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Tapentadol use and harms in Australia: Analysis of opioid sales data and sentinel survey data from people who inject drugs

A Chrzanowska, N Gisev, O Price, R Sutherland, S Memedovic, L Degenhardt, M Farrell & A Peacock

Engagement in drug checking (‘pill testing’) and behavioural responses among a sample of people who regularly use drugs in New South Wales

D Gibbs & A Peacock

Have COVID-19 restrictions affected needle and syringe program transactions in Tasmania?

R Bruno, T Wilson & M Griggs

Barriers and enablers associated with access and equity in alcohol and other drug treatment in NSW

J Bryant, R Horwitz, R Gray, L Lafferty, P Jops, H Blunden & L Brener

Trends in HIV and HIV prevention indicators in gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men in NSW, 2015-2019: implications for new interventions and for monitoring and evaluation in a new NSW HIV strategy

A Grulich, S Nigro, C Chan, P Patel, B Bavinton, M Holt, G Prestage, D Callander, C Murray, C Power, A Pinto, L Mao, T Broady & P Keen

Process Evaluation of the NSW Involuntary Drug and Alcohol Treatment (IDAT) Program

T Vuong, A Ritter & M Shanahan

Evaluation of a Blockchain Based Nuclear Materials Accounting Platform in Australia

E Yu, E Obbard & L Le
Symposium on International Safeguards: Building Future Safeguards Capabilities; Vienna, Austria; Start: 2019-11-05; End: 2019-11-09

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