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Evaluation of Housing & Accommodation Support Initiative Plus (HASI Plus) – Literature Review

H Blunden

Queensland Drug Trends 2016: Findings from the Illicit Drug Reporting System (IDRS)

Fairlie McIlwraith, Caroline Salom & Rosa Alati
Australian Drug Trends Series No. 171

Victorian Trends in Ecstasy and Related Drug Markets 2016: Findings from the Ecstasy and Related Drugs Reporting System (EDRS)

Arthur Truong, Paul Dietze & Belinda Lloyd
Australian Drug Trends Series No. 175

Is the wellbeing of people who inject drugs worse for those who use methamphetamines rather than heroin?

Caroline L. Salom & Rosa Alati
IDRS Drug Trends Bulletin, July 2017

Illicit use of prescription cognitive enhancing (CE) drugs among regular psychostimulant users

Marina Nelson & Simon Lenton
EDRS Drug Trends Bulletin, July 2017

Evaluation of the Youth Advocate Program

J Skattebol & H Blunden

ASELCC Research Synthesis Report

S Gendera & I Katz

Australian Drug Trends 2019: Key findings from the National Ecstasy and Related Drugs Reporting System (EDRS) Interviews

A Peacock, T Karlsson, J Uporova, D Gibbs, R Swanton, G Kelly, O Price, R Bruno, P Dietze, S Lenton, C Salom, L Degenhardt & M Farrell

Human Rights protection frameworks for people being treated involuntarily for a mental illness: Literature review

S Gendera, G Giuntoli, KR Fisher & R Kayess

Annual Report of Trends in Behaviour 2019: HIV and STIs in Australia

L Mao, M Holt, C Newman & C Treloar

Evaluation of the Keeping Women Safe – Private Rental Initiative

H Blunden, K valentine & P Jops

Self-report and serological HCV status amongst people who inject drugs in NSW and ACT

D Gibbs, J Grebely, S Larney, K Butler, R Sutherland, M Starr, A Karlsson, J Uporova, L Degenhardt, M Farrell & A Peacock

Establishing a Child Development Fund in Australia: A review of international models

H Blunden & I Katz

Understanding barriers to STI testing among young people: results from the online survey ‘Getting Down to it'

PCG Adam, JBF de Wit, J Herman, L Story, B Edwards, C Murray & C Bourne

The 2018 Australian Trans and Gender Diverse Sexual Health Survey: Report of Findings

Denton Callander, Vincent Cornelisse, Martin Holt & James MacGibbon

Stories of educational engagement among young people with complex families: A snapshot from the Stories of Resourcing and Resourcefulness project

M Blaxland, J Skattebol, C Thomson, M Hamilton & K valentine

Financial security and the influence of economic resources

M Weier, A Marjolin, A Powell & K Muir

Background report on young people’s economic engagement

A Powell, F Salignac, A Meltzer, K Muir & M Weier

Trends in drug-induced deaths in Australia, 1997-2018

N Man, A Chrzanowska, T Dobbins, L Degenhardt & A Peacock

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