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Design and Non-Design Final Year Student Experiences in the Faculty of the Built Environment

Nancy Marshall & Oya Demirbilek
This paper analyses qualitative data reflecting the final-year experiences of design (Industrial Design) and non-design (Planning and Urban Development) students in the Faculty of the Built Environment (FBE) at the University of New South Wales (UNSW). It investigates the ‘lived experiences’ of these students during their graduation year with a particular focus on the differences between self-directed learning in a design context and in a more traditional research process. The students’ reflections were captured in...

Design for Sustainable Consumption

Miles Park
This paper critiques current eco-design approaches that focus on eco-efficiency strategies. It attempts to demonstrate how such strategies fail to address emergent issues of sustainability, in particular unsustainable consumption, by ignoring the relationship between micro and macro socioeconomic factors. The paper explores product obsolescence, eco-efficiency and rebound effects - where demand overrides efficiency and emergent design practice for sustainable consumption. Three interrelated questions are considered: 1. Why is sustainable consumption of such importance to the...

Flow Structure and Heat Transfer enhancement in Laminar Flow With Protrusion-Dimple Combinations in a Shallow Rectangular Channel

Osama Alshroof, John Reizes, Victoria Timchenko & Eddie Leonardi
The effect of introducing combinations of spherical dimples and protrusions in a shallow rectangular channel on the flow and heat transfer in the laminar regime has been studied numerically. Four different cases were investigated. These consisted of: an isolated dimple, an isolated protrusion both placed on the centerline of one of the wide face of the channel, a combination of a dimple located on the centerline of the wide face of the channel and a...

The Baroque and Classical flutes and the Boehm revolution

Joseph Wolfe, John Smith, Neville Fletcher & Terry McGee
The Baroque and early Classical flutes have six finger holes that are small enough to be covered by the unaided fingers, and also positioned so as to allow this. They have a partly conical bore, which is narrower than that of the Boehm flute. We compare these instruments in terms of their sound spectra and intonation, and we explain some of the features of these in terms of their acoustic impedance. Because flutes are open...

Empowering the User in Product Design with Virtual Reality

Aybuke Aurum & Oya Demirbilek
10th International Conference on Human - Computer INteraction, Symposium on Human Interface; Greece

Effects on CDMA network performance due to degradation of GPS based synchronization

FA Khan & A.G Dempster
GPS based synchronizers have long been relied upon by various communications networks for achieving synchronization among the network nodes. Cellular networks, particularly CDMA (IS-95/2000) cellular networks, actively employ GPS timing receivers for making their time critical decisions, particularly handoff. Operations and parameters which set the network quality of service (QoS) require that these synchronizers provide timing with high stability. Therefore, a disturbance free solution from such synchronizers is vital. However, as these synchronizers employ GPS...

Effect of a Shaft Resonance Changer in the Presence of Fluid Forces

Roger Kinns & Sascha Merz
The excitation of a submarine hull by the propeller through fluctuating fluid and shaft forces is investigated. The forces are due primarily to the operation of the propeller in a non-uniform wake and occur in the low frequency range. The resulting propeller pressure field can be represented by dipoles which are normal to and along the propeller axis, with the origin at the propeller hub. The hub forces act in the opposite direction to the...

Universal Design in Housing: Is it the Answer for Home Design for the Ageing Population?

Joanne Quinn & Oya Demirbilek
International Conference on Ageing, Disability, and Independence; Washington DC

Cognitive Load Theory, Visual Literacy and Teaching Design History

Arianne Rourke
This research takes the stance that identifying a previously unseen design example is a problem-solving activity that novice learners, particularly those who lack visual literacy skills, find extremely difficult. Learning in design history often involves presenting students, after they have been given a lecture, with appreciation activities of design examples. Such activities often do not take into account the limited capacity of working memory in that multiple examples of previously unseen material is shown and...

Beyond the product lifecycle: from product life to material life

Miles Park
The concept of Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) is of increasing interest to government, industry and researchers. Strategies and actions to improve product lifespans is just one of many contributions that design is investigating as a part of the SCP agenda. Drawing examples from the consumer electronics sector, this paper considers the likely effectiveness of product lifespan strategies to mitigate environmental and social impacts. It argues that behavioural and structural obstacles, which lay behind product...

Mathematical Modelling of Flows and Temperature Distributions in the Blast Furnace Hearth

D. Maldonado, P. Zulli, Baoyu Guo & Aibing Yu
The erosion of hearth refractories typically governs the asset life of a blast furnace. Since operating conditions within the hearth make it practically impossible for direct measurement and visualisation, physical and mathematical models play an important role in understanding and assessing the cause-effect phenomena between the liquid iron, coke bed and refractories. A numerical model has been developed to predict the iron flow and temperature distribution within the packed bed and refractories. A number of...

Preparing hospitals for Extreme Weather Events Caused by Climate Change

Jane Carthey
Healthcare and Carbon Footprints Conference; Sydney, Australia

Reassembling scholarly publishing: Institutional repositories, open access, and the process of change

Mary Anne Kennan & Dubravka Cecez-Kecmanovic
The domain of scholarly publishing is undergoing rapid change. Change has been instigated and produced by the Internet and open access systems – such as disciplinary and institutional repositories and open access journals. However traditional scholarly publishing is strengthening its hold over prestigious journals thus resisting change. How then does the change come about? An attempt at answering this question led us to examine an institutional repository initiative in a University. As we identified and...

Customising Primo V3 for discovery of digital collections

Stefania Riccardi
ELUNA 2011; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Critical factors for insurance premium computation in construction

Imriyas Kamardeen
Workers’ compensation insurance is imperative for construction projects to safeguard the interests of workers and contractors. The commitment of insurers under this insurance is extremely broad. They must therefore accomplish rigorous risk and market assessments to decide optimal premiums. General insurers in Singapore have been experiencing detrimental loss-ratios in this business due to the lack of a proper framework that encompasses all the critical variables. The purpose of this study is to identify and explore...

A Preventative Approach to Mitigating CW Interference in GPS Receivers

Asghar Tabatabaei Balaei, Beatrice Motella & A Dempster
In the Global Positioning System (GPS), Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) signals are used. Because of the known spectral characteristics of the CDMA signal, Continuous Wave (CW) interference has a predictable effect on the different Pseudo Random Noise (PRN) spreading codes (unique to each satellite) depending on the Doppler frequency of the signal. The Doppler frequency for each signal is also predictable once the receiver position is known. As different satellite signals have different Doppler...

Impressions of the third Women and Labour conference

Denise Thompson
Argues that, at this conference, some of the ‘old’ fights appear to have been resolved, namely the 'lesbian/straight split'; the academic/nonacademic split; the problem of men; and the marxist (or socialist) feminist/radical feminist argument. On the other hand, there were ‘new’ issues—closing workshops and venues and turning women away, whether or not to stick to formal meeting procedures, and racism.

That’s So Not Cool: Introducing Students to Elder Design

Michael Garbutt
To develop effective design solutions for end users whose life experiences, health, mobility, and cognitive functions are significantly different to our own, we must recognize and challenge our assumptions about those users. When we set out to inspire novice designers to practice in a field widely considered as he height of ‘uncool’, we also challenge beliefs about the nature of design itself. Introducing young novice designers to ‘Elder Design, (ED) i.e. design responses to the...

Primo discovery and delivery of Fedora content

Maude Frances, Stefania Riccardi, Carmel Carlsen & Angela Dawson
The paper describes and demonstrates the use of Primo as the discovery layer for a Fedora repository. Primo is an Ex Libris product designed to be a one-stop solution for discovery and delivery of resources from various sources. Fedora/Primo systems have been deployed on two UNSW eResearch projects, based on requirements of research groups in public health and social sciences. Planning has commenced for implementation of Primo on existing Fedora/VITAL systems, including MemRE (Membranes Research...

Expressions of values related to car sharing in Australia

Catharina Nawangpalupi & Oya Reside Demirbilek
Car sharing, which is regarded as a sustainable transport system, has been evidently operating very well in urban areas where public transport is well established. In Sydney, Australia, car sharing is used by different people with different motivations to join. As a result, there is a range of values expressed by its members related to their experiences of being a car sharing member. The paper aims to explore perceived values about car sharing as a...

Testing Principles

Steve King
The paper is one of a long series of commentaries by the author, on application of regulations for solar access to multi-residential development. In this paper, the discussion relates to 'Planning Principles' formulated by the Land and Environment Court of NSW, Australia, to guide consistency in determinations of development applications. The author argues that the Principles are tested for robustness primarilly by experts appearing before the Court, and where this occurs with appropriate rigour, the...

How Home Modifications Impact Ageing Well at Home: Supporting a Lasting Housing Legacy

Phillippa Carnemolla & Catherine Bridge
A lasting legacy of all Olympic and Commonwealth games is their athletes villages. This paper discusses the potential for home modifications to support the process of ageing well that builds on this housing legacy and as such points to the benefits to be gained from both wider uptake of universal design in housing plus attention to special adaptations as needed. In the context of Australia’s ageing population, ageing well can encompass a number of different...

Revealing Student Perceptions of Excellence in Student Design Projects

Ann Quinlan, Nancy Marshall & Linda Corkery
In universities there is a quality assurance focus on describing and implementing academic performance standards. Design educators are required to demonstrate the integrity of student-centred learning experiences in design studio in relation to the qualitative learning outcomes expected from such an educational experience. In meeting this expectation the design community is challenged to reflect upon their emphasis on subjective experience and aesthetics, articulate internalised knowledge, practices, habitual assumptions and values as well as review jury...

Sexing up stats: dealing with numeracy issues and threshold concepts in an online medical statistics course.

Rachel Elizabeth Thompson
Abstract Introduction/background: Teaching statistics to medical students is hampered in two ways. Firstly, as a “Cinderella” subject, statistics is perceived to be less glamorous than other apparently more clinical disciplines. Secondly, as it involves mathematics students often view it as difficult, unpleasant or just plain boring. Since 2005, first and second year medical students, undertaking the new integrated undergraduate medical curriculum at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, have been learning medical statistics...

An analysis of Galileo E5 acquisition strategies

European Navigation Conference (ENC-GNSS); Toulouse, France

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