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Trends in drug-related hospital separations in Australia, 1999-2018

A Chrzanowska, N Man, L Degenhardt, T Dobbins & A Peacock

Evaluation of four community-based men’s behaviour change program pilots

T Wong, G Giuntoli, K valentine, J Breckenridge & L Mao

Engagement in drug checking ('pill testing') and behavioural responses by people who use drugs in Australia

A Peacock, D Gibbs, M Barratt, R Bruno, R Sutherland, R Page, J Uporova, C Salom, P Hill, P Dietze, S Lenton, L Degenhardt & N Ezard

Gay Community Periodic Survey: Melbourne 2019

T Broady, L Mao, B Bavinton, T McKenzie, C Batrouney, C Burnett, M West, G Prestage & M Holt

An empirical assessment of the TALK TEST ENJOY sexual health promotion campaign conducted among young people aged 18-29 years as part of the Trending Sexual Health initiative.

PCG Adam, JBF de Wit, TA Montoya, I Ketsuwan, DS Hamilton & R Hardy
Sexually transmissible infections (STIs) are prevalent among young people in Australia and the strengthening of sexual health promotion targeting young people is a national public health priority. As part of these efforts, the FRANK – TALK TEST ENJOY (TTE) campaign was conducted in 2018 to promote talking about STIs, using condoms and testing for STIs among young people aged 18-29 years old. An evaluation study was conducted among 744 young people to assess the level...

Estimating the coverage of the FRANK sexual health promotion initiative and its contribution to strengthening sexual health-related attitudes and behaviours among respondents of the 2018 Warming Up survey.

PCG Adam, JBF de Wit, TA Montana, I Ketsuwan, DS Hamilton & R Hardy
A sexual health promotion initiative called Frank was conducted in 2018 to promote a range of sexual health-related behaviours among young people aged 18-29 years in Australia. A survey was conducted among 1, 147 participants to estimate the level of awareness of the Frank initiative and assess its potential impact on attitudes, intentions and behaviours of young people in Australia. Of the participants, 8.4% reported having heard of the Frank website, including 4.0% who had...

Towards an online periodic survey of sexual health among young people in Australia

PC Adam, JBF de Wit, C Treloar, B Shepherd, T Duck, P Byron, C Bourne, C Murray, D Welsby & J Holden

Gay Community Periodic Survey: Sydney 2019

T Broady, C Power, L Mao, B Bavinton, C Chan, C Bambridge, B Mackie, N Fraser, G Prestage & M Holt

Gay and bisexual men and hepatitis C: research summary

M Hopwood, T Lea & P Aggleton

OCHRE Local Decision Making Accords: Illawarra Wingecarribee Alliance Aboriginal Corporation

C Smyth & I Katz

The Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa, Migrant Grandparents and Transnational Family Life

M Hamilton, A Kintominas & D Brennan
In Australia, reliance on grandparents for childcare is widespread. But with more than 1 in 4 Australian residents born overseas, grandparent care is not always readily available. Policy shifts have seen a tightening of visa pathways available for migrant grandparents. Permanent parent visas now involve a wait-time of 30+ years, unless a grandparent (or their sponsor) can afford a very expensive contributory parent visa. This has constrained many migrants’ means of maintaining intergenerational relationships in...

Attitudes to biomedical HIV prevention among Australian gay and bisexual men: Key findings from the PrEPARE Project 2019

J MacGibbon, T Lea, J Ellard, D Murphy, B Bear, J Kolstee, D Crawford, C Power, J de Wit & M Holt

Evaluation of the technology trial (Keeping Women Safe in Their Homes)

S Gendera, P Jops, T Broady, K valentine & J Breckenridge

South Australia Drug Trends 2019: Key findings from the Illicit Drug Reporting System (IDRS) Interviews

A Karlsson & A Peacock

South Australia Drug Trends 2019: Key findings from the Ecstasy and Related Drugs Reporting System (EDRS) Interviews

A Karlsson & A Peacock

Australian Capital Territory Drug Trends 2019: Key findings from the Illicit Drug Reporting System (IDRS) Interviews

J Uporova & A Peacock

Consumer Participation Project

L Brener, R Gray, J Rance, J Bryant & R Horwitz

Sexual health-related knowledge, attitudes and practices of young people in Australia: Results from the Debrief Survey

P Adam, J de Wit, I Ketsuwan & C Treloar
The Centre for Social Research in Health was commissioned by the Australian Government Department of Health to establish the basis for a national behavioural survey on sexual health among young people aged 15 to 29 years in Australia. This report presents an overview of the data collected from heterosexual and non-heterosexual respondents as part of the 2017 Debrief cross-sectional survey. This includes results on 18 indicator variables relating to STI-related knowledge, attitudes and practices as...

Review of implementation of the National Disability Strategy 2010-2020: Final report

L Davy, K Fisher, A Wehbe, C Purcal, S Robinson, R Kayess & D Santos
The Department of Social Services (DSS) commissioned the Social Policy Research Centre (SPRC) to conduct a review of the implementation of the National Disability Strategy 2010-2020 (Strategy). The aim was to examine effective implementation processes and measures of the Strategy to inform the reform that will develop a new national disability framework for beyond 2020. The review methodology consisted of a desktop review of documents about the implementation of the Strategy and targeted stakeholder consultations....

Place-based Interventions Literature Review: A Realist Informed Review

A Crimeen, Bernstein, S Zapart & FA Haigh

OCHRE Local Decision Making Accords: Three Rivers Regional Assembly

I Katz, J Idle & W Jopson
NSW Aboriginal Affairs commissioned the Social Policy Research Centre (SPRC), UNSW Sydney, to evaluate the Three Rivers Regional Assembly (TRRA) Accord negotiation operating as part of OCHRE – Opportunity, Choice, Healing, Responsibility, Empowerment – the community-focussed plan for Aboriginal Peoples in NSW. The key aim of the TRRA Local Decision Making evaluation was to assess whether the Accords negotiations were implemented as intended and what can be done to improve outcomes from similar negotiations in...

Evaluation of Housing & Accommodation Support Initiative Plus (HASI Plus) – Report 1

C Purcal, P O'Shea, H Blunden, F Zmudzki, G Giuntoli & KR Fisher

Probabilistic forecasts for water consumption in Sydney, Australia from stochastic weather scenarios and a panel data consumption model.

A Barker, A Pitman, J Evans, F Spaninks & L Uthayakumaran
Medium-term (1-10 year) probabilistic forecasts of urban water consumption can be useful in providing a range of possible outcomes for input into the budget and infrastructure planning of a water utility. A stochastic weather generator is developed in this study to generate multiple weather scenarios spanning the financial years 2014/15 to 2024/25 using a daily time step. These weather scenarios are then used as inputs to an existing panel data water consumption model. The resulting...

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