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Application of computational fluid dynamics to optimise module configuration from fibre to module in immersed membrane system

Xuefei Liu
The optimisation of submerged hollow fibre MBRs was achieved through a series of numerical simulations ranging from meso-scale simulations of the membrane module and filtration zone, to micro-scale simulations of the inhomogeneous distribution of filtration flux, and the effects of fibre displacement on surface shear and flux. A meso-scale Computational Fluid Dynamics model, coupled with sludge rheology models to account for the behaviour of mixed liquor and porous media models to represent the resistance of...

Awareness of between-ness: immaterial and material, Katami, once a possession of the deceased

Miho Watanabe
My obsession with 'between-ness' started whilst taking photographs as a professional photographer. I explored the space between a subject and the camera as an energy flow. This energy flow with the subject (organic or non organic) and the space it occupied created in my photographs a more visually interesting outcome. The obsession emerged as a topic that would drive my current research into what this 'between-ness' is, and how to visualise it. ‘Between-ness’ is an...

Copper-based Photocatalysts with Well-defined Morphologies for Photocatalytic and Photoelectrochemical Applications

Cui Ying Toe
With growing interest in well-defined architectured photocatalysts, cuprous oxide (Cu2O) stands as a promising material due to its earth abundancy, ease in synthesis and band potential suitability for redox reactions. Severe photocorrosion is, however, the major hindrance of its practical use. Hence, studies to further understand Cu2O, intrinsically and extrinsically are needed to improve this material. Arising from a lack of understanding in Cu2O photocorrosion, systematic investigations in this regard were performed. It was revealed...

Modelling and design of planar PCB transformers for high-frequency DC-DC converters

Lew Andrew Tria
The demand for high density power supplies has been increasing through the years. The most common trend in achieving high power density is to use high frequency switching which results in smaller component size. However, for the magnetic components, operation at high frequencies leads to increased conductor losses due to skin and proximity effects. The use of planar transformers on printed circuit boards (PCB) can mitigate this problem. The thinner and wider conductors of PCBs...

Establishing client psychological comfort through communication style in a professional services context

Rawi Roongruangsee
Professional services are typically high in credence properties, information asymmetry, and associated with client anxiety and uncertainty. To reduce client anxiety and ensure a positive service evaluation, creating client psychological comfort through interpersonal communication is vital. Psychological comfort represents a person’s feelings of security, reassurance, peace of mind, and reduction of anxiety. While its role is discerned among academics and practitioners, client psychological comfort lacks rigorous investigation in professional services and its association with interpersonal...

The aerodynamic effects of the cornering flow conditions

James Keogh
Cornering is a commonly-encountered condition for vehicles, yet one where the aerodynamic implications are not well understood. The curved path results in relative curvature of the freestream flow, causing a continuous change in the angle of yaw along the length and across the width of a vehicle. As this motion occurs within a rotating reference frame a radially orientated centrifugal acceleration acts on the flow at the surface, in addition to a freestream velocity which...

Towards a new generation of brain–machine interface: an electro-optic approach

Josiah Firth
This thesis presents an investigation into the design and fabrication of an electro-optic device for transducing small biological voltage signals into the optical domain using a chiral smectic C* liquid crystal. Liquid crystals provide an interesting solution to the problem of measuring voltages in biological systems because they afford several unique advantages over traditional electrical measurement methods. Firstly, the device is passive, requiring no external power to operate. Secondly, by adopting an electro-optic approach, signals...

The vale of innocence: longing and mourning - the romantic imagining of childhood

Cassie Delavere
This research focusses on the history and origins of the Romantic imagining of childhood, the child as ‘other’, an object of adult longing and mourning. The studio practice resulting from this research critiques and commemorates the idea of the Romantic child and marks its loss on an individual and collective level. The research examines the origins of Western ideas of childhood, in particular those from Victorian England. The idea of the innocent and pure child...

An auto/ethnography of overseas students’ identity movements

Jasper Kun-Ting Hsieh
Chinese-speaking students are the biggest cohort of international students in Australian higher education. In this research field, a strong emphasis is placed on ‘orienting’ and supporting students to effectively navigate and benefit within the formal education system. A limitation of this emphasis is its focus on identifying and solving ‘problems’, such as the mismatch of curriculum and pedagogical practices. This project is different from other work in this space as it seeks to better understand...

The Space and Time of Imagined Sound: Australian Literature and Music, 1945 to Present

Joseph Cummins
This thesis examines the space and time of imagined sound in Australian post-World War Two literature and music. Using what I term a critical close listening methodology, I will discuss a range of novels, poems, songs, song suites, film clips and art music compositions that, through a return to various times in the past, offer a remapping of Australian space. Literary and musical representations of the post-European settlement era – narratives as diverse as the...

Synthesis, Structures and Properties of Indium(In)-based Oxide Thermoelectric Materials

Beibei Zhu
The effects of different dopants (Hf, Ga, Lu and Lu/Sn) on the thermoelectric performance of In2O3 have been investigated. These materials were synthesized by using a co-precipitation method followed by spark plasma sintering (SPS) process or conventional sintering method. The total thermal conductivity consists of two parts: lattice thermal conductivity and electronic thermal conductivity. Lattice thermal conductivity was found to dominate thermal conductivity in these systems; however when the magnitude of electronic thermal conductivity increase...

The coal char-CO2 reaction at high temperature and pressure

Elizabeth Marjorie Hodge
Integrated gasification combined cycle is an advanced electricity generation technology, based on coal gasification. Wider deployment requires further research into the components of the process, including coal gasification. The coal gasification reactions are the slowest step in the gasifier and therefore determine size and operating conditions. Understanding the rate of the gasification reactions at high temperatures is crucial for accurate design and optimisation of the gasification process. While the rates have been measured at low...

Optical Diagnostics of Nanosecond Repetitively Pulsed Discharges

Rounak Manoharan
In this thesis, we use diode laser absorption spectroscopy and optical emission spectroscopy to characterise nanosecond repetitively pulsed discharges (NRPDs) generated between two parallel-plate electrodes in quiescent, sub-atmospheric argon and argon-nitrogen mixtures. We have developed a fast, absorption-based diagnostic technique to make time-resolved measurements of the translational temperature and number density of metastable argon atoms generated in sub-atmospheric NRPDs. Measurements were made both during and after the discharge pulse with a time-resolution of \SI{2}{ns}. As...

Offshore artificial reefs: patterns in fish, soft sediment, and sessile assemblages

Katherine Reeds
Artificial reefs are increasingly used in offshore environments by natural resource managers as a tool to enhance recreational fishing, restore natural habitats, increase fisheries production and as tourist attractions for diving and surfing. As the footprint of individual or multiple structures can be large, an improved understanding of their ecological impacts on the surrounding environment and their performance as reef habitat is necessary. In this research two types of steel artificial reef were investigated: one...

Thermoresponsive Assembly of Plasmonic Nanostructures and their Reversible Tuning of Plasmon Coupling

Fei Han
Gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) incorporated into the stimuli-responsive polymeric matrix play an increasingly important role in the ‘smart’ optical devices. To date, a myriad of methods in developing the ‘smart’ plasmonic systems, mainly focus on the reversible aggregation of responsive molecule functionalized AuNPs. In the few available reports, gold nanoparticles assemblies are designed to allow reversibility (dispersion↔aggregation) in respond to temperature changes, since it is an appealing way to bring the constituent particles into close proximity,...

Anisotropic composite cantilevers with bend-twist coupling in the context of preliminary design and analysis

Lorin Coutts-Smith
The development of elastically-tailored self-adaptive structures through the use of anisotropic advanced composite materials continues to attract more interest and new applications. However, the process required to design a structure which exploits the elastic-couplings of an anisotropic material is complex. Considerably more understanding of advanced composite materials is required to successfully deliver a tailored elastic response than is required to design a typical laminate. The research of this thesis has thoroughly assessed the effectiveness of...

Effects of neurostimulation via a suprachoroidal vision prosthesis

Yan Tat Wong
Microelectronic vision prostheses aim to restore visual percepts through electrical stimulation of the surviving visual pathways in the blind. Electrical stimulation has been shown to produce spots of light in the visual field. A neurostimulator that forms the basis of a vision prosthesis was designed using a high voltage CMOS process to allow it to be able to stimulate when faced with high electrode-tissue impedances. It was implemented with novel features that allow it to...

Modelling Antarctic ice shelf, ocean, and sea ice interactions under present-day and future climate scenarios

Kaitlin Naughten
This thesis uses two ocean/sea-ice/ice-shelf models to advance our understanding of physical processes in Antarctic ice shelf cavities and over the surrounding continental shelf, and to project how these environments may change in the future. A new circumpolar Antarctic configuration of the MetROMS model (ROMS: Regional Ocean Modelling System coupled to CICE: Community Ice CodE) is developed, and is compared to the Finite Element Sea-ice/ice-shelf Ocean Model (FESOM). Future projections of ice shelf basal melt...

Development of Advanced Control for Paste Thickeners

Chee Keong Tan
A paste thickener produces underflow with a high solids concentration by removing water from a dilute suspension. Paste thickening technology has been gradually gaining acceptance in the mining industry. Some of the main challenges in thickening are the complex dynamics due to severe interactions between operating parameters and the existence of a large range of process time constants. Additionally, being a downstream process, paste thickeners suffer from fluctuating feed conditions from upstream processes. Furthermore, the...

Tests of Fundamental Physics Using Quasar Spectroscopy

Vincent Dumont
Quasar absorption lines are used extensively in astrophysics to place constraints on cosmological models. In this thesis, we focus on the measurement of two important parameters in cosmology, the electromagnetic coupling constant, or fine-structure constant, $\alpha\equiv{e^2}/(4\pi\epsilon\hbar{c})$, and the primordial deuterium-to-hydrogen ratio, D/H. Any cosmological variation of $\alpha$ will cause its value to be different in the early stage of the Universe, therefore impacting the production of the primordial light elements during Big Bang Nucleosynthesis.\\ We...

Health research capacity building in low and middle income countries

Skye McGregor
Health improvement in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) depends on locally relevant research that meets the priority needs of populations and translates into policy change. However many LMICs have historically had limited capacity to conduct health research. While capacity building has become an objective of development programs, it is often unclear what impact it has had, both in terms of improved ability to conduct research, and health outcomes. There is extensive literature discussing evaluation of...

Conversations with Farmers: Agri-cultural practice change and the 'eco-innovator'

Rebecca Cross
'Conversations with Farmers' opens a reservoir of information regarding the past, present and future face of farming in Australia by documenting the first-hand experiences of farmers across a region of NSW. Whilst covering a spectrum of issues that affect contemporary farming, the mythological image of the 'innovative' farmer emerged from within the farming sub-culture. This thesis documents the ‘eco-innovator's’ change journey into regenerative farming practice, and ultimately, a new story for agriculture. The future of...

Essays on over-education and returns to university quality in the Australian graduate labour market

David Carroll
Higher education provides access to most professional and managerial labour markets, and produces the knowledge that underpins economic growth. Accordingly, the economics of higher education is an important and growing topic for study. This thesis is comprised of three essays on topics in the economics of higher education, specifically over-education and returns to university quality, in the context of the Australian graduate labour market. The first essay studies the incidence of over-education and its effect...

Stochastic Methods for Robust Design of Launch Vehicle Structures

Jendi Kepple
The important role of initial imperfections on decreasing the buckling load of imperfection sensitive thin-shelled structures, commonly used on launch vehicles such as the Ariane family, has been widely studied since the 1930s. Research in this area has resulted in a variety of analytical and empirical design procedures to account for the diminished buckling loads of such shells. Some notable design guidelines which were formulated in the 1960s and are currently being used are the...

Hepatitis B-related liver disease burden in Vietnam and Australia

Van Thi Thuy Nguyen
This thesis investigates the epidemiology of hepatitis B virus infection (HBV) and estimates HBV-related liver disease burden in Vietnam and Australia using a cross-sectional study design and mathematical modelling. A population-based seroprevalence survey was undertaken in rural Northern Vietnam. In a sample of 870 study participants, prevalence of anti-HBV core antibody (anti-HBc) and hepatitis B virus surface antigen (HBsAg) was 68.2% and 19.0%, respectively, and hepatitis B e antigen (HBeAg) was detected in 16.4% of...

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