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Submission - Review of the Maternity Leave (Cth Employees) Act 1973

S Williamson, M Baird, E Hill & M Hamilton

Australian Chinese Disability Peer Support Groups in Sydney

Q Fang, K Fisher, A Poon, J Duong, J Lee & B Li

Trends in attitudes to biomedical HIV prevention among gay and bisexual men: Key findings from the PrEPARE Project 2021

J MacGibbon, B Bavinton, T Broady, J Kolstee, C Power, A Molyneux, J Ellard, D Murphy, A Heslop, S Clackett, J de Wit & M Holt

2021 NSW Gay Asian Men Online Survey: key findings

HTH Wong, S Kumar, T Chen, H Sarasola, T Wark, C Power, K Dong, M Haque & L Mao

From burstiness characterisation to traffic control strategy : a unified approach to integrated broadbank networks

Tat-Ming Au
The major challenge in the design of an integrated network is the integration and support of a wide variety of applications. To provide the requested performance guarantees, a traffic control strategy has to allocate network resources according to the characteristics of input traffic. Specifically, the definition of traffic characterisation is significant in network conception. In this thesis, a traffic stream is characterised based on a virtual queue principle. This approach provides the necessary link between...

Singing relations: performance, transformation, and practices.

Ellen Hooper
This thesis develops several ways of discussing practices of performance that bring together recorded performances, singers, and scores in different configurations. Each chapter focuses on different recordings, and each chapter also does conceptual work in thinking through a number of ideas about what the notion of 'practices of performance' might mean. Crucially, there is no stable idea of 'practices of performance' across the thesis; instead, the notion of 'transformation' is central to the thesis as...

Diversification of early life: Microfossils of the c. 2.45-2.21 Ga Turee Creek Group, Western Australia

Erica V Barlow
The Great Oxidation Event (GOE), ~2.45-2.3 Ga, witnessed a significant increase in atmospheric oxygen that irreversibly changed the Earth. However, the actual effect that this revolutionary change had on life is unknown, due to a lack of well-preserved fossiliferous rocks from this time. An ancient, shallow-water dolomite reef complex has recently been found within the c. 2.45-2.21 Ga Turee Creek Group (TCG) in Western Australia. This reef complex contains stromatolites (macroscopic fossils) that show an...

Treatment outcome trends in adult HIV-positive patients receiving antiretroviral therapy in Asia: 2003-2013

Nicole De La Mata
The introduction of antiretroviral treatment (ART) has allowed the once rapidly expanding HIV epidemic to slow. ART scale-up in Asia has doubled treatment coverage from 19% in 2010 to 41% in 2015. Yet, Asia is a diverse region where country differences may dictate the response to the HIV epidemic. The WHO guidelines aimed to provide universal recommendations to clinicians managing HIV-positive patients. Over time, advances in HIV research have altered these guidelines, subsequently, affecting patient...

Adaptive noise cancelling

Jingwen Yan

Investigating the neuroprotective capabilities of glial-derived neurotrophic factor following intraluminal filament middle cerebral artery occlusion in mice

Gary Morris
Therapeutic drug development for stroke has been hampered by the consistent clinical failure of promising preclinical candidate neuroprotectants. In this study we adopted the use of one of the most common preclinical models of stroke, intraluminal filament middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO). Despite being widely used it is plagued by inconsistency, owing in part to the multitude of variables requiring control. This thesis had two major aims; 1. The establishment of a reproducible intraluminal MCAO...

Targeted inhibition of multidrug resistance-associated protein 1 in neuroblastoma

Christine Antonette Gana
The development of drug resistance remains a major limitation to the successful treatment of high-risk neuroblastoma, with the survival rate still below 50%. Multidrug resistance is the simultaneous resistance to multiple unrelated drugs and can be conferred by the expression of proteins from the ABC transporter superfamily. Multidrug resistance-associated protein 1 (MRP1) is frequently overexpressed in tumours and effluxes chemotherapeutic agents from tumour cells, protecting them from chemotherapy. In neuroblastoma, elevated MRP1 expression is highly...

Study of sub-surface subsidence in the southern coal field by New South Wales

Gurtunca Guner

Prospective predictors of bonding and emotional availability: A longitudinal study of pregnancy and the first year of life

Larissa Rossen
Background Mother-infant relationship quality in the first year of life has important implications for offspring development through the life course. The emotional bond that a mother feels towards her baby is critical to offspring social, emotional and cognitive development (Bornstein, 2014). Likewise, the capacity for a mother and her infant to share an emotional connection and enjoy a mutually fulfilling and healthy relationship, otherwise known as emotional availability (EA), is critical to establishing positive parent-child...

Understanding Molecular Control in Supramolecular Systems

Jonathan Wojciechowski
Gels can be found in all aspects of life. They are used not only in cosmetics, hand soaps, and food, but also have presence in complex biological systems such as the vitreous humor in the eye and thrombi. The gels in natural systems are often dynamic materials, constructed from the self-assembly of reversible, non-covalent chemical bonds. Self-assembled hydrogels have emerged as exciting materials with excellent potential to mimic the complexity of natural systems. This thesis...

Oxidation of arsenic for its removal from mineral processing effluents

Seyed Mohammad Javad Koleini

A new signal processor for use with electrical signals of biological origin

James Phillip Rist

Design of swollen membrane composites for gas separation and pervaporation

Khozema Kaka

Deactivation of alumina based catalysts

Pinky Udaja

Micropower CMOS operational amplifier

Gwan Soen Lie

Synthesis of Novel Fused-Ring Flavonoid Systems and Their Anticancer Activity

Vidia Afina Nuraini
This project aimed to synthesize fused-ring systems derived from flavanones and isoflavanones by utilizing the chemistry of the highly reactive ortho-quinone methide (o-QM) intermediate. The synthesis of cis-4-arylisoflavan and isoflavene derivatives was also explored by employing different metal catalysts. The fused-ring systems were synthesized via inverse electron-demand Diels Alder (iEDDA) reaction between dienophiles and o-QM intermediate, which was generated in situ by thermolysis of the corresponding Mannich base. The reaction proceeded in a highly regioselective...

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