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ASEAN’s Environmental Challenges and Non-Traditional Security Cooperation: Towards a Regional Peacekeeping Force?

Henning Borchers
This article reflects on the prospect for an ASEAN peacekeeping force and regional security cooperation. I argue that progress on ‘soft’ security issues stands to facilitate a slow deepening of ‘hard’ security cooperation at the ASEAN level. Governments of ASEAN member states are still reluctant to develop a regional mechanism for conflict resolution, which they perceive to be a challenge to the norms of non-interference and state sovereignty. Yet, these norms are subject to dynamic...

Separatist Conflicts in the ASEAN Region: Comparing Southern Thailand and Mindanao

Kathrin Rupprecht
This paper examines two cases of separatist conflict, namely the conflict in Southern Thailand and the conflict in the southern Philippines. Both conflicts have been long-lasting, extremely violent, and embedded in ethnic and religious sentiments. The comparison shows that there are structural analogies in both conflict cases that indicate similar root causes. State-internal conflicts of this scale are not purely a matter of national politics. States and non-state actors have influenced – and are still...

Naturkonzepte und indigene Identitätsentwürfe im Kontext ökologischer Konflikte in Kalimantan

Timo Duile
In hegemonialen Diskursen, die sich gerade in ökonomischer Hinsicht als wirkmächtig erwiesen haben, erscheinen ökologische Konflikte meist als Konflikte um das adäquate Management von Ressourcen. Der epistemische Subtext dieser Herangehensweise an den Gegenstand „Umwelt“ basiert auf einem spezifischen Konzept von Natur, welches Natur als Materie, als das Andere der Kultur und des menschlichen Geistes begreift. Mit Bezug auf Philippe Descola soll in diesem Artikel gezeigt werden, dass sich die im Kontext indigener politischer Strategien revitalisierenden...

East Timorese in Australia: Affective Relations, Identity, and Belonging in a Time of Political Crisis

Hedda Haugen Askland
This article considers the relationship between the East Timorese diaspora and its homeland. More specifically, it explores how a group of East Timorese exiles living in Melbourne, Australia, who left East Timor or were born in exile from the time of the 1975 civil war up to the end of the Indonesian occupation of the territory in 1999, was affected by the 2006–2007 political conflict in East Timor. The article considers how past diasporic practice...

It Takes a Rooted Village: Networked Resistance, Connected Communities, and Adaptive Responses to Forest Tenure Reform in Northern Thailand

Kimberly Roberts
Conflicts persist between forest dwelling communities and advocates of forest conservation. In Thailand, a community forestry bill and national park expansion initiatives leave little space for communities. The article analyzes the case of the predominantly ethnic Black Lahu village of Huai Lu Luang in Chiang Rai province that has resisted the threats posed by a community forestry bill and a proposed national park. The villagers reside on a national forest reserve and have no de...

Mimicry of the Legal: Translating de jure Land Formalization Processes Into de facto Local Action in Jambi province, Sumatra

Yvonne Kunz, Jonas Hein, Rina Mardiana & Heiko Faust
In Indonesia, as in many other countries of the global South, processes to formalize rights over land have been implemented with the intention to reduce deforestation, decrease poverty and increase tenure security. Literature on de jure processes of land formalization is widely available. There is a gap, however, on the discrepancy of de jure land titling procedures and de facto strategies to legitimize land claims. Led by the theoretical concepts of “law as process” and...

Gaining Recognition Through Participatory Mapping? The Role of Adat Land in the Implementation of the Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate in Papua, Indonesiatudy: Implementation of Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate, Papua, Indonesia

Rosita Dewi
Participatory mapping has recently become an instrument used by NGOs to advocate for adat (customary) land in Indonesia. Maps produced from participatory mapping are expected to support legal recognition through land formalization or titling. In order to stop land grabbing through the Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate (MIFEE) project, this strategy has also been applied in Merauke district, Papua. However, the pitfalls of communal participatory mapping have brought negative impacts to adat communities. This...

Book Review: Lwin, S. M.(2010). Narrative Structures in Burmese Folk Tales.

Zoltán Bódis

New Media in Southeast Asia: Concepts and Research Implications

Dayana Lengauer


Dorota Krzywicka-Kaindel
Macht, Souveränität, Herrschaft

Ein Recht auf Medienkompetenz?

Christine Trültzsch-Wijnen
Tätigkeitsfelder schulischer MedienpädagogInnen

“Only if You Really, Really Need It”: Social Rights Consciousness in the Philippines

Niklas Reese
This article argues that communitarianism, as the prevalent citizenship paradigm in the Philippines, observable also in modest expectations towards government services among Filipinos and a high emphasis on individual and community action, can be used to explain the lack of political change in the Philippines. In its first part, the article presents data on the sense of citizenship and concepts of social rights and obligations among Filipinos by combining findings from a series of problem-centered...

Philanthropy in Southeast Asia: Between Charitable Values, Corporate Interests, and Development Aspirations

Rosalia Sciortino
This article presents an overview of the evolving state of philanthropy in Southeast Asia, driven by global and local stimuli and shaped by often conflicting notions of charity, development, and business. Despite the lack of a strong enabling environment, new, ‘homegrown’ foundations and local forms of institutionalized giving continue to emerge. At the same time, changes in the donor landscape and shifts in philanthropic paradigms towards business-like and technocratic approaches affect how development causes are...

Moving Beyond Charity to Philanthropy? The Case of Charitable Giving in Thailand

Natalie Phaholyothin
This paper outlines the characteristics of the philanthropic sector in Thailand today. It first describes the local concept of giving, which is intricately linked to Theravada Buddhism. Then, the paper provides examples of traditional forms of philanthropic institutions that are more closely associated with charity than philanthropy, followed by examples of innovative forms of philanthropic efforts. Given the trajectory of economic development in Thailand, opportunities to engage broader public interest in philanthropy exist and in...

Handbuch der österreichischen Kinder- und Jugendbuchautorinnen. Band 1 A-K

Susanne Blumesberger
Das „Handbuch österreichischer Kinder- und Jugendbuchautorinnen“ gibt einen Überblick über Autorinnen, die mindestens ein Werk für junge LeserInnen veröffentlicht haben. Neben bekannten Namen wie Vera Ferra-Mikura, Friedl Hofbauer, Mira Lobe, Christine Nöstlinger oder Renate Welsh finden sich auch längst vergessene, unbekannt gebliebene und junge Autorinnen. Die biografischen Einträge enthalten Informationen über Herkunft, Ausbildung, diverse Lebensstationen, Auszeichnungen und vieles mehr, sie geben aber auch Einblick in das jeweilige Gesamtwerk. So wird einerseits das Leben der Frauen...

Lifehacking. Medien und Selbsttechnologien

Thomas Waitz, Film- Und Medienwissenschaft Institut Fur Theater- & Film- Und Medienwissenschaft Institut Fur Theater-
Kein Abstract verfügbar

Ordnung schaffen mit Medien. Über die Produktivität von Müll und Schmutz

Thomas Waitz & Film- Und Medienwissenschaft Institut Fur Theater-
Kein Abstract verfügbar

Medienwissenschaft - Eine politische Praxis?

Thomas Waitz & Film- Und Medienwissenschaft Institut Fur Theater-
Werbung hat im Rahmen von Medienwissenschaft nicht nur die Funktion der Illustration oder Plausibilisierung. Und sie dient auch nicht lediglich als Schlagwortgeberin. Vielmehr scheint es so, dass sich die Medienwissenschaft der Werbung zuwendet, weil in ihr ein kulturelles Wissen über Medien sichtbar wird.

Consciousness, Culture, and Significance

Christoph Durt & Fakultat Fur Philosophie Und Bildungswissenschaft Institut Fur Philosophie
Christoph Durt offers a new view on the relation between consciousness and culture by investigating their intertwinement with significance. Against the widespread restriction of consciousness to phenomenal aspects and that of culture to “thick description,” Durt argues that consciousness discloses aspects of significance, whereas culture encompasses shared significance, as well as the forms of behavior that enact significance. Significance is intersubjective and constantly reinstantiated in new contexts of relevance rather than belonging to single individuals...

Vienna Orme and Pesa Valley Project Workshop 2018

Günther Schörner & Dominik Hagmann
June 22nd to 23rd, 2018 Location: University of Vienna, Department of Classical Archaeology, Franz-Klein-Gasse 1, 1190 Vienna, Austria Webpage: https://rrl.univie.ac.at/vopp-workshop-2018/

The Political Economy of New Authoritarianism in Southeast Asia

Rainer Einzenberger & Wolfram Schaffar

Thai Doctoral Students’ Layers of Identity Options Through Social Acculturation in Australia

Singhanat Nomnian
An increasing number of international students in Australian higher education have inevitably increased linguistic and cultural diversity in the academic and social landscapes. Drawing upon Bronfenbrenner’s (1979) bio-ecological systems theory and Pavlenko and Blackledge’s (2004) identities in multilingual contexts, this study explores how Thai doctoral students adopt certain identity options during their societal acculturation while studying and living in Australia. Based on a group of nine Thai doctoral students’ interview transcripts, the findings reveal three...

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