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Are Immigrants Over-represented in the Australian Social Security System?

Peter Whiteford
This paper discusses the statistics that are commonly used to assess whether immigrants are more or less likely than people born in Australia to be receiving social security payments. The paper shows that many earlier discussions of this issue which have concluded that immigrants are substantially over-represented in the social security system have involved invalid comparisons. These have tended to systematically over-estimate the extent to which immigrants receive social security payments and under-estimate the level...

How Reliable are Estimates of Poverty in Australia? Some Sensitivity Tests for the Period 1981-82 to 1985-86

Bruce Bradbury & Peter Saunders
The alleviation of poverty is one of the most important objectives of the Australian social security system. Estimates of poverty across different groups and over time are thus in principle a significant indicator of the effectiveness of social security programs. This paper investigates the reliability of Australian poverty estimates for 1981-82 and 1985-86 by assessing their sensitivity to changes in the assumptions used to construct a poverty line. The exercise utilises data from the 1981-82...

SPRC Newsletter No 73 - May 1999

Sharon Hancock
SPRC Newsletter; No 73

Bearing the Burden of Unemployment - Unequally. A Study of Australian Households in 1981

Bruce Bradbury, Pauline Garde & Joan Vipond
In 1983 for the first time, the Australian Bureau of Statistics released a sample of selected information from individual records from the 1981 census. This report analyses these data. It is based upon the Household Sample File of the 1981 Census. By linking information on individuals within households, it was possible to analyse the incidence and impact of unemployment within households and to show how concentrated they were. The report has five chapters. The first...

Design art and new craft: Who’s zooming who?

Katherine Moline
Fresh approaches to design emerging in design art and new craft present intersections between the conventionally distinct categories of visual art, craft, and design. In spite of their stated aim to cross-over disciplines, debates within design art and new craft characterise the term integration in different ways according to the value they attribute to conceptualisation, decoration, function, and context. While advocates of specialisation criticise hybrid design because they believe it produces only an homogenising blurring...

Issues in Social Welfare Policy 1985: Perceptions, Concepts and Practice. (SWRC Papers at ASPAA and ANZAAS)

Adam Jamrozik
The areas of enquiry covered by the four papers are concerned with issues of social policy and social welfare related to young people, children and families, minority groups, and the unemployed. Although ranging over such wide areas, the issues addressed by the authors are similar in many respects. The common theme that can be discerned in the four papers is the concern with the perceptions of the Welfare State and of the functions performed by...

Extension Amidst Retrenchment: Gender and Welfare State Restructuring in Australia and Sweden

Sheila Shaver
European, North American and Australasian welfare states are not being retrenched as much as restructured. Gender relations and changes in the social construction of individuals and families form a key dimension of this restructuring. Significantly, social changes associated with gender have worked to extend and reshape welfare states, to respond to new claims and political constituencies, at the same time that other forces have sought to contract them. How secure are women's welfare state gains...

How Much of ‘City of Cities, A Plan for Sydney’s Future’ is Likely to Happen?

Raymond Bunker & Darren Holloway
A continuing issue in metropolitan strategic plans is how much of them will be implemented. This appears to depend on how far planners are able to understand and shape the future of the city; whether appropriate planning and decision-making frameworks and mechanisms exist or can be put in place for making proposals happen; and what kind of methodology, content and process is used in preparing a plan. These themes are employed to analyse the way...

Income Sharing Between Parents and Young People Living at Home

Judy Schneider
Since the 1970s, changes in the Australian labour market, education and income policies have led to reductions in income for young people aged 15 to 24 years. Young people today are therefore more reliant on their parents sharing income with them. This paper presents the results of original research that shows how parents share, or ‘pool’ their income with young people living at home. Australian household expenditure data is examined using new and extended methods...

Social Policy and the Challenges of Social Change, Proceedings of the National Social Policy Conference, Sydney, 5-7 July 1995, Volume 2

Peter Saunders & Sheila Shaver
This year's conference was divided into broad social policy themes: Work and Welfare; Social and Economic Inequality; Family, the Life Course and the State; Community Services; Citizenship and the Mixed Economy of Welfare; and an Open Section which covered a variety of themes not included in the above categories. This volume of papers from the Conference includes the keynote address, the first of the plenary papers and thirteen contributed papers. There is no connecting theme...

SPRC Newsletter - November 2002

Karen Fisher, Cathy Thomson & Duncan Aldridge
SPRC Newsletter

Diary of Social Legislation and Policy 1981

Mari Davis, Margaret McAllister & Ian Manning
This Diary summarises the legislative and administrative changes made in the social policy field during 1981 by the Commonwealth government, and to a lesser extent by the State governments. It provides a ready reference for research workers, and can also be used as a succinct and factual account of policy during the year. Unlike its predecessors, this Diary attempts to cover the main policy changes at a State level in the social policy field. It...

SWRC Newsletter No 1 - September 1980

Jane Hyde
The SPRC Newsletter contains articles about current issues in social policy, SPRC research in progress, information about recent and forthcoming seminars and conferences, and other topics of interest to the social policy community. Three issues are published per year, and copies are available free of charge by post or through the Centre's website. If you are interested in receiving the SPRC Newsletter please contact the centre via sprc@unsw.edu.au and indicate your preference for paper or...

SWRC Newsletter No 11 - October 1983

Jo Jarrah
SWRC Newsletter; No 11

Social Welfare in the Late 1980s: Reform Progress or Retreat?

Peter Saunders & Adam Jamrozik
Proceedings of a Conference held in Perth, Western Australia on 27-28 March 1987. A major contribution of this report to the debate on the welfare state lies in its bringing together a diverse range of evidence on the social welfare system. The ten papers which form its content address the issues from political, social, economic and administrative perspectives. In addition to a discussion on the Australian social welfare system, the report provides an international perspective...

Poverty and Aspects of Inequality in Australia: An Annotated Bibliography,1963-1987

Diana Encel
This report is the third to appear in the Social Welfare Research Centre's Research Resource Series. It is an annotated bibliography of material published in Australia which relates to poverty and certain aspects of inequality. Concern about poverty in Australia has been increasing since the time of the earliest entries here which cite works published in the early 1960s. That concern has been reflected in the enquiries and reviews established by governments (notably the Poverty...

Annual Report of Trends in Behaviour 2022: HIV/STIs and Sexual Health in Australia

L Mao, T Broady, M Holt, C Newman & C Treloar

Gay Community Periodic Survey: Sydney 2022

C Chan, T Broady, J MacGibbon, B Bavinton, L Mao, A Molyneux, F Delhomme, C Power, S Clackett, A Heslop, G Prestage & M Holt

Stigma snapshot: People living with hepatitis C 2021

T Broady, L Brener, E Cama & C Treloar

Stigma snapshot: General public 2021

T Broady, L Brener, E Cama & C Treloar

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