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Visible Light Mediated Polymerization-Induced Self-Assembly: New Insights and Opportunities

Jonathan Yeow
In recent years, polymeric nanoparticles (PNPs) have found diverse applications in fields such as diagnostics, catalysis and drug delivery. However, current methods to synthesize PNPs can be limited by the scalability of the synthesis and/or the reproducibility of particle size and shape. Polymerization-Induced Self-Assembly (PISA) is a technique that uses a living polymerization process to drive the self-assembly of PNPs to occur during the polymerization. Compared to conventional methods, the PISA process allows for PNP...

Performance Improvement by Introducing Mobility in Wireless Communication Networks

Hailong Huang
Communication technology is a major contributor to our lifestyles. Improving the performance of communication system brings with various benefits to human beings. This thesis covers two typical such systems: wireless sensor networks and cellular networks. Both relate to people’s lives closely. For example, people can use wireless sensor networks to get a better understanding of the environment; and use cellular networks to contact with others. We study the influence of mobility in these two networks....

Classification techniques for hyperspectral remote sensing image data

Xiuping Jia
Hyperspectral remote sensing image data, such as that recorded by AVIRIS with 224 spectral bands, provides rich information on ground cover types. However, it presents new problems in machine assisted interpretation, mainly in long processing times and the difficulties of class training due to the low ratio of number of training samples to the number of bands. This thesis investigates feasible and efficient feature reduction and image classification techniques which are appropriate for hyperspectral image...

An automated approach for analysing, classifying and predicting protein x-ray crystallography images

Basnayake Mudiyanselage Thamali Lekamge
Protein X-ray crystallography images are usually studied for the purpose of identifying the three-dimensional structure of proteins at atomic resolution. These experiments produce hundreds and thousands of experimental results, leading to the need for automatic rather than manual analysis. The experiments are also time dependent and require monitoring over a long period of time, beginning from an hour of starting the experiment to a couple of months. The time gap between the imaged instances of...

Analysis of immunological and virological factors in the outcome of congenital cytomegalovirus infection

Sharon Chow
Congenital CMV is the current leading infectious cause of congenital abnormalities in the developed world, affecting 0.3-2% of newborns. Of these, 10% are symptomatic at birth, while a further 10% of these develop later sequelae. Clinical manifestations vary between miscarriage or stillbirth, and cytomegalic inclusion disease of the newborn. Despite the significance of CMV as a congenital disease in humans, there remains little understanding of the factors determining the pathogenesis of congenital CMV infection from...

Surface modification of optical fibers and wave guides for creating localized surface plasmon resonance biosensors

Yan Jin
This thesis reports novel strategies for immobilizing gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) onto the surface of polymer substrates in the fabrication of poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) based localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) biosensor chips and optical fibers. Thiol and amine functionalities were incorporated onto the surface of PMMA chips and optical fibers through direct surface chemical modifications, thus allowing for the subsequent covalent bonding or electrostatic adsorption of colloidal AuNPs. The modification conditions were optimized to achieve a...

Meeting the ageing aircraft challenge

Christopher Keith Crowley
&quotMeeting the ageing aircraft challenge&quot is not just about safety, not just about effectiveness, and not just about economy of support. It is about proactive and reactive optimization of all three service goals throughout long life cycles that span 20 or 30 years, or more, and typically, beyond the originally intended design life. It is therefore about organizational attitudes towards ongoing trend analysis and condition monitoring, and pervading cost benefit assessments of all forms of...

Asset pricing and portfolio choice with technical analysis

Tsz Wang Kwong
Technical analysis is the study of market movements, primarily through the use of past prices and volumes, for the purpose of forecasting future price trends. Despite its popularity among practitioners, academics tend to be skeptical about its true usefulness. One of the major reasons is that it lacks a theoretical basis in finance theory. Although there is increasing empirical evidence in favor of its effectiveness, the empirical debate remains unsettled, meanwhile the progress on strengthening...

Tactile-channel interactions in the somatosensory system

Andrew Carter
The sense of touch is mediated by several separate tactile ‘channels’ defined by the classes of peripheral tactile receptors in the skin. How the information arising in these channels interacts during cortical processing is currently debated. This thesis explores the topic of tactile cross-channel interaction with a specific focus on the stimulus property of intensity in fast-adapting receptors. This is done using both neurophysiological and psychophysical methodologies: electrophysiological recordings using large multielectrode arrays in primary...

Neural mechanisms involved in cross-limb transfer of strength and ballistic motor learning

Michael Lee
The purpose of this thesis was to investigate the potential mechanisms and sites of neural adaptations that mediate cross-limb transfer of strength and motor learning that can occur subsequent to unilateral training. Better understanding of the mechanisms should allow therapeutic benefits of this effect to be assessed. There are two main classes of mechanisms that could contribute to cross-limb transfer. The first is described by the “bilateral access” hypothesis, which suggests that neural adaptations induced...

Boosting the Precision of Virtual Call Integrity Protection with Partial Pointer Analysis for C++

Xiaokang Fan
We present, Vip, an approach to boosting the precision of Virtual call Integrity Protection for large-scale real-world C++ programs (e.g., Chrome) by using pointer analysis for the first time. Vip introduces two new techniques: (1) a sound and scalable partial pointer analysis for discovering statically the sets of legitimate targets at virtual callsites from separately compiled C++ modules and (2) a lightweight instrumentation technique for performing (virtual call) integrity checks at runtime. Vip raises the...

The congruent garden: an investigation into the role of the domestic garden in satisfying fundamental human needs

Michael Lawrence Steven
An interest in the application of the concept of sustainability to the design of the domestic garden lead to the realisation that the social dimensions of sustainable design, that is, the capacity of the garden to meet human needs, was poorly understood. In the interests of achieving an holistic understanding of the hole of the domestic garden in meeting human needs, fourteen gardeners from rural north-west Hawkesbury were interviewed on the role that gardens and...

Education, health, and fertility: analysing interactions across countries and over time

Natalia Aranco Araujo
This thesis focuses on the association between education and two demographic outcomes, health and fertility. It consists of 4 chapters. In Chapter 1, I explore the relationship between health and education and assess how it changes depending on the characteristics of the countries concerned. Using macro panel estimation techniques, I find that the link between education and health is strongest in underdeveloped countries, and weakens as countries develop. This suggests that increasing basic education and...

Management of an introduced and abundant island population of koalas

Kris Carlyon
High-density free-ranging animal populations have potential to cause ecological and economic problems often necessitating active management to reduce numbers or to limit population growth. Fertility control is a more ethically acceptable management alternative to lethal methods, and is particularly attractive when the target population is a native species and eradication is undesirable. Some high-density koala populations, particularly those occupying habitat isolates with limited dispersal opportunities, have the potential to cause extensive damage to their preferred...

A CFD model for the coupling of multiphase, multicomponent and mass transfer physics for micro-scale simulations

Gim Soh
Fluid flow in the real world occurs with multiple physics interacting with one another simultaneously. Accurate simulations of fluid flow will therefore require the incorporation of the various physics for realistic simulations. In this work a holistic computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model that couples the physics of multiphase flow, multicomponent flow and mass transfer physics across the multiphase interface is presented. The CFD model uses the volume-of-fluid (VOF) multiphase model as its foundation, and is...

Grout Acidification of Ribbon Anode in Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems in Concrete

Martin Cheytani
Impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) technology has been used for the corrosion protection of chloride contaminated reinforced concrete structures in Australia and globally for the past 30 - 40 years. Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) Coated Titanium ribbon anode mesh has been the most widely used anode for ICCP systems on bridges and wharves. In recent years, there have been many reports in Australia identifying acidification problems associated with ribbon anode installations, with the problem being...

The Microbial and Metabolic Diversity Associated with Cyanobacteria-Dominated Consortia

Jason Woodhouse
Cyanobacteria are considered one of the most successful organisms on the planet. The number of environments in which they persist is matched only by their diverse physiological and morphological characteristics. Their evolution, starting approximately 3.8 billion years ago, led to the oxygenation of the earth and the rise of higher eukaryotes. Despite their global importance, much remains unknown regarding how cyanobacteria function within these diverse environments and how they shape the world in which we...

The haunted lotus: demonization of political foes in Afghanistan

Khadim Ali
Categorizing the world, as good and evil and the conflict between the two have been part of human history. This contrast has unfolded in various forms and with different outcomes. Nonetheless, the embodiment of good and evil by the superior and inferior, respectively, has been a common thread throughout history and across cultures and societies. The forces and groups representing "the superior/good", have used every available means and opportunities to suppress "the inferior/evil", without being...

Quantitative microbial risk assessment: a catchment management tool to delineate buffer distances for on-site sewage treatment and disposal systems in Sydney’s drinking water catchments

Katrina Charles
On-site sewage systems, such as septic tank-absorption trenches, are used by approximately 20 000 people who live within the catchments that supply Sydney’s drinking water. These systems discharge sewage, treated to varying degrees depending on the system type and level of maintenance, to the environment. This can result in contamination of drinking water supplies if systems are not designed or managed appropriately. The aim of the project was to develop a methodology to define appropriate...

Hydrogen and water vapour effects on oxygen solubility and diffusivity in high temperature Fe-Ni alloys

Aurélien Prillieux
It is a worldwide priority to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases such as CO2. One solution for reducing these emissions is to improve the efficiency of energy production units by increasing their operating temperature. However, in order to increase operating temperature, new austenitic materials based on the Fe-Ni-Cr system have to be designed. In addition, these materials need to exhibit good protection against high temperature oxidation, which is achieved by the formation of a slow...

Molecular epidemiology of recently acquired hepatitis C virus infection in Australia

Sofia Bartlett
Background: Little is known about hepatitis C virus (HCV) transmission among people with recent infection. Further, absence of standardized methodologies for resistance testing has impaired efforts to investigate resistance to direct acting antiviral (DAA) therapy. Aims: This thesis aimed to identify transmission patterns among people with recent HCV infection in Australia. Specific aims included evaluation of factors associated with phylogenetic clustering; reconstructing transmission networks to model the effect of targeted HCV treatment; identification of multi-risk...

Modelling the carbon budget of the Australian electricity sector’s transition to renewable energy

Bahareh Howard
This thesis presents a discrete numerical computational approach for modelling the CO2eq emissions when transitioning from existing legacy electricity production technologies based on fossil-fuels, to new and potentially sustainable alternatives based on renewable energy. This approach addresses the dynamic nature of the transition, where the degree of transition has an ongoing, beneficial and compounding effect on future technological deployments, which is to say that as the energy system evolves, renewable energy technologies are made increasingly...

Co-operation between the docking protein GAB2 and the protein tyrosine kinase src in human mammary epithelial cells

Haley Lorraine Bennett
The Gab2 docking protein is a target of several oncogenic protein tyrosine kinases and potentiates activation of the Ras/extracellular signal regulated kinase and phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3-kinase) pathways. The prototypical member of the Src family of protein tyrosine kinases, c-Src, phosphorylates Gab2 and both proteins are overexpressed in breast cancers. However, whether overexpression of these two proteins contributes to mammary tumourigenesis had not been previously investigated. Pharmacological inhibition of c-Src in breast cancer cell lines reduced...

Process Optimization and Study of Fouling in Submerged Vacuum Membrane Distillation and Crystallization

Helen Julian
Novel membrane distillation crystallization (MDC) configuration which involves submersion of the membrane module in the feed tank is applied to increase the energy efficiency of MDC process in this study. Strategies to alleviate temperature polarization, concentration polarization and crystal fouling in vacuum membrane distillation crystallization (VMDC) were explored. While these strategies have been widely studied for conventional MDC configuration, their behaviour in submerged configuration may be different, especially in difficult feed such as inland brine...

Understanding Alienation, Subjectivity and Relations among the Beauty Employees in the Retail Beauty Industry

Guat Im Bok
This is a study of the work experience of beauty retail employees, studying their alienation, subjectivities and relations. On the surface, beauty retail employees look glamorous, as befits the living exemplifications of Dior, Chanel and the like. On the other hand, partly because of the impenetrability of this glamour, they are also frowned upon, by customers and even by themselves. They are seen as cold, judgemental and aloof. This led me to question how one...

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