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Chinese urbanisation powered by high-speed rail: challenges for hyper densities and diversities

Shan He

Using multi-band photometry and HI surveys to estimate the galactic baryonic mass function

Angus Wright

Effects of wind forcing on surface currents and mesoscale eddies

Jennifer Penton

Cultural heritage preservation in regional China: tourism, culture and the Shaxi Model

Silvia Schriver

Constructed wetlands for urban stormwater nutrient attenuation: diurnal to decadal dynamics

Tanveer Adyel

The management of the writing process in the preparation of distance education materials

Michele Gawlinski

“Bird with a broken leg” and “Whiteness and Australian fiction”

Adam Morris

Transcriptome-wide analyses of gene expression in models of disease

Stefan Johannes Siira

Geochronology of Lower Crustal Cumulate Complexes in the Kohistan Terrane, North-East Pakistan

Jack Stirling

Quantifying the morphodynamics of beaches to nearshore and offshore rocky reefs in southwestern Australia

Laura Elena Segura Mena

Mechanistic pathways of diversity-function relationships in Australian ants

Peter Andrew Yeeles

Restoration ecology of Acacia pachyceras in the State of Kuwait

Majda Suleiman

Functional characterisation of UPOX1, a mitochondrial stress responsive protein in Arabidopsis thaliana

Vindya Uggalla

Debriefing practices of rural medical educators: A mixed methods study

Kirsty Freeman

A novel offshore platform blast wall design with energy absorption mechanism

Jinjing Liao

Rethinking disability and care in the works of Dinah Mulock Craik (1826-1887)

Theresa Miller

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