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Amborella pangenome bam files

Ricky Hu, Armin Patrick Armin Patrick Schebe, Brent Verpaalen, Philipp Bayer, Soodeh Tirnaz, Richard G.J. Hodel, Jacqueline Batley, Douglas E. Soltis, Pamela S. Soltis & David Edwards

Northern Australia Internal Tide Climatology

, Matt Rayson, Nicole Jones, Gregory Ivey & Yankun Gong

Spatial Analysis of Farm Animal Wastes in Australia

, Marit Kragt, Fiona Dempster & Audrey Tascon

Amborella pangenome and supplementary tables v4

, Ricky Hu, Armin Patrick Scheben, Brent Verpaalen, Soodeh Tirnaz, Jacqueline Batley, Douglas E. Soltis, Dave Edwards & Richard G.J. Hodel

Gut passage time and viability of seeds consumed by Australian marsupials

Gabrielle Beca, Bryony Palmer, Leonie Valentine, Todd Erickson & Richard Hobbs

Paterson Samples Density

Fariba Kohan Pour

An Approach to defining and achieving restoration targets for a threatened plant community

Carole Elliott, Lucy Commander, Luis Merino-Martin, Peter Golos, Jason Stevens & Ben Miller

DNS results of forces on a circular cylinder (data) May2022

Hongyi Jiang

Data for: Robyn Anderson PhD Thesis

Robyn Anderson

Numerical modelling of wave-driven circulation in the lee of nearshore reefs

Renan Silva, Jeff Hansen, Ryan Lowe, Dirk Rijnsdorp & Mark Buckley

Finite Element Method Numerical Simulation results for analysis of Segment Model of Bolted Ring Flange

Jack Jorgensen, Melinda Hodkiewicz, Edward Cripps & Ghulam Mubashar Hassan

Cross-cultural Alcohol and Non-alcohol (CAN) Image Stimuli Set

Henry Austin & Lies Notebaert

Amborella pangenome and supplementary tables v3

Ricky Hu , , , , , , , , &

Banana pangenome supplementary data

Habib Rijzaani, Philipp Bayer, Mathieu Rouard, Jaroslav Doležel, Jacqueline Batley & David Edwards

Supplemental Data for Azithromycin House Dust Mite manuscript

Peter Henry

Perth Lupus Registry

Hans Nossent & Warren Raymond

Lazzaretto Nuovo Species ID Fragments Dataset

, Shanley Porto, Ariane Maggio, Ambika Flavel & Daniel Franklin

Histomorphometric Age-At-Death Estimates

Ariane Maggio, Rita Hardiman, Zuzana Obertova & Daniel Franklin

Data From: Multi-level combinatoriality in magpie non-song vocalizations

Sarah Walsh, Mandy Ridley, Simon Townsend, Sabrina Engesser & Mylène Dutour

Subcellular Localisation database for Arabidopsis proteins version 5

Cornelia Hooper, Harvey Millar, Kylie Black, Ian Castleden, Nader Aryamanesh & Sally Grasso

Fly Pollination of HASS Avocados, Fruitlet and Harvest Data

Sasha Voss, David Cook, Sunil Shivananjappa, Shoaib Tufail Tufail, Rob Deyl & Elliot Howse

Yam Bean draft genome assembly and SNP data

Cassandria Tay Fernandez

Western Rock Lobster Chemotaxis Trials #1

Michael Brooker, Tim Langlois, Simon de Lestang & Jason How

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