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New Organo Gold Complexes of N-Heterocyclic Carbenes as Potential Anti-Cancer Agents

Hawraa Al-Buthabhak

RNA Processing in Health and Disease

Giulia Rossetti

Service Quality and its Impact on Behavioural Intentions in an Allied Health Context

Sia Kozlowski

Models for (super)conformal higher-spin fields on curved backgrounds

Michael Ponds

Effects of antecedents on managers' dysfunctional behaviors

Muhammad Irdam Ferdiansah

More Efficient Methods in Response Based Analysis of Floating Systems under Extreme Environmental Conditions

Ali Ghasemi Koohi Kheili

Coherent optical transmission through atmospheric turbulence

Benjamin Dix-Matthews

Hydrate Growth and Rheology of Hydrate Slurries in Aqueous Systems

Shunsuke Sakurai

Clinical Studies in Arterial Calcification

Jamie Bellinge

Low grade waste heat thermal desalination and novel brine management

Hamid Rezvani Dastgerdi

Three essays on village development in Indonesia

Nugraha Adi

Investigating cooperative activity of PPR proteins in native and synthetic systems

Rose McDowell

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