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Sentenced to a Job: A Case Study

J Wodak & A Day
Across all Australian correctional jurisdictions, approximately three-quarters of sentenced prisoners who are eligible to work participate in a service or commercial prison industry. Less than one percent participate in work release programs (under industrial award conditions) as part of a pre-release scheme. The exception to this is the Northern Territory Department of Correctional Services ‘Sentenced to a Job’ (STAJ) program, which commenced in late 2012. The aim of the program is to engage employers and...

Meeting the Needs of Chronically Homeless Women

JE Bullen

Collaroy-Narrabeen coastal imaging report #3

M.J. Blacka, D.J. Anderson & I.L. Turner
UNSW Water Research Laboratory Technical Report No.2007/30

Yamba Hill groundwater level monitoring assessment to mid-2007

W.A. Timms, I.L. Cunningham & J.T. Carley
UNSW Water Research Laboratory Technical Report No. 2007/32

Analysis of shoreline variability, seasonality and erosion/accretion trends: February - July 2008 report 18, northern Gold Coast coastal imaging system

M.J. Blacka, D.J. Anderson & L. Mallen Lopez
UNSW Water Research Laboratory Technical Report No. 2008/27

Groundwater monitoring, evaluation and grower survey, Namoi Catchment, report no. 2

W. A. Timms, A. M. Badenhop, D. S. Rayner & S. M. Mehrabi
UNSW Water Research Laboratory Technical Report No. 2009/25

Tomago wetland hydrological study - Kooragang Nature Reserve

W.C. Glamore, K.M. Hawker & B.M. Miller
UNSW Water Research Laboratory Technical Report No. 2005/28

Yamba Hill groundwater level monitoring - interim report

W.A. Timms, S.E. Pells & I. Cunningham
UNSW Water Research Laboratory Technical Report No. 2005/34

Reasonable, necessary and valued: Pricing disability services for quality support and decent jobs

N Cortis, F Macdonald, B Davidson & E Bentham
This report is concerned with prospects for quality services and decent jobs under Australia's National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Specifically, it examines how the prices set by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) are: affecting disability support workers; enabling employers of disability support workers to meet their industrial obligations; and supporting development of a skilled, high-quality, and decently remunerated disability support workforce.

Gay Community Periodic Survey: Melbourne 2017

EH Lee, L Mao, T Lea, T McKenzie, C Batrouney, B Allan, M West, G Prestage, I Zablotska-Manos, J de Wit & M Holt
The Melbourne Gay Community Periodic Survey (GCPS) is a cross-sectional survey of gay and homosexually active men recruited from a range of gay community sites in Melbourne. The major aim of the survey is to provide data on sexual, drug use and testing practices related to the transmission of HIV and other sexually transmissible infections (STIs) among gay men.

Managing research data: integrating research practice with reporting and administrative workflows

M Frances
In the UK and US, many funding bodies require applications for research funding to include a data management plan (DMP). To assist researchers with writing these plans, services such as DMPonline and DMPTool provide a range of online templates that are customised according to requirements of particular funding bodies. While research funding bodies in Australia do not generally require a formal DMP in funding applications, creation of a DMP is, at some academic institutions, a...

Analysis of shoreline variability, seasonality and erosion/accretion trends Dec 05 - May 06 report 4 Palm Beach coastal imaging system

I. L. Turner
UNSW Water Research Laboratory Technical Report No. 2006/14

Gay Community Periodic Survey: Perth 2014

E Lee, P Hull, L Mao, J Comfort, M Chanmugam, S Laing, S Fragomeni, G Prestage, I Zablotska, J De Wit & M Holt
The Perth Gay Community Periodic Survey is a cross-sectional survey of gay and homosexually active men recruited at a range of gay community sites in Perth. The project is funded by the Western Australian Department of Health and supported by the Western Australian Centre for Health Promotion Research and the Western Australian AIDS Council. The Centre for Social Research in Health coordinates the survey with support from The Kirby Institute. The major aim of the...

Enabling re-use of metadata: an institutional context

M Frances & A Shaon
ResData is a Library service for managing research metadata and data at UNSW Australia. The service has two main components: a Research Data Management Plan (RDMP), which allows researchers to record metadata about research projects and data; a catalogue of research datasets that are published to a national data discovery service (Research Data Australia). The ResData service contributes to fulfilment of UNSW responsibilities relating to curation of research data, and encourages researchers to adopt effective...

A peaceful mind: Vietnamese-Australians with liver cancer (Interview report)

MN Hopwood, M Robotin, M Porwal, D Nguyen, M Sze, J George & C Treloar

Barriers to viral hepatitis treatment in primary care settings

MN Hopwood & C Treloar
This review of the research literature regarding the barriers, to and enablers of, embedding the management and care of viral hepatitis in primary care settings is divided into two sections: section 1 provides a review of hepatitis B virus- (HBV) related literature; and, section 2 reviews the hepatitis C virus- (HCV) related literature. Conclusions and recommendations and tables are provided separately for each section, and the reference list at the end combines the reviewed HBV...

Consumer health information-seeking: Strategies and perspectives of people with chronic illness

Maude Frances & Concepción S Wilson
This presentation is based on interview data from a quantitative and qualitative research project exploring the use of print- and internet-based information sources by people with hepatitis C. Traditional modes of information provision within clinical encounters have been altered by public internet access to resources and information that were previously accessed almost exclusively by health professionals. A national online survey was conducted to discover how people with hepatitis C used the internet to seek information...

Western Sydney Needle and Syringe Program Study: a report to community

C Treloar, L Mao, K Yates, P Hull & H Wilson
A partnership was established between the Centre for Social Research in Health and the Western Sydney and Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health Districts to conduct a three year research project over the period 2011-2013. The aim of the research project was to identify how Needle and Syringe Program (NSP) services: 1. Achieve the stated aims of the NSW NSP 2. Contribute to broader health outcomes in relation to the health and well-being of people who...

Critical experiences: Peer review in online consumer health communications

M Frances
OBJECTIVE There is much literature questioning the reliability and validity of internet-based information relating to health, including calls for an analysis of gaps between evidence-based medicine and health information on the internet. The literature spans various disciplines including public health, information studies and sociology of health. While some of the literature relates to specific illnesses, health conditions or social groups, there are gaps in understanding what people who seek online health information are actually doing...

It’s Your Love Life: a new periodic survey on sexual health among young people in NSW

PC Adam, M Schippers, H Schmidt, K Modderman, C Slattery, J Estoesta, C Murray, G Hearnshaw, D Murphy & J de Wit
Between December 2015 and March 2016, the ‘It’s Your Love Life’ periodic survey recruited 2,120 heterosexually-identified young people aged 15–29 years and living in New South Wales. The data collected through the survey contributes new knowledge on the attitudes and practices of heterosexual young people and their exposure to sexual health promotion initiatives.

Australian Charities Report 2014

N Cortis, I Lee, A Powell, R Simnett & R Reeve
The Australian Charities Report 2014 is the first analysis of its kind, revealing previously unknown facts about the finances and sustainability of Australia’s charity sector. Produced by the Centre for Social Impact in partnership with the Social Policy Research Centre at the University of New South Wales, the report analyses data submitted through the 2014 Annual Information Statement from almost 38 000 charities registered with the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission.

Australian Charities Report 2015

N Cortis, A Young, A Powell, R Reeve, K Ho & I Ramia
This report is the most comprehensive record to date of Australia’s charity sector. It profiles over 51,000 individual charities, a larger group than were profiled in previous Australian Charities Reports. The report also provides estimates of change from 2014 to 2015 and new indicators of charity sustainability.

Feasibility assessment for managed aquifer recharge - Joynton avenue re-development site, stages 1 and 2

W.A. Timms, I.L. Cunningham & A.M. Badenhop
UNSW Water Research Laboratory Technical Report No. 2007/25

Proof of evidence of James Carley to resource planning and development commission (Tasmania) regarding Lauderdale Quay proposal, Ralphs Bay, Tasmania

J.T. Carley
UNSW Water Research Laboratory Technical Report No. 2009/11

Lake Innes hydrologic isolation study

D. S. Rayner & W. C. Glamore
UNSW Water Research Laboratory Technical Report No. 2012/24

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