601 Works

The constitution, federalism and the High Court

Alphonse Gerard de Kluyver

The effect of body size on the cardiorespiratory system of wild African antelope

Adian Izwan

Sustainable community resettlement : a planning tool for the resource industry

Allan Steven Dobra

Rigorous homoclinicity proofs for the Lorenz equations and other differentiable flows

Montgomery Craine

An investigation of biological markers in familial and sporadic forms of Alzheimer's disease

Anastazija Gnjec

The modulation of ischaemia reperfusion injury

Alizan Abdul Khalil

'The ORGAN Experiment' and other axion dark matter detection techniques

Ben McAllister

Promotion of physical activity among older adults

Ann Michelle Clarke

Development of biomedical applications of magnetic fluids and investigation of their physical properties

Joan Connolly Joan Connolly

Characterization of nanomaterials synthesized via lamp ablation

Sehrina Eshon

Antifungal activity of Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) oil

Katherine Hammer

Secondary metabolites from Western Australian fungal species

Jaih Hargreaves

Anzac for sale: the Gallipoli campaign and Anzac legend in Australian consumer culture 1915-2015

Joanne Elizabeth Hawkins

Topologies and traces : debugging parallel programs using expected behaviours

Simon Huband

The ecological basis of melioidosis

Timothy Inglis

The effects of habit and satisfaction on customer profitability : an application to online gambling

David Jolley

The extraction of image speed by the human visual system

Sieu Khuu

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