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Gay Community Periodic Survey: Perth 2016

E Lee, L Mao, M Creamer, S Laing, J Comfort, G Prestage, I Zablotska, J De Wit & M Holt

Gay Community Periodic Survey: Sydney 2006

Iryna Zablotska Manos, Garrett Prestage, R Sutherland, Andrew Grulich, John Kaldor, John Imrie & Susan Kippax

Industry Factsheet: Slip Resistance of Ramps 2nd ed.

J Quinn & C Bridge
The purpose of this factsheet is to assist ‘Do It Yourself’ consumers and home modification providers to choose ramp materials that comply with the slip resistance requirements in the Building Code of Australia [BCA]. This can reduce the risk of slips and falls on ramps in homes.

St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney, Drug and Alcohol Service, S-Check Clinic: Evaluation Report

L Brener, J Bryant, H Wilson, T Lea & J Rance

Annual report of trends in behaviour 2016: HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and sexually transmissible infections in Australia

L Mao, C Treloar, P Adam & J De Wit

Summary Bulletin: Regulatory Requirements for Controlling Water Temperature in Bathrooms

P Carnemolla & CE Bridge
This Summary Bulletin relates to the safe provision of heated water in the people’s bathrooms for washing and bathing through the installation of temperature limiting devices. A number of regulations and requirements are in place around the storage and delivery of heated water in a residential setting because of two public health concerns: the risk of scald burns in water delivered too hot and the risk of microbial presence (particularly legionella) in heated water stored...

DIY Home Modifications: What information is required at point-of-sale? Final Report

CE Bridge, S Maalsen, F Zmudski, S O'Neill & P Carnemolla
Television shows like The Block and House Rules are fuelling a ‘do it yourself’ revolution, and this reserach conforms that older people, people with disabilities and their familes are no exception. This reserach outlines what motivated them and what frustrated them in doing the disability modifications without service supports. Consumer responses ranked hardware stores as the most utilised or popular place to source information about DIY. The study confirmed in the retail data of at...

Gay Community Periodic Survey: Sydney 2016

P Hull, L Mao, J Kolstee, T Duck, L Feeney, G Prestage, I Zablotska, T Lea, J De Wit & M Holt

Evidence Based Practice Review: Use of Colour for Safe Movement

AL Lukman, C Bridge & J Quinn

Summary Bulletin: Electrical Safety in Bathrooms 2ed.

JM Quinn & C Bridge

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