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Thermal Trauma and the Effect of Temperature and Time on the Morphology and DNA of Dentition

Hayley Bourn

A pianist’s experience applying Taubman-based technical interventions to solo recital preparation

Raymond Yong

Silicon enhances drought resistance in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Pornpun Yanaso

Analysis of processes controlling fluoride and phosphate release during managed aquifer recharge

David Schafer

Fault slip seismicity in underground mining operations: asperity and barrier shear modelling

Juan Jarufe Troncoso

The vegetation patterns of the kwongan vegetation of South-West Western Australia

Paul Macintyre

“Petticoat patronage\": elite Scotswomen’s roles, identity, and agency in Jacobite political affairs, 1688-1766

Anita Randell Fairney

Understanding the role of deep reefs as climate refuge for a temperate marine foundation species

Ana Giraldo Ospina

Three Essays on Bottom-Up Governance: New Evidence from Management Connection

Man Duy Pham

Studying the orbits and interactions of satellites in the next generation of simulations

Rhys Jordan James Poulton

Improving the efficacy and delivery of therapeutics for cardiovascular disease

Ashay Shah

Large Deformation Finite Element Analysis on Cone Penetration Test Layered Sand-Clay Soils

William Xie

The prevention of hypoglycaemia with sensor-augmented pump therapy in Type 1 diabetes

Mary Abraham

Elucidating physiological traits associated with waterlogging adaptation in Urochloa grasses

Juan De La Cruz Jimenez Serna

Active suction anchors for offshore renewable energies in sand

Nicole Fiumana

An investigation into the antidyskinetic and reinforcing effects of UWA-101 in Sprague Dawley rats

Angela McLelland

Understanding the Impact of ZBTB18 Genetic Variation on Neuronal Development and Human Brain Disorder

Isabel Hemming

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