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Understanding the role of deep reefs as climate refuge for a temperate marine foundation species

Ana Giraldo Ospina

Three Essays on Bottom-Up Governance: New Evidence from Management Connection

Man Duy Pham

Point Pattern Analysis on a Sphere.

Thomas Joseph Lawrence

The sky is falling: evidence of a negativity bias in the social transmission of information

Keely Regan Bebbington

Effects of urbanization on groundwater quantity and quality in Perth, Western Australia

Donald McFarlane

Investigations into carbohydrate-based scaffolds for biological and synthetic applications

Siobhan Wills

Initiation and mechanisms of catastrophic submarine landslides

Wangcheng Zhang

Wilkes Land, East Antarctica: using subglacial geology as a key test for ice sheet stability

Lara Urosevic

Innovation in China: Its global role, firms' behaviour and government policy

Xing Shi

Agricultural productivity and food security of rice producing households: An empirical investigation in Ghana

Rebecca Owusu Coffie

Memory awareness in Parkinson’s disease

Nicola Judd

The influences of spatial structure and stacking weed control tactics on predictions of herbicide resistance evolution

Gaylene Jill Somerville

Aspects of voice in Ian McEwan's fiction

Sylvia McLeod

Age estimation from the measurement of open apices in the developing permanent dentition

Amanda Jane Barville

GenYM: Curating Gen Y Australian Muslim Artists

Hamida Novakovich

A novel offshore platform blast wall design with energy absorption mechanism

Jinjing Liao

A Computational Model of Achilles Tendon Adaptive Remodelling

Stuart Young

An element free Galerkin Method for the prediction of soft tissue deformation in surgical simulation

Habibullah Chowdhury

Hydrate deposition in natural gas pipelines in the presence of monoethylene-gycol

Mauricio Di Lorenzo Ruggeri

'A most dangerous character': the remarkable life of Yonki Yonka

Brian Wills-Johnson

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