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Interactions between fragmented seagrass canopies and local hydrodynamics

Carolyn Oldham, N El Allaoui, T Serra, M Soler &

Group schema therapy rating scale - revised (GSTRS-R)

Gerhard Zarbock, Joan Farrell, A. Schikowski, A. Heimann, N. Reiss, S. Verhagen, S. Bot, C. Lee, E. Muste, A. Arntz & E. Bastick

Consults, investigations and ceasing endocrine therapy (Supplementary tables)

Derrick Lopez

Controlling Response Dependence in the Measurement of Change using the Rasch model

David Andrich

RESPECTED metadata-deidentified

David Mountain

Subcellular Localisation database for Arabidopsis proteins version 4

Cornelia M Hooper

Preliminary Comments on the 2017 APA Clinical Practice Guideline for the Treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in Adults

Christopher Lee & Sarah Dominguez

Dietary nitrate supplementation does not improve cycling time-trial performance in the heat

Georgina Kent

Bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbon spills - data from Martin et al. SOIL paper 2016

Megan Ryan

dCITE: Measuring Necessary Cladistic Information can help you Reduce Polytomy Artefacts in Trees

Michael J Wise

A novel stereo-video method to investigate fish-habitat relationships

Todd Bond, Matthew Birt, Damon Driessen, Benjamin Saunders, Laura Fullwood & Euan Harvey

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