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Defining Social Exclusion in Western Sydney: Exploring the Role of Housing Tenure

B Randolph, D Murray & K Ruming
Over the past decade social exclusion has increasingly been positioned at the forefront of political, academic and lay discourse as the cause of disadvantage (Marsh, 2004). While the definition, measurement and solutions to social exclusion remain open to debate, housing has progressively been positioned as a central variable creating neighbourhoods of exclusion. Much of this debate has positioned areas of public housing as the most disadvantaged and socially excluded neighbourhoods. However, the multiplicity of social...

Income Testing the Tax Threshold

Peter Whiteford
This paper discusses some recent proposals to replace the tax threshold or zero step in the income tax rate scale with incometested tax rebates. The paper outlines the rationale for current arrangements and shows how they have developed over the past twenty years. The paper then evaluates the specific proposals made most notably by the Centre of Policy Studies at Monash University, in terms of their redistributive effects and implications for effective marginal tax rates...

Sole Parents and Public Policy, Proceedings of a Conference held in Sydney, 30 August 1990

Peter Whiteford
We are currently experiencing an important period of change in the social circumstances of sole parents. Equally significant developments are also taking place in the policy arrangements affecting the well being of sole parents and their children. This conference, sponsored by the Social Policy Research Centre as part of its program to promote public discussion of issues in social policy, was held at an important moment it this history. The same broad patterns of change...

Victorian Drug Trends 2021: Key Findings from the Illicit Drug Reporting System (IDRS) Interviews.

J Wilson, S Eddy, D Scott & P Dietze

Welfare Issues and Policy Challenges at the End of the Millennium

Peter Saunders & Tony Eardley
The five papers delivered at the conference are included in this report. Peter Saunders reviews some of the principle arguments advanced by critics of welfare state performance and examines the demographic challenge facing it, its affordability and the crisis of legitimacy in welfare before considering the reforms that are being introduced. Jim Ife goes further afield and looks at the tension between globalisation and localisation and the ways in which they are meeting human need,...

Colorimetric reagent test kit use amongst a sample of people who regularly use ecstasy and/or other illegal stimulants in Australia, 2019-2021

G Daisy, P Amy, B Monica, E Nadine, P Robert, H Penelope & R Sutherland

Gay Community Periodic Survey: Perth 2021

C Chan, T Broady, J MacGibbon, B Bavinton, L Mao, M Coci, R Lobo, SR Krishnan, G Prestage & M Holt

Australian Drug Trends 2022: Key Findings from the National Illicit Drug Reporting System (IDRS) Interviews.

R Sutherland, A Karlsson, C King, F Jones, J Uporova, O Price, D Gibbs, R Bruno, P Dietze, S Lenton, C Salom, J Grigg, Y Wilson, J Wilson, C Daly, N Thomas, J Juckel, S Agramunt, W Que Noy, L Degenhardt, M Farrell & A Peacock

Annual Report of Trends in Behaviour 2022: HIV/STIs and Sexual Health in Australia

L Mao, T Broady, M Holt, C Newman & C Treloar

Stigma Indicators: Vietnamese and Chinese General Community and hepatitis B related knowledge, attitudes and health seeking behaviour.

R Horwitz, L Brener, T Broady, E Cama, D Jin, H Vu, E Wu & C Treloar

Interventions to reduce stigma: Social norms interventions for health care workers

T Broady, L Brener, E Cama, R Horwitz, K Lancaster & C Treloar

Informing hepatitis B prevention, testing and treatment programs in Chinese and Vietnamese communities in Australia through the student body.

L Brener, J Bryant, R Horwitz, J Rance, T Broady, HMK Vu, J Defeng, E Wu, J Yuan, L Mao, E Cama & C Treloar

Stigma snapshot: People living with hepatitis C 2021

T Broady, L Brener, E Cama & C Treloar

Stigma snapshot: General public 2021

T Broady, L Brener, E Cama & C Treloar

Gay Community Periodic Survey: Sydney 2022

C Chan, T Broady, J MacGibbon, B Bavinton, L Mao, A Molyneux, F Delhomme, C Power, S Clackett, A Heslop, G Prestage & M Holt

Stigma snapshot: Health care workers 2022

T Broady, L Brener, E Cama & C Treloar

South Australian Drug Trends 2021: Key Findings from the Illicit Drug Reporting System (IDRS) Interviews.

R Sutherland, A Peacock & A Karlsson

Australia's progress towards hepatitis C elimination: annual report 2022

A Wilkinson, M Hayes, M Hellard, M Stoové, G Dore, J Grebely, A Pedrana, D Joseph, A Thompson, B Hajarizadeh, M Alavi, C Aitken, T Broady & T Combo

COVID-19 and its impacts on primary health services and public health infectious disease programs in Papua New Guinea

J Newland, N Neuendorf, L Vallely, A Mek, G Vengiau, R Farquhar, R Boli-Neo, M Seymour, M Wratten, H Aeno, RN Trumb, Z Kerry, KL Huang, A Maalsen, C Homer, L Robinson, S Majumdar, A Vallely, M Laman, W Pomat & A Kelly-Hanku

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