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Gay Community Periodic Survey: Adelaide 2018

T Broady, L Mao, B Bavinton, D Jeffries, S Bartlett, H Calabretto, L Narciso, G Prestage & M Holt

Northern Territory Drug Trends 2016: Findings from the Illicit Drug Reporting System (IDRS)

Chris Moon
Australian Drug Trends Series No. 170

Lifetime and recent opioid overdose among a sample of people who inject drugs in Australia

Paul Dietze & Penny Hill
IDRS Drug Trends Bulletin, December 2017

Probabilistic forecasts for water consumption in Sydney, Australia from stochastic weather scenarios and a panel data consumption model.

A Barker, A Pitman, J Evans, F Spaninks & L Uthayakumaran
Medium-term (1-10 year) probabilistic forecasts of urban water consumption can be useful in providing a range of possible outcomes for input into the budget and infrastructure planning of a water utility. A stochastic weather generator is developed in this study to generate multiple weather scenarios spanning the financial years 2014/15 to 2024/25 using a daily time step. These weather scenarios are then used as inputs to an existing panel data water consumption model. The resulting...

Research Brief - Understanding barriers and facilitators to the take up of new direct-acting antiviral hepatitis C treatments: The Observe study

J Bryant, R Gray, P Hull, R Horwitz, L Lafferty, L Mao & C Treloar

Research data management: governance, integrity, security

M Frances, K Carruthers & L Betbeder-Matibet
The poster outlines the UNSW Data Policy Framework which comprises the institutional Data Governance Policy and a recently-developed Data Classification Standard. The Policy establishes clear lines of accountability and ensures the integrity of processes associated with accessing, retrieving, exchanging, reporting, managing and storing data. Under this framework, the classification assigned to research data in the institutional RDMP – ranging from ‘highly sensitive’ to ‘public’ – determines workflows associated with processes throughout the research lifecycle. We...

Sexual health-related knowledge, attitudes and practices of young people in Australia: Results from the Debrief Survey

P Adam, J de Wit, I Ketsuwan & C Treloar
The Centre for Social Research in Health was commissioned by the Australian Government Department of Health to establish the basis for a national behavioural survey on sexual health among young people aged 15 to 29 years in Australia. This report presents an overview of the data collected from heterosexual and non-heterosexual respondents as part of the 2017 Debrief cross-sectional survey. This includes results on 18 indicator variables relating to STI-related knowledge, attitudes and practices as...

Place-based Interventions Literature Review: A Realist Informed Review

A Crimeen, Bernstein, S Zapart & FA Haigh

Culturally Responsive Disability Support-Community Access Network (CAN)

Q Fang & K Fisher

South Australia Drug Trends 2019: Key findings from the Illicit Drug Reporting System (IDRS) Interviews

A Karlsson & A Peacock

Australian Capital Territory Drug Trends 2019: Key findings from the Illicit Drug Reporting System (IDRS) Interviews

J Uporova & A Peacock

Consumer Participation Project

L Brener, R Gray, J Rance, J Bryant & R Horwitz

Human Rights protection frameworks for people being treated involuntarily for a mental illness: Study findings

G Giuntoli, V Stewart, A Wheeler, S Gendera, C Ryan, D McAuliffe & KR Fisher

South Australia Drug Trends 2019: Key findings from the Ecstasy and Related Drugs Reporting System (EDRS) Interviews

A Karlsson & A Peacock

The Impacts of Urban Megaprojects on Water and Sanitation Related Human Rights in Southeast Asia: Submission to the UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights to safe drinking water and sanitation

S Hawken, B Avazpour, M Harris & A Marzban
The provision of secure water supplies to human populations is a challenging task for societies globally, particularly in the context of growing urbanisation. Water scarcity has been identified as a key driver for future global conflicts and water conservation is a major focus for current research. This is because the majority of conventional urban water management systems are proving inadequate. Global trends such as urbanization and climate change have numerous direct and indirect impacts on...

Annual Report of Trends in Behaviour 2019: Viral Hepatitis in Australia

J Bryant, J Rance & C Treloar

Victorian Drug Trends 2018: Patterns of use in the Victorian Illicit Drug Reporting System (IDRS) Interviews

C Aitken & P Dietze

Gay Community Periodic Survey: Queensland 2018

T Broady, E Lee, L Mao, S Garvey, S Cripps, P Forbes, A Adair, S O'Connor, B Bavinton, G Prestage & M Holt
The Queensland Gay Community Periodic Survey is a cross-sectional survey of gay and homosexually active men recruited at a range of gay community sites around Queensland and online. The major aim of the survey is to provide data on sexual, drug use and testing practices related to the transmission of HIV and other sexually transmissible infections (STIs) among men who have sex with men. The most recent survey was conducted in September-November 2018 to coincide...

A Computational Study of Particulate Colloidal Systems

Dezheng Darson Li
Particulate colloids exist in a broad range of natural, biological and industrial systems. To examine the particle aggregation behaviour in these systems, and to propose feasible aggregation control strategies, a novel computational model is developed based on the Eulerian-Lagrangian framework. Computational fluid dynamics techniques are utilised to simulate the flow field of the base fluid, and discrete phase modelling approach is used to compute the particle trajectories, with both long-range and contact particle-particle interactions considered....

Use of alcohol swabs to clean injecting sites among people who regularly inject drugs in Australia

A Peacock, S Larney & D Gibbs

Illicit drug use and awareness of health and policing initiatives at Australian music festivals among people who regularly use ecstasy and other illicit stimulants

D Gibbs, C Hughes, M Barratt, N Ezard, R Bruno, R Sutherland, J Griggs, C Salom, P Hill, P Dietze, S Lenton, L Degenhardt & A Peacock

Crystal methamphetamine use, routes of administration and use of commercial ball pipes among people who inject drugs in Australia

T Karlsson, N Ezard, C Salom, P Dietze, L Degenhardt, S Lenton, R Bruno & A Peacock

Meeting the social and emotional support needs of older people using aged care services

G Meagher, N Cortis, S Charlesworth & W Taylor

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