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Emotionen und deren Wirkung in Fotografien

Christina Grohs
The diploma thesis in hand is concerned with the topics of Visual Anthropology, emotions, press and war photography and the World Press Photo Foundation, that honours annually the best press photographs of the year and shows them in a worldwide exhibition. Based on the quantitative research, that had been accomplished in the World Press Photo exhibition of the year 2008, the following research focuses can be worked out: on the one hand the emotions that...

The effects of management control systems on organizational performance

Markus Bullinger
A multitude of business areas and -processes are nowadays based on Information Technology (IT). Therefore, Management Control Systems (MCS) play an important role for organizations. In order to attain organizational objectives, MCS do not only support the management in performing control functions, they also control the managers to be efficient and effective. The main sources for input are information systems with standardized and connected elements to obtain reliable, proper and true information about the situation...

Hairy roots of Peucedanum ostruthium (L.) Koch

Florian Gössnitzer
Peucedanum ostruthium (L.) Koch (masterwort) is a widely used plant in traditional Austrian medicine, e.g. in forms of liquor or tea. Coumarins in masterwort rhizomes are of pharmaceutical relevance, as a number of studies have shown antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antioxidant and antitumoral activities. The present thesis deals with the establishment of transformed hairy roots in Peucedanum ostruthium under controlled regimes. Multiple shoot cultures were established from aseptically germinated seeds. At this, germination frequency could...

\"What a Gawain should be\"

Barbara Marek
Die Figur des Gawein wurde in der Literatur um König Artus einerseits unterschiedlichst, andererseits aber auch mit immer wiederkehrenden Merkmalen dargestellt. Ausgehend von einer Betrachtung der Gattungstradition werden hier zwei Texte, Diu Crône von Heinrich von dem Türlin und der anonym überlieferte Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, untersucht, die auf keine geschlossene Quelle zurückgehen und in keinem direkten Abhängigkeitsverhältnis zueinander stehen. Entsprechend der literarischen Vorgänger im jeweiligen Sprachraum der Texte griffen Autoren und Publikum...

Die Erfahrungen und Transformationsprozesse der Asambleas in Buenos Aires 2001 - 2011

Raphael Kiczka
In dieser Arbeit werden die Erfahrungen und Transformationsprozesse der Asambleas in Buenos Aires von 2001-2011 aufgearbeitet. Ziel ist die Grenzen und Schwierigkeiten der Verstetigung dieser widerständigen Territorialisierung auszuloten, um wichtige Einsichten dieser Erfahrungen für folgende soziale Kämpfe nutzbar zu machen. Dazu werden in einem ersten Schritt begrifflich und inhaltlich der aus dem Bereich der sozialen Bewegungsforschung stammende „Political Process Approach“ kritisiert und erweitert. Aus dieser theoretischen Basis werden dann im Folgenden die vier Analyseachsen entwickelt,...

Nie mehr Sex!

Elisabeth Kittl
At the beginning of an elaborate examination of sex, gender identity, lust and desire and sexual behaviour or non-behaviour stands the question: “Is desire, which aims at intimate bodily contact with other persons – actual named ‘sex’ – without the energy of sex (the biological gender), gender role and gender identity conceivable?” At first heterosexuality and their apparently natural coherence with (anatomic and social) gender identity for species conserving will be tested. The categories of...

Schmerz in der Pflege

Nathalie Anna Magdalena Hanzl
The treatment of older patients with chronic pain is every day a new challenge for healthcare professionals. Good networking and open communication of all involved professionals are necessary to provide the best possible therapy for pain. Systematic and standardized procedures to measure and control pain provide a decisive contribution to a high quality care. The following diploma thesis deals with the approach of interdisciplinary teams in pain management. The theoretical section contains a discussion with...

NS-Euthanasie in Vorarlberg und Tirol

Eva-Maria Hagen
The nationalsocialist euthanasia both cost 100.000 lifes of disabeled and mentally ill people and was the technical and organizational forerunner for the Holocaust. Only in January 2011 graves were found during construction works at the hospital in Hall in Tirol with bones dating back to nationalsocialist era. On the 8th and 24th of March 1941 two special transports from Valduna Rankweil arrived in Hall, deporting the majority of their patients there. Soon afterwards, most of...

Unternehmensgründung durch Frauen in Form von Franchise-Partnerschaften

Gayane Grigorian
Women’s increased financial power, better education, and corporate experience, combined with their desire for more autonomy and desire to connect with others who share their values make franchising a great fit for many women. They prefer the franchising system, because of better compatibility the business with the family and also they have a the support of a Partner. Starting any business is a risk, but buying a franchise mitigates that risk for many women. Buying...

Identitätswahrnehmung zwischen sozialen Netzwerken und realer Welt

Anne Bondova
Die vorliegende Arbeit befasst sich mit Identitätsdarstellungen in sozialen Netzwerken und in der realen Welt. Die Forscherin beschäftigt sich mit der Frage, welche Unterschiede zwischen den jeweiligen Wahrnehmungen der Identitäten im Facebook (soziales Netzwerk) und in der realen Welt vorliegen. Zu Beginn dieser Arbeit werden theoretische Grundlagen vorgestellt. Das Thema Identität wird hinsichtlich verschiedener Konzepte und Ansätze, als auch in Verbindung mit dem Internet näher beleuchtet. In den weiteren Teilen der Arbeit wird die empirische...

Strategien der Feuchtgebietsrestauration in Waasen

Barbara Dillinger
Die menschlichen Eingriffe, hauptsächlich durch Entwässerung und Landnutzungswandel, führten zur Zerstörung der einst ausgedehnten Feuchtlebensräume im Waasen (Nordburgenland) und machen eine ökologische Restauration notwendig. Zur Beschreibung des ökologischen Restaurationspotenzials des Gebietes wurden repräsentative Vegetationstypen erhoben und statistische Analysen durchgeführt, um den Zusammenhang mit den auf sie einwirkenden Umwelteinflüssen zu beschreiben. Des Weiteren wurde die Vernetztheit der kartierten Biotope analysiert. Die Vegetationserhebung ergab 34 verschiedene Vegetationstypen, die als Indikatoren für die herrschenden Umweltbedingungen und Grundlage für...

Martin Luther King und Malcolm X

Manuel Stenger
My diploma deals with the lives of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X and examines their particular ideological points of view in concern of their different socialization. Growing up in the same political system which oppresses/oppressed dark-skinned people and being both Afroamericans, they developed different agendas and approaches for the solution of the problems of Black people in the United States of America (and in their later life for Blacks all over the world). Their...

GedankenSterben, ZeitSterben

Nina Grün
Einleitend werden einige Hintergrundinformationen zu Christopher Nolans Memento gegeben. Bezüglich des Filmtitels wird auf ein „Erinnere dich“ oder „Merke“ eingegangen. Die narrative Struktur und die Mise-en-scène werden ferner erörtert. Zur Aussage „Erinnerung ist Verrat“ wird in einem Exkurs Omer Fasts Zweikanalvideo Spielberg´s List behandelt. Daran anschließend werden Modelle von Zeitvorstellungen erläutert und weiters wird Marc Blochs Umgang mit Geschichte dargelegt. Es folgen Ausführungen zu den Themenkreisen „der Körper als ein Medium“, „das fotografische Bild“ und...

Integration beginnt in der Schule

Sylvia Mayr
Migration is a ubiquitous phenomenon. However, it should be noticed that in South Tyrol its presence could be narrowed to a period of the last ten years, when public immigration became more visible. Therefore, the policy of handling the impacts of migration is still in its infancy. This can be illustrated by the fact that only in 2011, there was finally an integration act introduced in South Tyrol (being the last province of Italy), which...

Wirtschaftssysteme in China und Vietnam

Karin Stöger
The aim of this thesis is to examine the phenomenon of socialist market economies in China and Vietnam from a political-economic perspective. Since the fall of the iron curtain the former communist states of Central and Eastern Europe transformed themselves into countries characterized by a free market economy, the introduction of private property and a democratically organized government. The People's Republic of China and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam however, constitute an exception to the...

Dankbarkeit und Körper

Jovita Tatschl
The body is the "silent" companion of the human. However, as long as he is performing well he receives little gratitude and appreciation. Thus, the underlying question of this thesis is: How is it possible to combine gratitude and body in order to feel gratitude for the body? The radical detachment of body and spirit leads back to the philosophical works of René Descartes around the seventeenth century. In the cultural- and social anthropology questions...

The influence of cognitive processes on eating behaviour - illustrated by the example of mental imagery

Benjamin Missbach
Background The consumption of food is determined by a variety of factors. The metabolic state is reflected by peripheral and central hormonal signals, representing a homeostatic regulation system. Contrary, nonhomeostatic eating refers to food intake in the absence of metabolic demands, driven by conditioned or rewarding motifs. A regulatory cross-talk can be observed on a micro and macro level, mediated through top-down or bottom-up signalling. It is known that top-down signalling can influence how much...

Standardvariation und Kodifizierung

Sandra Zenkner
This diploma thesis is concerned with the comparison of two dictionaries which focus on the Austrian-German language: “Das österreichische Wörterbuch” (ÖWB; 41th edition, 2009) and “Duden – Das österreichische Schulwörterbuch” (1st edition, 2008). By taking relevant samples, it will outline not just the common ground but, more importantly, the differences between these spelling dictionaries. The analysis examines both formal and lexical/lexicographical aspects, and deals with questions of structure and the extend of the dictionaries as...

Selbstbestimmung von Menschen mit Behinderung im Teilbetreuten Wohnen

Alena Illemann
Diese Diplomarbeit hat das Ziel, den Begriff der Selbstbestimmung mit dem Terminus der Behinderung in Verbindung zu setzen. Die Wichtigkeit von Selbstbestimmung im Leben von Menschen soll beschrieben werden und es soll dargestellt werden, was Selbstbestimmung für Menschen mit Behinderung bedeutet, um anschließend der Frage nachzugehen, inwiefern das Leben von Menschen mit Behinderung im Betreuten Wohnen selbstbestimmt stattfindet. Um den generellen Bereich der Selbstbestimmung etwas einzugrenzen, habe ich mich entschieden, mich auf Selbstbestimmung von Menschen...

Institutions and ideas as the drivers of economic growth

Sebastian Radzimowski
This master’s dissertation concerns the issue of economic growth with particular attention to institutions and technological spillovers. The impact of those variables upon economic growth is investigated through the intermediate channel of technological progress. The empirical model is estimated using 3SLS on a sample covering 95 countries over the period 1970-2009, which are further divided into two sub-samples: Advanced Economies and Emerging and Developing Economies.

The liberalization of Austria's mail market

Alexander Habicher
After three EU directives aiming at full liberalization of the postal market, Austria finally had to give way to a liberal mail market. However, the paths to implementation of the prescribed changes are manifold. When faced with the decision between strong market regulation by governments or truly allowing free enterprise, most countries seem to opt for the former. The motives might be ethical, or maybe they aren’t. In any case, economic science betrays the amassing...

Das Leben und Wirken von Anna Hohenwart-Gerlachstein unter besonderer Berücksichtigung ihrer Tätigkeit am Institut für Völkerkunde in Wien von 1942 - 1945

Mirja Marquardt
The issue of my paper is the life and work of the ethnologist Anna Hohenwart-Gerlachstein especially considering the time she spent at the Department of Ethnology in Vienna working as a translator and secretary for the professor in ordinary Hermann Baumann from 1942 until the end of World War II in 1945. For this reason, at first her youth and then her professional career till the beginning of her occupation at the above mentioned institute...

Bäuerliches und städtisches Leben im Hoch- und Spätmittelalter

Verena Denkmayr
This thesis deals with "Rural and urban life in the High and Late Middle Ages". In the Middle Ages, 90 percent of the population worked in agriculture. The peasants were Hörige – Unfreie - and were dependent on a landlord. The simple and sad life of them was dominated by work from morning to night. Although there were some agro-technical innovations in the High Middle Ages such as the soil turning plough, there was hardly...

Casuals - eine Subkultur des Fußballs und ihr Stil

Emanuel Van Den Nest
In my master's thesis, I have investigated juvenile male Football fans in Great Britain of the 1970s and 80s named Casuals. My research focused on the question of the style they adopted and how they presented themselves visually. So one part of my research followed a visual approach of analysing pictures in connection with the Casuals, to get closer to the aspect of visual presenting. In the other part I followed the theories of the...

Development and evaluation of ion exchange-type chiral stationary phases for liquid chromatography and subcritical fluid chromatography

Franz Reinhard Pell
High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) using chiral stationary phases (CSPs) is of central importance in both industry and academia for either analysis of enantiomeric purity of chiral molecules or (preparative) separation of enantiomers to obtain enantiomerically pure compounds. The present dissertation describes the preparation of low molecular weight ion exchange-type CSPs and their evaluation using HPLC and Supercritical (or Subcritical) Fluid Chromatography (SFC). The research carried out in the thesis can be divided into two...

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