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New Minimum Income for Healthy Living Budget Standards for Low-Paid and Unemployed Australians: summary report

PG Saunders & M Bedford
The project was funded by the Australian Research Council under Linkage Project grant LP120200481, with additional cash and in-kind support provided by Catholic Social Services, Australia; United Voice (National Office); and the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS). A budget standard indicates how much income a particular family living in a particular place at a particular time needs to achieve a particular standard of living. It is derived by specifying every item that is needed...

Australia's Disability Charities 2014

N Cortis, I Lee, A Powell, R Simnett & R Reeve
This report profiles the characteristics, activities and resources of the 11,500 Australian charities which supported people with disabilities in 2014. It provides a resource to help charities, donors, governments, researchers and the community better understand Australia’s disability charities, and their financial status and sustainability.

Interventions to increase hepatitis B and hepatitis C screening, assessment and monitoring: A literature review

MN Hopwood & C Treloar
This literature review addresses the following three research questions: 1. Which population level health interventions are effective in increasing the number of people tested for hepatitis B virus (HBV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV)? 2. Which population level health interventions are effective in increasing the number of people assessed for liver disease stage? 3. Which population level health interventions are effective in increasing the number of people who are monitored for liver disease?

Development of a Proposal and Environmental Assessment of Beach Scraping - New Brighton and South Golden Beach

J. T. Carley, I. R. Coghlan, M. J. Blacka & R. J. Cox
UNSW Water Research Laboratory Technical Report No. 2008/19

Barriers to HIV prevention and care among gay men in Tasmania: Final report

T Lea, S Wagner, M Anning & M Holt
The aim of this study was to examine barriers and incentives to HIV testing and treatment among gay and bisexual men (GBM) in Tasmania, including the role of stigma and discrimination in discouraging engagement with HIV and sexual health services. In-depth interviews were conducted with 16 men, and the sample included eight HIV-positive and eight HIV-negative men. Interviews were conducted by Tasmanian Council on AIDS, Hepatitis & Related Diseases (TasCAHRD) staff and peer recruiters during...

Christchurch outfall - 12 months data collection and modelling

B.M. Miller, W.C. Glamore & R.M. Hudson
UNSW Water Research Laboratory Technical Report No. 2004/14

Lake Molonglo water quality study

T. Webb, W.C. Glamore & B.M. Miller
UNSW Water Research Laboratory Technical Report No. 2006/35

Analysis of shoreline variability and erosion/accretion trends: June - October 2008 report 9 Palm Beach coastal imaging system

M.J. Blacka, D.J. Anderson & L. Mallen Lopez
UNSW Water Research Laboratory Technical Report No. 2008/32

Anna Bay drainage study - reducing acid water impacts via water control structures and tidal restoration

W.C. Glamore & C.D. Wasko
UNSW Water Research Laboratory Technical Report No. 2009/12

Review of artificial reefs for coastal protection in NSW

M. J. Blacka, T. D. Shand, J. T. Carley & A. Mariani
UNSW Water Research Laboratory Technical Report No. 1012/08

Gumma Gumma Swamp hydrologic investigation

D. S. Rayner, W. C. Glamore & J. E. Ruprecht
UNSW Water Research Laboratory Technical Report No. 2013/03

Coastal storms in NSW in August and November 1986 and their effect on the coast

K.B. Higgs & R. Nittim
UNSW Water Research Laboratory Technical Report No. 88/06

Numerical modelling of sediment movement and budget at seaway

I.L. Turner, R.B. Tomlinson & M. Watson
UNSW Water Research Laboratory Technical Report No. 98/08

Hawkesbury Nepean Estuary saline dynamics long term model simulations.

D. R. Cox & W. L. Peirson
UNSW Water Research Laboratory Technical Report No. 2003/10

Background paper on groundwater resources in relation to coal seam gas production

D. J. Anderson, P. F. Rahman, E. K. Davey, B. M. Miller & W. C. Glamore
UNSW Water Research Laboratory Technical Report No. 2013/09

Working under the NDIS: Insights from a survey of employees in disability services

N Cortis
This report analyses information from almost 1500 disability service workers. It explores their characteristics and perceptions of their working conditions; their experiences of working under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS); and their concerns about the implementation of the Scheme and its impact on their working lives.

Australia's Smallest Charities 2015

A Powell, N Cortis, A Young, R Reeve, R Simnett & I Ramia

Approval of 'E;': fuss-free selection and acquisition

Alison J. Neil
The size and usage of eBook collections are increasing in academic libraries. Incorporating these materials into library collections will require efficient and standardised workflows. Although there might be small interruptions and problems when acquiring print items and online serials, most libraries have established workflows to select what is required and to provide access in a quick and efficient manner. This paper will outline the journey University of New South Wales Library experienced in acquiring eBooks,...

Focus group research for beyondblue with consumers and carers

P Sawrikar, K Muir & L Craig

Shared knowledges, communications and decisions about chronic illness: Perspectives of people with hepatitis C

Maude Frances
A quantitative and qualitative research project explores the use of print- and internet-based information sources by people with hepatitis C. Twenty participants were interviewed about their experiences of informationsharing in everyday and clinical settings, including about conditions that enable information to be exchanged, discussed and incorporated in processes of shared decision-making. In part, the interviews highlighted some obstacles to effective communication between health professionals and people with hepatitis C.

Health information needs and practices of Chinese & Vietnamese people living in Australia regarding primary liver cancer: A literature review

MN Hopwood & C Treloar
A review of the research literature indicated that Chinese and Vietnamese immigrants to Australia (and the US) have a poor understanding of the risks for viral hepatitis transmission, hepatitis vaccines and treatments, and little knowledge of the relationship between hepatitis infection and risk for the development of primary liver cancer. Among these populations, access to cancer and other health-related information and knowledge of illness are low because of a range of barriers such as: ••...

State of Australia's young people: a report on the social, economic, health and family lives of young people

K Muir, K Mullan, A Powell, S Flaxman, DA Thompson & MJ Griffiths
The Social Policy Research Centre, University of New South Wales, was commissioned in 2009 by the Office for Youth to complete the State of Australia’s Young People report. It describes how young people aged 12–24 years in Australia are faring and identifies those who may need additional support to do well.

Workforce Issues in the NSW Community Services Sector

N Cortis & M Blaxland
This report provides information about paid employees in non-profit community service organisations in New South Wales (NSW). It profiles workforce characteristics, and leaders’ perceptions of workforce strengths and issues and ways to respond to emerging challenges. Information comes from survey data collected from leaders of 398 community service organisations in February 2017.

The Travel Companion: your guide to working with others for social outcomes

A Marjolin, A Powell & K Muir

Australian Charities and Red Tape 2014

R Reeve, I Lee, R Simnett, N Cortis & E Chew

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