235 Works

Biodiversity, biosecurity and management of sessile invertebrate assemblages in Western Australia

Tiffany Simpson

Photographic caries assessment by different members of the dental team: a mobile teledentistry model

Mohamed R. Abdalla Estai

The role of extended preoperative steroids in hearing preservation cochlear implantation

Jafri Kuthubutheen

Error monitoring and empathy: Exploring neurophysiological correlates within a multidimensional framework

Noor Azhani Amiruddin

A comparison of delivery modes in tertiary forensic science education

Barbara Ann Larkin

Molecular design strategies for molecular electronics

Soeren Bock

Joint microseismic event location and velocity inversion through Image-domain tomography

Benjamin Ross Witten

Physical modelling of suction caisson anchors for offshore renewable devices

Diego Alexander Gomez Bautista

Ezra Pound's translation, modernist poetics and global modernism

Yihui Liu

Quantifying over epistemic updates

James Colin Hales

The role of student learning processes in enhancing physics conceptual understanding

Chiu Chow

Mechanisms underlying glucocorticoid-induced osteocyte dysfunction

Junjie Gao

Integration in Hong Kong early childhood education: perceptions, practice, and policy

Lai Ping Hui

Hydrodynamics in complex nearshore rocky reef environments

Gundula Winter

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