originally created by Adam Kochanski and Steve Krueger at the University of Utah. One simulation set is centered on Gan Island (0.65S, 73.15E),...

Daily and yearly average nitrate and sulfate aerosol mass concentrations measured at Ragged Point, Barbados from 1989-2011

Cassandra Gaston, Joseph Prospero, L Custals, E Blades, P Sealy & J.A. Christie
Here we present the nitrate and sulfate particle data that corresponds to the manuscript “Twenty Years of Measurements at Barbados Reveal Different Trends in Trade Wind Aerosol Nitrate and Sulfate: Why has Sulfate Increased While Nitrate Remains Constant?” Sulfate and nitrate aerosols degrade air quality and modulate radiative forcing and the hydrological cycle. Emissions of sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) and meteorological factors determine how widespread these impacts are. To determine these impacts...

African smoke particles act as cloud condensation nuclei in the wintertime tropical North Atlantic boundary layer over Barbados

Haley Royer, Mira Pöhlker, Ovid Oktavian Krueger, Edmund Blades, Peter Sealy, Nurun Nahar Lata, Zezhen Cheng, Swarup China, Andrew Ault, Patricia Quinn, Paquita Zuidema, Christopher Pöhlker, Ulrich Pöschl, Meinrat Andreae & Cassandra Gaston
The number concentration and properties of aerosol particles serving as cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) are important for understanding cloud properties, including in the tropical Atlantic marine boundary layer (MBL), where marine cumulus clouds reflect incoming solar radiation and obscure the low-albedo ocean surface. Studies linking aerosol source, composition, and water uptake properties in this region have been conducted primarily during the summertime dust transport season, despite the region receiving a variety of aerosol particle types...

The Speciation of Metals in Natural Waters

Denis Pierrot & Frank Millero

Temporal and spatial scaling of dissipation under non-breaking surface waves

Darek Bogucki, Mohammad Barzegar, Mingming Shao & Brian K Haus
This dataset is associated to the NSF OCE/Physical Oceanography funded project “Laboratory Investigation of Turbulence Generation by Surface Waves”. There are three papers in preparation that will refer to data contained within this archive. The overarching goal of this project was to address a significant knowledge gap regarding the turbulent dissipation of non-breaking surface waves. To accomplish this, a comprehensive study in the SUrge-STructure-Atmosphere-INteraction (SUSTAIN) wind-wave laboratory at the University of Miami was conducted. A...

MAP: Miami Affordability Project

Housing affordability is a significant and growing challenge in Miami-Dade County, as it is in numerous metropolitan regions around the nation. Access to housing that is affordable for a wide range of residents is crucial for attracting and retaining a talented workforce and promoting economic growth and prosperity in our cities. Currently Miami ranks as one of the cities with the highest cost burden in the country, with a significant percentage of residents paying more...

Ship-based high resolution sea surface skin temperature from the Marine-Atmospheric Emitted Radiance Interferometer (M-AERI) deployed between 2013 and 2020

Peter Minnett, Malgorzata Szczodrak, Miguel Angel Izaguirre & Bingkun Luo
This dataset is a part of that taken with sea-going instruments described by “Minnett, P.J., Knuteson, R.O., Best, F.A., Osborne, B.J., Hanafin, J.A., & Brown, O.B. (2001). The Marine-Atmospheric Emitted Radiance Interferometer (M-AERI), a high-accuracy, sea-going infrared spectroradiometer. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 18, 994-1013". Specifically, this dataset comprises measurements of M-AERIs, ship-based Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) interferometric spectroradiometers mounted on ships a few meters (research ships) or a few tens of meters (cruise...

Self-reported smoking behaviors among ethnically and racially diverse college students

Linda Mays, Beatriz Valdes & Ashley Falcon
This dataset contains the results of University of Miami Wellness Assessments collected in 2014-2016 to determine the behaviors, attitudes and beliefs of undergraduate students. In 2014, a 47 question online survey was administered to 1364 undergraduate students at the University of Miami between September 2014 and January 2015. In 2016, a 40 question online survey was administered to 801 undergraduate students at the University of Miami between August and September 2016. The survey is comprised...

Data for atmospheric transport of North African dust-bearing supermicron freshwater diatoms to South America: implications for iron transport to the equatorial North Atlantic Ocean

Anne Barkley, Nicole Olson, Joseph Prospero, Alexandre Gatineau, Kathy Panechou, Nancy Maynard, Patricia Blackwelder, Swarup China, Andrew Ault & Cassandra Gaston
The equatorial North Atlantic Ocean (NAO) is a nutrient-limited ecosystem that relies on the deposition of long-range transported iron (Fe)-containing aerosols to stimulate primary productivity. Using microscopy, we characterized supermicron and super-coarse mode African aerosols transported to the western NAO in boreal winter/spring. We detected three particle types including African dust, primary biological aerosol particles, and freshwater diatoms (FDs). FDs contained 4% Fe by weight due to surficial dust inclusions that may be susceptible to...

Survey results of white (Carcharodon carcharias) and sevengill sharks (Notorynchus cepedianus) at Seal Island in False Bay, South Africa between 2000 and 2018

Chris Fallows, Monique Fallows, Lacey Williams & Neil Hammerschlag
This dataset is associated to the article “Disappearance of white sharks leads to the novel emergence of an allopatric apex predator, the sevengill shark” by Hammerschlag et al. (2018), published in Nature Scientific Reports, https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-018-37576-6. Specifically, these are the data used to create figures 3,4, and 5 as well as supplementary figures S1, S2, and S3. These data are the results of monitoring between 2000 and 2018 of white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) abundance patterns (N=6,333...

Idealized tropical cyclone simulations under homogenized radiative heating configurations

Shun-Nan Wu, Brian Soden & David Nolan
This data set contains the initial input and revised radiative script for numerical simulations used to study the role of radiative heating in tropical cyclone intensification. Radiative heating from clods can substantially modulate the evolution of tropical cyclone, especially at its early stage. The concept is that the contrast in radiative heating from clouds between convective area and environments is a key to strengthen tropical cyclone intensity. These sensitivity experiments associated with the provided input...

Quasi-geostrophic, Three-layer Model

Mykhailo Rudko
This is a finite-difference, three-layer, quasi-geosotrophic model. The governing equations are the conservation of potential vorticity in each layer with added viscous terms and wind forcing (Pedlosky, 1987). This model simulates the mildatitude dynamics in the ocean. The nonlinear term is discretized with Arakawa energy, enstrophy and symmetry conserving scheme. Partial slip boundary conditions are applied. To compile, please, type "make qg_dg".

Data files contributing to Kramer et al., 2020: Apparent dust size discrepancy in aerosol renalysis in north African dust after long-range transport. Atmospheric Chemistry Physics Discussion.

Samantha Kramer, Claudia Alvarez, Ravi Govidaraju, Anne Barkley, Peter Colarco, Lillian Custals, Cassandra Gaston, Paquita Zuidema & Rodrigo Delgadillo

Quasi-geostrophic, two-layer model

Mykhailo Rudko
This is a finite-difference, two-layer, quasi-geosotrophic model. The governing equations are the conservation of potential vorticity in each layer with added viscous terms and forcing (Pedlosky, 1987). This model simulates the dynamics of mesoscale currents. The nonlinear term is discretized with Arakawa energy, enstrophy and symmetry conserving scheme. Doubly-periodic boundary conditions are applied. To compile, please, type "make all".

Data From: An ecological assessment of large coastal shark communities in South Florida.

Abigail Tinari & Neil Hammerschlag
This dataset is associated to the article “An ecological assessment of large coastal shark communities in South Florida” by Tinari and Hammerschlag (2021), published in Ocean and Coastal Management, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ocecoaman.2021.105772. Specifically, these are the data used to create figures 1, 2, 3, and 4 and tables 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. These data are the results of standardized drumline surveys from Miami through the middle Florida Keys to examine spatial, seasonal, and environmental patterns...

Data for Interannual variability in the source location of North African dust transported to the Amazon

Cassandra Gaston, A Pourmand, J Longman, A Sharifi, Joseph Prospero, K Panechou, N Bakker, N Drake, D Guioiseau & Anne Barkley
Here, we present the data and MixSIAR code that corresponds to the manuscript “Interannual variability in the source location of North African dust transported to the Amazon.” African dust is seasonally transported to the western Tropical Atlantic Ocean (TAO) and South America (SA), including the Amazon Basin. Leading hypotheses suggest that either the Western North African potential source area (PSA) or the Central North African PSA (e.g., Bodélé Depression) is the main source of dust...

Data for Origins of Mixed Layer Depth Variability in the Southern Ocean

Yu Gao, Igor Kamenkovich & Natalie Perlin
Mixed-layer depth (MLD) exhibits significant variability, which is important for atmosphere-ocean exchanges of heat and atmospheric gases. Origins of the MLD variability at the oceanic mesoscale in the Southern Ocean are studied here in an idealized Regional Ocean-Atmosphere Model (ROAM). The main conclusion from the analysis of the upper-ocean buoyancy budget is that, while the atmospheric forcing and oceanic vertical mixing induce the MLD variability on average, the oceanic advection of buoyancy counteracts and partially...

Spatial Awareness Data with Hearing Protection Devices

Hillary Snapp, Barbara Millet, Natasha Schaefer Solle, Suhrud Rajguru & Sebastián Ausili
This data contains effects of hearing protection and simulated NIHL on spatial awareness in normal hearing subjects. The data set consist of ten normal hearing listeners with anonymized unique ID, word recall in rationalized arcsine units (RAU), localization mean absolute error (MAE) in degrees and response promptness to target presentation. This dataset supplements the article under review "The Effects of Hearing Protection Devices on Spatial Awareness in Complex Listening Environments."

LAND: Land Access for Neighborhood Development

The Land Access Neighborhood Development (LAND) mapping tool visualizes the distribution of local institutional and government-owned vacant, as well as underused properties. Developed by the University of Miami (UM)’s Office of Civic and Community Engagement (CCE), in collaboration with the UM Institute for Data Science and Computing, and with support from Citi Community Development, LAND will enable policymakers and community-based organizations to identify potential development opportunities for affordable housing in transit-served areas.

Quotes from Black women published in seven major U.S. newspapers in year 1 of the COVID-19 pandemic

Kallia O. Wright & Zixiao Yang
In this dataset is a compilation of quotes of Black women commenting on the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects during the period of March 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021. The dataset identifies and codes 300 quotes from Black women taken from 119 articles from seven major U.S. newspapers: The New York Times (102 quotes, 41 articles), The Washington Post (82 quotes, 31 articles), the LA Times (33 quotes, 13 articles), USA Today (26 quotes,...

Spray Concentration Measurements from ASIST for Freshwater and Seawater

Andrew W Smith, Brian K Haus, Sanchit Mehta & David G Ortiz-Suslow
The size-dependent vertical distribution of spume particles in high wind conditions is necessary to understand their effect on air-sea fluxes of heat and momentum. The predominant focus of previous studies of spray dynamics has been on the marine environment. Spray dynamics in non-seawater bodies have not been extensively studied, and any significant differences between sea and freshwater remain unquantified. To address this gap, we have conducted the first laboratory experiment directly comparing spume concentrations above...

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