353 Works

Antisense Oligonucleotide Therapy to Correct CFTR Function in People with Cystic Fibrosis

Kelly Martinovich

The application of optimisation methods to modular multilevel converter design

Nikola Petranovic

Re-imagining the pan-African security partnership: Towards a Nnoboa strategic culture in Africa

Seth Appiah-Mensah

Discrete Dirac Dynamics: a quantum walk-based framework in discrete spacetime

Gareth Jay

Changing soil strength and stiffness during pipe-soil interaction at the touch down zone

Zhechen Hou

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers: Perspectives of Western Australian primary school teachers

Thomas Quinlivan

Predicting effects of thinning and neighbourhood competition on growth of dominant endemic eucalypts

Shes Kanta Bhandari

Deep learning based vision for driverless vehicles in hazy environmental conditions

Cameron Hodges

Assessment of quality in specialist palliative care service delivery for Indigenous Australians

John Woods

Bioinformatics software applications for the analysis of secondary metabolism in microbial genomes

Cameron Gilchrist

NMR Studies of Natural Gas Hydrates Exposed to Thermally Controlled CO2 Exchange

Abraham Rojas Zuniga

An investigation into the contribution of executive function to anxiety preservation vulnerability

Georgina Mann

Downslope Pipeline Walking and Soil Variables

Adriano Condez Gondarem Castelo

Total Synthesis of Bioactive peri-Hydroxyquinone Natural Products

Glenn Pullella

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