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Working in new disability markets: A survey of Australia's disability workforce

N Cortis & G Van Toorn
This report provides information about the workforce delivering disability services and supports in the context of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in early 2020. The information comes from a national survey of disability workers (n=2341) which was designed to capture information from disability workers about the nature of their work and how it is changing, their experiences of working to support people with disability, and perceptions of the NDIS. The results provide comprehensive, contemporary...

Tapentadol use and harms in Australia: Analysis of opioid sales data and sentinel survey data from people who inject drugs

A Chrzanowska, N Gisev, O Price, R Sutherland, S Memedovic, L Degenhardt, M Farrell & A Peacock

Methamphetamine use in Tasmania: Key indicators 2019

C Sharman & R Bruno

Stories of housing and home: A snapshot from the Stories of Resourcing and Resourcefulness project

C Thomson, M Blaxland, J Skattebol, M Hamilton & K valentine

Gay Community Periodic Survey: Queensland 2019

T Broady, C Chan, B Bavinton, L Mao, S Cripps, S Staunton, A Adair, L Coffey, G Prestage & M Holt

Alternatives to Income Management

K Parsons, I Katz, M Macvean, S Spada-Rinaldis & F Shackleton

Aftercare: Stories of resourcefulness

J Skattebol, M Hamilton, C Thomson, M Blaxland, K valentine & S MacAndrew

Queensland Drug Trends 2019: Key findings from the Illicit Drug Reporting System (IDRS) Interviews

Leith Morris, Tayla Barber, Catherine Daly & Caroline Salom
Australian Drug Trends

Victorian Drug Trends 2019: Key findings from the Ecstasy and Related Drugs Reporting System (EDRS) Interviews

B Ciupka & P Dietze

Material Deprivation and Social Exclusion Among Young Australians: A child-focused approach

P Saunders, M Bedford, J Brown, Y Naidoo & E Adamson
This report is the first of its kind to apply the deprivation approach to examine deprivation among young Australians using information provided by young people themselves. It builds on earlier projects that developed and applied the approach used here to adults. Like many research projects of its kind, it has involved pulling together input from many sources over a sustained period, each of which was necessary to produce the final product.

Evaluation of a Blockchain Based Nuclear Materials Accounting Platform in Australia

E Yu, E Obbard & L Le
Symposium on International Safeguards: Building Future Safeguards Capabilities; Vienna, Austria; Start: 2019-11-05; End: 2019-11-09

Process Evaluation of the NSW Involuntary Drug and Alcohol Treatment (IDAT) Program

T Vuong, A Ritter & M Shanahan

Detection of deception in the confessional context

Deborah Bradford
The ability to successfully distinguish truthful and deceptive messages within forensic contexts is important to preserve the integrity of the legal system. Research has shown that confession evidence is highly persuasive at a trial level and that false confessions leading to wrongful convictions are problematic within the judicial system. Some recent research also suggests that that neither lay observers nor law enforcement professionals are able to successfully distinguish truths and lies in the context of...

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the non-government alcohol and other drug sector: future implications

K Van De Ven, A Ritter & R Stirling

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