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New Media in Southeast Asia: Concepts and Research Implications

Dayana Lengauer


Dorota Krzywicka-Kaindel
Macht, Souveränität, Herrschaft

Book Review: Lwin, S. M.(2010). Narrative Structures in Burmese Folk Tales.

Zoltán Bódis

“Only if You Really, Really Need It”: Social Rights Consciousness in the Philippines

Niklas Reese
This article argues that communitarianism, as the prevalent citizenship paradigm in the Philippines, observable also in modest expectations towards government services among Filipinos and a high emphasis on individual and community action, can be used to explain the lack of political change in the Philippines. In its first part, the article presents data on the sense of citizenship and concepts of social rights and obligations among Filipinos by combining findings from a series of problem-centered...

Moving Beyond Charity to Philanthropy? The Case of Charitable Giving in Thailand

Natalie Phaholyothin
This paper outlines the characteristics of the philanthropic sector in Thailand today. It first describes the local concept of giving, which is intricately linked to Theravada Buddhism. Then, the paper provides examples of traditional forms of philanthropic institutions that are more closely associated with charity than philanthropy, followed by examples of innovative forms of philanthropic efforts. Given the trajectory of economic development in Thailand, opportunities to engage broader public interest in philanthropy exist and in...

Philanthropy in Southeast Asia: Between Charitable Values, Corporate Interests, and Development Aspirations

Rosalia Sciortino
This article presents an overview of the evolving state of philanthropy in Southeast Asia, driven by global and local stimuli and shaped by often conflicting notions of charity, development, and business. Despite the lack of a strong enabling environment, new, ‘homegrown’ foundations and local forms of institutionalized giving continue to emerge. At the same time, changes in the donor landscape and shifts in philanthropic paradigms towards business-like and technocratic approaches affect how development causes are...

Ein Recht auf Medienkompetenz?

Christine Trültzsch-Wijnen
Tätigkeitsfelder schulischer MedienpädagogInnen

Politik? Gerne, aber jugendorientiert!

Yvonne Herzig Gainsford, Amina Ovcina Cajacob & Matthias Künzler
Macht, Souveränität, Herrschaft

Wie entsteht eine Diktatur? - Der Modellfall Türkei

Gerhard Ruiss
Macht, Souveränität, Herrschaft

New Social Media and Politics in Thailand: The Emergence of Fascist Vigilante Groups on Facebook

Wolfram Schaffar
Since 2010, Facebook has become a battleground between competing political camps in Thailand. Facebook groups like the Social Sanction group, tellingly abbreviated as SS, and the Rubbish Collector Organization, which was founded in 2014 and has attracted more than 200,000 members, have played a crucial role in the process of political radicalization. The aim of these groups is to expose political opponents by accusing them of lèse-majesté, which can result in a prison sentence of...

Forming 'Forbidden' Identities Online: Atheism in Indonesia

Saskia Schäfer
This article discusses the online activism of Indonesian atheists. While most of the little existent scholarship on atheism in Indonesia views the controversial cases in the light of the violation of Western-style rights to free speech and religious liberty, a closer look at the public discourses both online and offline reveals a more complex picture. The article embeds atheist activism and the well-known case of Alexander An in the changing landscape of religion and state...

HEAT - Das 1x1 der Überwachungs-Gesamtrechnung

Herbert Gnauer
Macht, Souveränität, Herrschaft

Philanthropy, Giving, and Development in Southeast Asia

Rosalia Sciortino

Spielend Fremdsprachen lernen – Wie können digitale Spiele den Fremdsprachenerwerb unterstützen?

Sonja Gabriel
Mediales Lernen/Lehren im Fremdsprachenunterricht/beim Spracherwerb

Das leere Zentrum demokratischer Souveränität am Beispiel der Globalisierung des Himmels seit 1783

Christian Zolles
Macht, Souveränität, Herrschaft

Die filmstilistische Darstellung von Klaras Gehbehinderung im Kinderfilm \"Heidi\"

Maria Ohrfandl
Mediales Lernen/Lehren im Fremdsprachenunterricht/beim Spracherwerb

Medienbildung als konstruktive Aneignung von Medienensembles. Vorbemerkungen zu einer Theorie der Medienpädagogik

Tilman Bechthold-Hengelhaupt
Macht, Souveränität, Herrschaft

Men, Women, and Environmental Change in Indonesia: The Gendered Face of Development Among the Dayak Benuaq

Michaela Haug
The increasing penetration of global capitalism, ambitious development efforts, and related environmental change have significantly transformed Kalimantan and its indigenous population, commonly referred to as Dayak, during the last decades. This article analyzes these processes from a gendered perspective and explores how gender relations among the Dayak, who generally are characterized by well-balanced gender relations, have been influenced by what is commonly referred to as ‘development’. A review of the existing literature shows that new...

Separating Sisters From Brothers: Ethnic Relations and Identity Politics in the Context of Indigenous Land Titling in Indonesia

Stefanie Steinebach & Yvonne Kunz
Environmental and social transformations in Jambi province, Indonesia, are inextricably interlinked. Large-scale agro-industrial development and nature conservation policies equally alienate local communities from their agricultural lands and turn land into a scarce resource. Consequently, access to agricultural land becomes increasingly contested, not only between communities and state institutions or companies but also among communities themselves. To secure or restore local ‘indigenous’ land rights against land grabbing and green grabbing by states and companies, indigenous land...

Der Anerkennungsdiskurs in der bildungswissenschaftlich orientierten Medienpädagogik und Mediensozialisationsforschung

Ilona Cwielong
Tätigkeitsfelder schulischer MedienpädagogInnen

Giving Trends in Myanmar: More Than Merit Making

Cavelle Dove
Myanmar, with a human development index ranking of 145 out of 188 countries (UNDP,2016), has been given the prestigious title as the number one giving nation in the world for three years running (2014-2016) by Charities Aid Foundation, challenging the notion that giving is tied to wealth. Explanations for why this is the case tend to focus on the religious practices of Theravada Buddhism and merit-making. This explanation is only part of the picture, however,...

Exploring Leisure Time Activities and Sociodemographic Indicators of Subjective Happiness and Self-Perceived Health Among Filipinos

Joseph Anthony Lazareto Reyes
This study explores the relationships of subjective happiness and self-perceived health with leisure time activities and sociodemographic variables among Filipinos. It uses data from the International Social Survey Programme 2007: Leisure Time and Sports (ISSP 2007), and is the first paper that specifically investigates the case of the Philippines. Ordinary least square and multinomial logistic regression analyses were conducted in this study. Age was found to have significant negative relationships with leisure time activity engagement,...

Changing Media Ecologies in Thailand: Women's Online Participation in the 2013/2014 Bangkok Protests

Olivia Guntarik & Verity Trott
Traditionally marginalized groups now have more access to new and unconventional means to participate in politics, transforming the media ecologies of existing political environments. Contemporary feminist scholarship has centered on how women use new media technologies to serve political agendas. However, this literature focuses predominately on women in the West, while women in developing countries, or Asia more generally, have been largely excluded from analysis. This article aims to fill in this gap by examining...

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