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Point Pattern Analysis on a Sphere.

Thomas Joseph Lawrence

The sky is falling: evidence of a negativity bias in the social transmission of information

Keely Regan Bebbington

Effects of urbanization on groundwater quantity and quality in Perth, Western Australia

Donald McFarlane

Investigations into carbohydrate-based scaffolds for biological and synthetic applications

Siobhan Wills

Initiation and mechanisms of catastrophic submarine landslides

Wangcheng Zhang

Wilkes Land, East Antarctica: using subglacial geology as a key test for ice sheet stability

Lara Urosevic

Innovation in China: Its global role, firms' behaviour and government policy

Xing Shi

Memory awareness in Parkinson’s disease

Nicola Judd

The influences of spatial structure and stacking weed control tactics on predictions of herbicide resistance evolution

Gaylene Jill Somerville

Aspects of voice in Ian McEwan's fiction

Sylvia McLeod

Age estimation from the measurement of open apices in the developing permanent dentition

Amanda Jane Barville

Comparing two regime crises in Syria: regional actors and Russian involvement

Sultan Altamimi

Determining the role of plant mitochondrial membrane functions in respiratory acclimation to the cold

Sandra Kerbler

Individual work performance: Dimesionality and consequences

Joseph Alexander Carpini

An Archaeology of Memory: A biography of photographs taken by E.L. Mitchell 1908-1930

Joanna Sassoon

Defective cell migration as a mechanism of dysregulated asthmatic airway repair

Thomas Iosifidis

An investigation into the role of selective attention and rumination in eating disorder symptomatology

Laura Dondzilo

Understanding spatial and personal exposure to atmospheric pollutants: a new methodological approach

Daniela Crisan

What is pianistic collaboration, and how do collaborating musicians perceive it?

Gaby Gunders

Development and characterisation of scintillation type detectors for in-air treatment beam verification

Benjamin Hug

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