235 Works

Agricultural productivity and food security of rice producing households: An empirical investigation in Ghana

Rebecca Owusu Coffie

Preparation, rheological properties and stability characteristics of biochar based slurry fuels

Pengfei Liu

Do political connections affect a firm's performance?


Transfer of training: A mediation model of the effects of transformational leadership

Salwa Patah

The matter of mutual memory: Collective memory and collaborative art practice

Valdene Claire Diprose

Green infrastructure: planning a national green network for Australia

Simon Kilbane

Continuous-time quantum walks: simulation and application

Joshua Abe Izaac

Timing of extension-related uplift and erosion in the Dampier Sub-basin

Sarah Kerr

The epidemiology of sudden cardiac death in Western Australia

Jiali Feng

Use of piezoball penetrometers for measuring shear strength and consolidation characteristics of soft soil

Cathal Colreavy

Acoustic coupling between finite and infinite spaces

Yuhui Tong

Colour in (E)motion: Emotion, affect and colour in the drama of William Shakespeare

Brid Phillips

The combined VHM loading capacity of preloaded skirted circular foundations in clay

Dengfeng Fu

Investigating vegetation and bank features conducive to nutrient retention during high base flows in an urban stream

Ana Catarina Limede Dos Santos Silva Singh

Identifying a hierarchy of learning about percentages

Joan Burfitt

Falls from height: manifestation of skeletal trauma in relation to impacting surface

Leah Blondeau

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