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Acoustic properties of marine sediments and geoacoustic modelling

Philip Puthenvila Thomson

Interaction-driven effects in complex electron systems

Ilya V. Ponomarev

Coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical (THM) model for multiphase flow through deformable porous media with double porosity

Yun Bai
A fully coupled thermo-hydro-deformation (THM) model has been presented in this thesis. The proposed model is based on the concept of effective stress and it consists of a set of governing equations to couple mechanical stress and deformation, multiphase fluid flow and heat transfer in deformable unfractured/fractured porous media. Local thermal non-equilibrium is assumed so that the heat transfer between phases can be captured. Particular attention is given to the mass and energy transfer between...

Macro-ecological patterns in seed removal by animals

Sichong Chen
This thesis aims to improve our understanding of several long-held ideas concerning seed removal by animals across large-scale gradients. By assembling a database of 13,135 animal-seed interactions across all vertebrate taxa, I provided the first broad test of the idea that large animals ingest large seeds. Surprisingly, I found that the size of ingested seeds was significantly negatively correlated with animal body weight. This negative relationship was driven by large animals, particularly ungulates, ingesting small...

Un-Owned Territory The New Jewellery X Clothing Nexus : A Democratic Partnership

Val Horridge
Design has few catalysts to match the Dutch artistic collective De Stijl, which was founded in 1917, by four like-minded creative people who contributed to the radical journal, all eventually becoming a pivotal force in the creation of the modern movement. The collective instigated mass manufacturing methods and foreshadowing the democratisation of design as it is experienced today; paradoxically for this thesis the collective ventured into neither clothing nor jewellery. Addressing such an omission, this...

Development of Ambient-Cured Low-Alkali High-Strength Geopolymers

Supphatuch Ukritnukun
The present work demonstrates that ambient-cured geopolymer pastes and mortars can be fabricated without the need for high alkalinity activators or heat curing, provided the ratio of Class F fly ash (40-90 wt%), blast furnace slag (10-60 wt%), and low-alkalinity sodium silicate (Ms = 1.5, 1.7, 2.0) is appropriately balanced. These compositions were characterised in terms of the setting time and compressive strength. These data were used to generate predictive models for the initial and...

The craniodental morphology of hybridising macaques, and implications for detection of hybrids in the human fossil record

Ceridwen Boel
Where the possibility of hybridisation in the human lineage was once largely speculative and ultimately untestable, recent advancements in genome sequencing techniques have brought it to the forefront of palaeoanthropological research. A genetic mode of investigation has some clear advantages over a morphologically based one, and undoubtedly has a great deal left to contribute to our understanding of human evolution. Nevertheless, insurmountable limitations on the preservation of DNA mean that anatomically based research remains perpetually...

Anglican evangelicalism in Sydney 1897-1953 : the thought and influence of three Moore College principals - Nathaniel Jones, DJ Davies and TC Hammond

John Alan McIntosh
The thesis explores the spectrum of Evangelical (Anglican) doctrine taught at Moore Theological College and the Diocese of Sydney, under three historically significant heads of the College – Nathaniel Jones (1897-1911), DJ Davies (1911-1935) and TC Hammond (1936-1953). The principles underlying their thought as well as their specific doctrinal views are explored in historical context. Part I surveys pertinent nineteenth century intellectual and ecclesiastical challenges and the response of contemporary Evangelical thinkers. The development of...

Police stations in New South Wales

Cornelius O'Donnell

Australia-Japan relations, 1931-1941

P. Brian Murphy

Angus and Robertson as publishers, 1888-1900: A business history

Jennifer Alison

Comparative studies of diffusion equation image recovery methods with an improved neural network embedded technique.

Farah Torkamani-Azar
This thesis presents a comparative study among image recovery methods using the diffusion equation. Non-neural network approaches are compared with a new method in which the diffusion equation is embedded in the network. Removing noise from degraded images is an important problem in vision processing systems for enhancing image quality. Image recovery using the diffusion equation is a method which can recover images without requiring a priori knowledge about the original image or additive noise....

Study of hydrogen storage and electrochemical properties of LANI5-based thin films and porous silicon thin films for mini-fuel cells and micro-batteries

Chi Ying Vanessa Li
Two thin film materials - intermetallic and porous silicon thin films, have been studied in this thesis. The first part focuses on the hydrogen storage and electrochemical properties of single layer LaNi5-based thin films fabricated by magnetron sputtering. The aim is to enhance their performance in mini hydrogen storage systems, and their application as electrodes in thin film Ni-MH micro-batteries. Such LaNi5-based thin films were fabricated by magnetron puttering. Using X-ray diffraction (XRD), these thin...

Pathological changes associated with disease progression in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Manaal Fatima
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is identified histologically by the deposition of phosphorylated 43-kDa transactive response DNA-binding protein (pTDP-43). The progression of this ALS pathology through the brain has been staged pathologically using autopsy samples, and through white matter tracts using diffusion tensor imaging (DTI). A model of corticofugal axonal spread proposes that pTDP-43 aggregates spread to grey matter regions sequentially through connecting white matter tracts. The aims of this thesis were to validate the neuropathological...

Dynamic Stall Control Using Synthetic Jets

Joshua Yen
Dynamic stall is an unsteady flow phenomenon that occurs on helicopter and wind turbine rotor blades when rapidly pitched beyond their corresponding static stall angle. It is characterised by formation of large vortices that initially increase lift but then induce strong and potentially damaging pitching moments when the vortices shed into the wake, and cause severe vibrations and cyclic loading. Consequently, the performance of helicopters and wind turbines are significantly limited by the onset of...

Bacteriophage resistances in Lactococcus lactis

Hee-Jeong Im

The doubleness of the interior : inhabitation and bourgeois domesticity

Charles Rice

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