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Katharina Julia Bodensteiner
Im Rahmen dieser Arbeit wird die Kommunikation für Luxusmarken erörtert. Um die Anfor-derungen an die Luxusmarkenkommunikation festzustellen, wurden PR-Schaffende einer-seits, sowie Unternehmer dieser Marken zum Thema befragt. Es werden so die jeweiligen Wünsche, Ansprüche, als auch Erwartungen dazu herausgearbeitet und miteinander ver-glichen. Im theoretischen Rahmen wird zunächst dargelegt, aus welchem Grund im Kon-text der Markenkommunikation die Disziplin der Public Relations herangezogen wurde. Im Zuge dessen wird auf verschiedene Bereiche, welche die PR beeinflussen oder welche...

The Damages Directive and private enforcement of EU competition law

Donka Stoycheva-Petkova
Enforcement of competition law in the European Union is organized in a two-fold structure – public and private enforcement. While public enforcement of competition law is well established, private enforcement is rather underdeveloped. The principles of conferral, distribution of competences and procedural autonomy dictate that private enforcement is allocated to national courts of member states. In order to ensure the cohesive application of EU law in all Member States, the Damages Directive was enacted in...

Demokratie bei Alexis de Tocqueville, John Stuart Mill und John Dewey

Michelle Lau
This thesis concerns itself with the question of how and under which aspects democracy may be conceptualized, which advantages and risks it might entail and how its inherent areas of conflict could be devised constructively. How liberty, equality and solidarity interrelate to and depend on one another, whether they can be enforced or demanded and to what extent they can also collide is of vital interest. The guiding line for this endeavour will be provided...

Interferenzen beim Simultandolmetschen mit und ohne Text

Andreea Volina Serban
This thesis addresses the topic of interference production during simultaneous interpreting with and without text in the language pair German-Romanian. This question is examined based on theory with the aid of an empirical study. Firstly, an overview is being given about the sub-mode simultaneous interpreting with text and the particularities of manuscript speeches. Furthermore the term interference is being discussed in more detail based on the approaches of psychology, linguistics and translation sciences. A particular...

Armenwesen und Armenärzte in Wien von der zweiten Hälfte des 19. Jahrhunderts bis zum Ersten Weltkrieg

Ilaria Muscas
Die Arbeit behandelt das Armenwesen und das Berufsfeld der Armenärzte in Wien von der zweiten Hälfte des 19. Jahrhunderts bis zum Ersten Weltkrieg. Die Notlage des Industrieproletariats sowie die Rahmenbedingungen und die Ausübung der Tätigkeit als Armenarzt stehen dabei im Vordergrund der Untersuchung

The impact of digitalization on mutual insurance companies

Yusufcan Akünal
After the economic and financial crisis of 2008, the importance of non-profit organizations increased as unethical business practices were seen as the main cause of the economic downturn. As a reflection of this; in the insurance sector, mutual insurance companies have experienced growth that is comparatively higher than that of capital-oriented insurers. This growth and positive outlook has raised the question of whether mutual insurers can continue this upward trend or not. To foresee the...

Produkte aus Pflanzenfasern im Kontext der Wiener Warenkundesammlung

Stephan Holzer
This diploma thesis illustrates different possibilities of how hemp can be practically used in a classroom context. Therefore, the model of “Didaktische Rekonstruktion” has been used as a pedagogic basic framework. The second chapter presents the subject‐specific part of this thesis and concentrates on natural fibres in general, with an emphasis on hemp and its ecological significance and usage. Further, the author refers to the “ForMuse Projekt” and the “Wiener Warenkundesammlung”. In the didactic part...

Virtual reality conferencing

Patrick Pazour
The development and availability of immersive virtual reality devices has risen significantly in recent years. Combined with the latest milestones in computer graphics and the current motion tracking devices a certain feeling of presence inside the virtual world can be achieved which is aiming (or wishing) to be indistinguishable from the real world in the long term. Although this aspiration may be visionary at the present day, the possibilities of collaborative human interactions within a...

Begriffsassoziationen als Lernvoraussetzungen im Biologieunterricht zum Thema Wald

Claudia Gottlieb
The development of the pupils' language, from everyday language to technical language is especially important in science subjects. For this reason, this diploma thesis places great importance on defining technical terminology and how it influences the pupils' learning. In the process, the notion of learning technical terms will become more important, as we not only find an immense scope of technical terminology in natural sciences, but especially in biology. Alongside the language and the learning...

Vorbereitung beim Simultandolmetschen

Anna Gimona
The aim of the present thesis is to explore the effects of preparation on simultaneous inter-preting. The first part of the thesis consists of a discussion of the basic concepts of simulta-neous interpretation and the related cognitive process, which contains comprehension, memory and knowledge. The thesis then goes on to discuss the current state of research on this topic. Considering the research results already achieved, it can be assumed that prepara-tion has a positive effect...

Zwischen Subversion und Ernüchterung

Teresa Frankenberg
This master thesis examines the educational situation of refugee adolescents in Vienna since 2015. The main interest is their agency to act and create spaces of learning. The analysis builds upon ten qualitative interviews with adolescents conducted and evaluated with an intersectional research methodology. For the analysis postcolonial, post-structuralist and intersectional theory models were employed in order to identify the power of acting from the adolescent refugees in a diverse manner which included alternative educational...

Otto M. Zykan

Veronika Clara Matousek
Can Otto M. Zykans word and especially his opera "Der Zurückgebliebenen Auszählreim" be called a dadaistic piece of art? Zykan himself is an artistic individualist and strongly structured in his life and work. What is Dadaism? Through Dadaist's view and literature about Dadaism I find a definition: Dada is innovative anti-art, trying to show a flowing world view. "Der Zurückgebliebenen Auszählreim" is a musical theater, showing the szenario of the world's end. I take a...

\"Carl et Julius oder Krafft und Würckung der Natur\"

Sophie Pircher
Part of the present work is the edition of the play Carl et Julius or Krafft und Würckung der Natur Codex 13248. The manuscript is a testimony of the existence of an early professional Deutsche Berufsbühne (German Travelling Theatre) and is archived in the manuscript collection of the Österreichische Nationalbibliothek. The present text is discussing the previous research literature on present play followed by further contextualization and the analysis of intertextual influences. The pretexts like...

Smartphone-EsserInnen – jung, gebildet und einsam

Adnan Pjanic
Background: The functionality and manageability of the smartphone tempts one to use it even in situations where it is not appropriate, such as while eating a meal. Currently there are more than 3 billion smartphones in use, but distracted eating by the smartphone is hardly researched. Method: An explorative approach was chosen to find possible causes and relationships. An online survey was conducted to investigate the behavior of smartphone use during meals, limited to eating...

\"Goin' to the chapel and we're gonna get married:\"

Verena Kneifel
The central argument of the thesis is that there is a social phenomenon called masterstory that refers to a distinct life plan typical for middle and upper class Americans. The argument is supported by the theories presented and the identification and analysis of various parts of the masterstory.

Comparative phytochemical analyses of Stemona mairei and related species

Katharina Sandler
The Chinese endemic species Stemona mairei and five other Stemona species, collected in China, were examined for alkaloids and tocopherols by comparative HPLC analyses to get an insight in the accumulation pattern within species. Additionally, a Thai endemic species, namely S. aphylla, was analyzed for its alkaloids and stilbenoids. Crude methanolic root extracts of nine accessions of S. mairei exhibited uniform alkaloid and tocopherol accumulation patterns with only little variations. Generally, this unstudied species is...

Alternierende Vorzeichenmatrizen und ebene Partitionen

Josef Küstner
Alternating sign matrices (ASMs) have a long and recent tradition in combinatorics and they are counted by the same formula as totaly symmetric self-complementary plain partitions (TSSCPPs). Although the connection remains unclear and no explicit bijection is known. In this thesis we look at ASMs and TSSCPPs in larger contexts which are mainly based on the work of Striker. At first, we prove some theorems concerning the inequality description, facets and vertices of the ASM-Polytope...

Disneys neuer Geschlechtervertrag

Sophia-Charlotte Pehlke
The aim of this master´s thesis is to analyse the Disney Animation Studio feature films The Princess and the Frog, Frozen and Moana concerning Angela McRobbies postfeminist theory. McRobbie claims that in postfeminism feminist goals are now embedded in political and cultural institutions. Women experience empowerment and are attributed with capacity and choice, but they are bound in a new sexual contract which abandons feminism and renews gender inequities. The post-feminist masquerade replaces the patriarchal...

English monosyllables and syllable weight

Vanja Vukovic
The primary purpose of the present thesis is to provide a descriptive account of potential changes in the syllable weight of English monosyllabic words. Despite the tendency of the English language to become increasingly monosyllabic, especially after the loss of schwas in the second half of the 15th century (Minkova 1991), as already observed by Jespersen (1928) and Kisaka (1940), no study has been conducted which would explore possible changes in the weight of English...

Transkription und kulturhistorische Analyse des Wanderbühnenstücks \"Comedia genandt ein Spiegell wahrer Freundschafft\"

Larissa Kathol
This Master's Thesis covers the transcription and analysis of a forgotten piece from travelling theatres from 1658 titled "Comedia genandt ein Spiegell wahrer Freundschafft" [comedy named a mirror of true friendship]. It is an accurate translation of the Italian piece "Don Gaston di Moncada" by Giacinto Andrea Cicognini. This author was inspired by Spanish literature, e. g. "Cómo han de ser los amigos" by Tirso de Molina which is compared to the other texts in...

Von kirchlich organisierter Entwicklungshilfe zu staatlich institutionalisierter Entwicklungszusammenarbeit

Philip Eder
Die Entwicklungspolitik ist ein sehr facettenreiches politisches und wissenschaftliches Feld. Obwohl sie sowohl auf internationaler, als auch auf nationaler Ebene seit ihrem Entstehen nach dem Ende des zweiten Weltkrieges zumeist vom ökonomischen Fortschrittsparadigma gekennzeichnet war, konkurrierten im Laufe der zweiten Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts verschiedene Entwicklungstheorien um die Anerkennung als die effektivste Methode, um „Unterentwicklung“ zu beseitigen. Dadurch prägten sie die theoretischen Entwicklungsdiskurse und ihre praktischen Umsetzungen bis zur Jahrtausendwende. Mit der Einführung der MDGs...

Design and implementation of a prototype for enhanced self-protection against unauthorized access

Thomas Wesenauer & Patrik Pollak
The increasing awareness for responsible usage of security measures while exchanging digital information, leads to new and further development of security standards and tools. In this day and age loose handling of sensitive personal data could be judged as an infringement of the GDPR (in german: DSGVO) and will be punished. In the past few years, flaws inside information systems, again and again led to large amounts of private user data being accessed by unauthorized...

Design and implementation of a prototype for enhanced self-protection against unauthorized access

Patrik Pollak & Thomas Wesenauer
The increasing awareness for responsible usage of security measures while exchanging digital information, leads to new and further development of security standards and tools. In this day and age loose handling of sensitive personal data could be judged as an infringement of the GDPR (in german: DSGVO) and will be punished. In the past few years, flaws inside information systems, again and again led to large amounts of private user data being accessed by unauthorized...

Verbraucherschutz und Verbraucherschutzverband im korporatistischen China

Chantal Bruckberger
Nicht angegeben.

Seeing the forest when it is a \"Wald\"? Effects of foreign language use on psychological distance

Sonja Kunz
This study explored the effect of foreign language use on psychological distance. Also, it explored gender differences of psychological distance. Participants imagined and wrote about situations of everyday life in either German, their native language, or English, a foreign language. Afterwards, they rated the perceived distance of each event regarding time, space, probability and social distance. Those are the dimensions of psychological distance as stated by Construal Level Theory. I hypothesised that foreign language use...

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