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Gay Community Periodic Survey: Tasmania 2018

T Broady, L Mao, E Lee, B Bavinton, F Howes, C Brown, L Owen, G Prestage & M Holt
The Tasmania Gay Community Periodic Survey is a cross-sectional survey of gay and homosexually active men recruited online throughout Tasmania. The major aim of the survey is to provide data on sexual, drug use and testing practices related to the transmission of HIV and other sexually transmissible infections (STIs) among gay men. The most recent survey, the third to be conducted in Tasmania, was conducted in November 2018.

The influence of active versus passive exploration of the built environment on way-finding and visual memory

Aida Eslami Afrooz
The central aim of this thesis was to demonstrate how changes in travel type (i.e. active and passive exploration of the built environment) influence the way-finding process corresponding to visual memory, cognitive maps, and visual cues. Previous research shows that travel type influences cognitive mapping processes. However, little is known about the effect of travel type on the encoding of visual memory in a way-finding process. This focus, which is a very important part of...

Evaluation of Housing & Accommodation Support Initiative Plus (HASI Plus) – Literature Review

H Blunden

Queensland Drug Trends 2016: Findings from the Illicit Drug Reporting System (IDRS)

Fairlie McIlwraith, Caroline Salom & Rosa Alati
Australian Drug Trends Series No. 171

Victorian Trends in Ecstasy and Related Drug Markets 2016: Findings from the Ecstasy and Related Drugs Reporting System (EDRS)

Arthur Truong, Paul Dietze & Belinda Lloyd
Australian Drug Trends Series No. 175

Is the wellbeing of people who inject drugs worse for those who use methamphetamines rather than heroin?

Caroline L. Salom & Rosa Alati
IDRS Drug Trends Bulletin, July 2017

Illicit use of prescription cognitive enhancing (CE) drugs among regular psychostimulant users

Marina Nelson & Simon Lenton
EDRS Drug Trends Bulletin, July 2017

Tool for Optimising Left-Right Flow Balancing of Rotary Total Artificial Hearts by means of a Resistance Box

Michael Stevens, Frank Nestler, Daniel Timms, Andrew Bradley, Stephen Wilson, Matthias Kleinheyer & William Cohn
Interactive Computable Document Format

Evaluation of the Youth Advocate Program

J Skattebol & H Blunden

ASELCC Research Synthesis Report

S Gendera & I Katz

Australian Drug Trends 2019: Key findings from the National Ecstasy and Related Drugs Reporting System (EDRS) Interviews

A Peacock, T Karlsson, J Uporova, D Gibbs, R Swanton, G Kelly, O Price, R Bruno, P Dietze, S Lenton, C Salom, L Degenhardt & M Farrell

Human Rights protection frameworks for people being treated involuntarily for a mental illness: Literature review

S Gendera, G Giuntoli, KR Fisher & R Kayess

Annual Report of Trends in Behaviour 2019: HIV and STIs in Australia

L Mao, M Holt, C Newman & C Treloar

Evaluation of the Keeping Women Safe – Private Rental Initiative

H Blunden, K valentine & P Jops

Self-report and serological HCV status amongst people who inject drugs in NSW and ACT

D Gibbs, J Grebely, S Larney, K Butler, R Sutherland, M Starr, A Karlsson, J Uporova, L Degenhardt, M Farrell & A Peacock

Establishing a Child Development Fund in Australia: A review of international models

H Blunden & I Katz

Understanding barriers to STI testing among young people: results from the online survey ‘Getting Down to it'

PCG Adam, JBF de Wit, J Herman, L Story, B Edwards, C Murray & C Bourne

UVic ESCM outputs for Meltwater Pulse 1A

Nicholas Yeung, Laurie Menviel & Katrin Meissner
Surface field and time series data of model outputs in netcdf and ascii format. Related manuscript: "Assessing the spatial origin of Meltwater Pulse 1A using oxygen-isotope fingerprinting

The 2018 Australian Trans and Gender Diverse Sexual Health Survey: Report of Findings

Denton Callander, Vincent Cornelisse, Martin Holt & James MacGibbon

Stories of educational engagement among young people with complex families: A snapshot from the Stories of Resourcing and Resourcefulness project

M Blaxland, J Skattebol, C Thomson, M Hamilton & K valentine

Financial security and the influence of economic resources

M Weier, A Marjolin, A Powell & K Muir

Background report on young people’s economic engagement

A Powell, F Salignac, A Meltzer, K Muir & M Weier

Monograph No. 26: Reducing stigma and discrimination for people experiencing problematic alcohol and other drug use

K Lancaster, K Seear & A Ritter

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