870 Works

Evaluation of the technology trial (Keeping Women Safe in Their Homes)

S Gendera, P Jops, T Broady, K valentine & J Breckenridge

Housing: Stories of resourcefulness

J Skattebol, M Hamilton, C Thomson, M Blaxland & S MacAndrew

Viability of an Early Warning System (ViEWS) study: Final report

A Peacock, M Farrell, C Muscat & L Degenhardt

Gay Community Periodic Survey: Perth 2019

T Broady, C Chan, B Bavinton, L Mao, R Sackville-Podmore, M Pierce, R Lobo, S Churcher, L Bastian, G Prestage & M Holt

Western Australia Drug Trends 2019: Key findings from the Illicit Drug Reporting System (IDRS) Interviews

S Agramunt, J Grigg & S Lenton

Impacts of COVID-19 and associated restrictions on people who use illicit stimulants in Australia: Preliminary findings from the Ecstasy and Related Drugs Reporting System 2020

A Peacock, O Price, P Dietze, R Bruno, C Salom, S Lenton, R Swanton, J Uporova, A Karlsson, R Chan, D Gibbs, J Grigg, C Daly, C Hall, T Wilson, L Degenhardt & M Farrell

Recent use of nitrous oxide among people who regularly use ecstasy in Adelaide, South Australia, 2003-2019

A Karlsson & A Peacock

Impacts of COVID-19 and associated restrictions on people who use illicit stimulants in Queensland: Findings from the Ecstasy and Related Drugs Reporting System 2020

C Daly, J Juckel, N Thomas & C Salom

Trends in drug-related hospitalisations in Australia, 1999-2020

R Sutherland, L Degenhardt, A Peacock, A Chrzanowska & N Man

New South Wales Drug Trends 2021: Key Findings from the Illicit Drug Reporting System (IDRS) Interviews.

R Sutherland, U Chandrasena & A Peacock

Media, Art and Stories. Enabling communities’ creative expression in Sydney’s West

V Baú, N Georgeou & D Kreemers

Gay Community Periodic Survey: Queensland 2020

C Chan, T Broady, B Bavinton, L Mao, S Cripps, S Staunton, A Adair, L Coffey, G Prestage & M Holt


R Martin
This paper explores the idea that audience interaction in improvised performance can challenge and, in turn, change the way that audience members understand relationships and structures in society. I propose that it is the visceral experience of simulated social relations during a performance that facilitates this reframing in the audience. This concept is examined with regards to Digital Monkeys, an internet-based, audience-interactive improvisation that aims to achieve this very goal. Specifically, Digital Monkeys aims to...

HIV, viral hepatitis and sexually transmissible infections in Australia annual surveillance report 2018

J King, S McGregor, H McManus, R Gray & R Guy

The state of weather and climate extremes 2021

I Macadam, A Crimp, A Devanand, Z Gillett, J Kajtar, M King, T Parker, R Patel, A Purich, K Reid, Y Shao & A Brown

Stigma snapshot: People who inject drugs 2021

T Broady, L Brener, E Cama & C Treloar

Girinyalanha Giilang (Talking About A Story): A qualitative study exploring barriers and enablers to sexual health information and services among young Aboriginal people in Murrumbidgee

L Lafferty, K Whitford, B Whybrow, S Williams, A Nikitas, S Bell & B Haire

Diary of Social Legislation and Policy 1987 and 1988

Anthony King
This Diary summarises the legislative and administrative changes made in the social policy field during 1987 and 1988 by the Commonwealth government. The Diary provides a ready reference for research workers, and can also be used as a succinct and factual account of policy during the years covered. For the first time, education policies are covered by the Diary. This issue also sees the separation of community services from social security into a separate new...

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