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Caregivers of the Elderly and Younger Adults with Disabilities: An Annotated Bibliography

Lynn Sitsky
Social care policies for frail elderly people and other people with disabilities are based on the notion that people who need such support should be able to live an independent life in their own homes for as long as possible and should only have to move to residential care when care at home is no longer a feasible option. It is now recognised that the continuing support of vulnerable people at home relies very heavily...

Assessing the Quality and Inter-temporal Comparability of ABS Household Income Distribution Survey Data

Peter Siminski, Peter Saunders, Saba Waseem & Bruce Bradbury
The Australian Bureau of Statistics has conducted numerous surveys that are used to analyse poverty and the distribution of income amongst Australian households. Confidentialised unit record data for those surveys held since 1975 are available for the use and scrutiny of researchers. Recently, concerns have arisen over the reliability of these data to represent the circumstances of the population, and especially changes therein over time. This paper examines the quality and inter-temporal comparability of these...

The Mixed Economy of Support for the Aged in Australia: Lessons for Privatisation

Peter Saunders & Michael Fine
SPRC Discussion Paper; 36

Living Conditions and Costs of the Young Unemployed

Anthony King & Tony Payne
In 1991 the Department of Social Security commissioned the Social Policy Research Centre to jointly undertake a study of the living costs and conditions of the young unemployed. The aim of the study was to collect and present data on the incomes, costs and circumstances of the young unemployed, with a focus on providing information which would contribute to assessing the pattern of adequacy afforded by the structure of income support payments. The basis for...

SPRC Newsletter No 54 - September 1994

Julia Martin
SPRC Newsletter; No 54

SWRC Newsletter No 32 - February 1989

Adam Jamrozik
SWRC Newsletter; No 32

SPRC Newsletter No 39 - December 1990

Jennifer Young
SPRC Newsletter; No 39

SPRC Newsletter - May 2001

Tony Eardley
SPRC Newsletter

Provision of Welfare Services to Immigrants (Proceedings of SWRC Seminar, 26 May 1986)

Adam Jamrozik
Proceedings of SWRC Seminar 26 May 1986 Part I: ‘Immigrant Communities, Self-Help and Voluntary Effort: Policy, Practice and Perceptions of Issues’. 1. ‘Migrants, Marginality and Community Work’, by Andrew Jakubowicz and Helen Meekosha. 2. ‘The Role of the Non-Government Welfare Sector’, by Judy Petruchenia. 3. ‘Some Considerations on Provision of Welfare Services to Migrants’, by Michael Morrissey. Part II: ‘Immigrants, Welfare and the Workplace’. 4. ‘Migrants, Welfare and the Workplace’, by Jock Collins. 5. ‘Government...

Submission to the Parliament of NSW, Legislative Council Standing Committee on Social Issues, regarding: INQUIRY INTO OVERCOMING INDIGENOUS DISADVANTAGE

Eileen Baldry, Sue Green, Heidi Freeman & Sheila Langan
This submission provides recommendations for improvements to NSW services to overcome Indigenous disadvantage and close the large life expectancy gap. These recommendations are mainly based on research performed by two of the authors of this paper, Sue Green and Dr Eileen Baldry and their peers. This research was largely focused on human services, housing and incarceration and encompasses both analysis of the issues and evidence-based recommendations to improve services. Despite many previous reports outlining past...

Which Wald statistic? Choosing a parameterization of the Wald statistic to maximize power in k-sample generalized estimating equations

David Warton
The Wald statistic is known to vary under reparameterization. This raises the question: which parameterization should be chosen, in order to optimize power of the Wald statistic? We specifically consider k-sample tests of generalized linear models and generalized estimating equations in which the alternative hypothesis contains only two parameters. Amongst a general class of parameterizations, we find the parameterization that maximizes power via analysis of the non-centrality parameter, and show how the effect on power...

The Responsibility for Child and Aged Care: Shaping Policies for the Future

Michael Fine
This paper considers the effect of ageing on the future balance of responsibilities for providing care to older people and younger children. The age of the recipient is an important indicator of the need for care of both groups, so as the Australian population ages, changes may be expected in the total amount of care required.

Married Women's Earnings and Family Income Inequality in the Eighties

Peter Saunders
SPRC Discussion Paper; 40

Welfare Issues and Policy Challenges at the End of the Millennium

Peter Saunders & Tony Eardley
The five papers delivered at the conference are included in this report. Peter Saunders reviews some of the principle arguments advanced by critics of welfare state performance and examines the demographic challenge facing it, its affordability and the crisis of legitimacy in welfare before considering the reforms that are being introduced. Jim Ife goes further afield and looks at the tension between globalisation and localisation and the ways in which they are meeting human need,...

SPRC Newsletter - December 1999

Tony Eardley
SPRC Newsletter

The Poverty Line: Methodology and Measurement

Peter Saunders
The Social Welfare Research Centre at the University of New South Wales organised a seminar entitled 'The Poverty Line: Methodology and Measurement' to which were invited interested academics and representatives of government departments and welfare agencies. Three papers were presented at the seminar and they are reproduced in the following pages of this report.

Income Support for Parents and Other Carers

Bruce Bradbury
In Australia, as in many other countries, recent years have seen dramatic changes in the organisation of caring labour. Despite this, it is still true that the care of children, frail adults and people with disabilities of all ages remains mainly women's work. Much more of this labour is, however, now paid rather than unpaid work, and unpaid carers are increasingly seeking to combine their caring labour in domestic settings with paid work in the...

The Role of the State and Family in the Living Conditions of the Aged in China: Changing Attitudes and Outcomes

Peter Saunders
Pension reform is at the centre of the policy agenda in China, as it undergoes rapid economic and social change, and attention is focused on ensuring that the pension system is financially sustainable in the face of the projected rapid ageing of the population. But addressing the needs of current generations of the aged presents additional challenges for policy makers, and what is feasible is constrained by inherited attitudes, arrangements and expectations. After reviewing the...

Social Policy in East Asia and the Pacific Area in the Twenty-First Century: Challenges and Responses

Peter Saunders
This paper adopts a broad regional perspective to review some of the major challenges currently confronting social policy in Australia and other Pacific rim countries. It begins by making the distinction between social policy and social protection and notes that the development of a welfare state is only one possible means through which governments can achieve their social goals. Recognising the specificity of the Western welfare state is an important ingredient to any comprehension of...

The Labour Market Position of Aboriginal People in Non-Metropolitan New South Wales

Russell Ross
This paper analyses the labour market position of Aborigines living in non-metropolitan New South Wales using original data collected between November 1986 and July 1987. The major findings are: (i) only 17.7% of males and 12.3% of females were employed at the time of the survey - the great majority of whom were concentrated in low pay and/or low tenure jobs; (ii) using the definition of unemployment used by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in...

SPRC Newsletter - November 2007

Duncan Aldridge, Christiane Purcal & Cathy Thomson
SPRC Newsletter

SPRC Newsletter No 47 - December 1992

Julia Martin
SPRC Newsletter; No 47

SPRC Newsletter No 58 - August 1995

Julia Martin
SPRC Newsletter; No 58

Perks of the Job: The Distribution of Non-cash Wage Income in Australia in the 1980s

Phil Raskall
This report addresses an issue which grew in significance in Australia during the 1980s, but which has been of importance for some considerable time - the role of non-cash fringe benefits or 'perks of the job' in influencing the nature and extent of inequality amongst the Australian workforce. Paid employment remains the most important single factor in explaining the overall extent of income inequality and it is important that the analysis of wage and salary...

Family Care of Elderly People: Policy Issues

Chris Rossiter
This monograph is the third of three reports on Family Care of Elderly People in Australia. The first, published as number 23 in the Centre's Reports and Proceedings series, examined theoretical issues in family care and reported results from the first stage of a three State survey. The second, published as number 38, reported the data from the full study, with descriptive rather than analytical comment. This final report recapitulates and examines the policy issues...

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