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Cloud Computing Service Discovery Framework for IaaS and PaaS Models

Farzad Firozbakht
Cloud service discovery is a new challenge which requires a dedicated framework in order to approach it. Over the past few years, several methods and frameworks have been developed for cloud service discovery but they are mostly designed for all cloud computing models in general which are not optimal. The three cloud computing models are Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS), each computing model has...

Localization and Terminometrics: Measuring the Impact of User Involvement on Terminology

Baris Bilgen
Online collaborative translation has received increased attention from Translation Studies, mostly with a focus on explaining the various models it exhibits and the factors that shape these models. This study takes a new perspective on this phenomenon by focusing on its outcome through the lens of terminology. A terminometric analysis is carried out on the terminology used in the discussions of Francophone users on online forums of the Ubuntu-Québec open-source software community. The implantation of...

Status Consumption in High Tech Products Upgrading Purchase: A Study of the Extended Theory of Planned Behaviour Model.

Cheng Gu
The smartphones’ market is characterized by its fast evolving environment. In such an environment, the key concern for each company is how to continually encourage consumers to upgrade to the latest version before their existing model expires, which also highlights the importance of continual product enhancement. Consumers choose high-tech products not only for their functional values, but also for their symbolic values. This phenomenon is even more prevalent among products that tend to be conspicuously...

Probabilistic Approach for Design Optimization of Prestressed Girder Bridges Using Multi-Purpose Computer-Aided Model

Yassin Al-Delaimi
Prestressed girder bridges are a very common type of bridges constructed all over the world. The girder bridges are ideal as short to medium spans (15 m to 60 m) structures, due to their moderate self-weight, structural efficiency, ease of fabrication, fast construction, low initial cost, long life expectancy, low maintenance, simple deck removal, and replacement process. Thus, the vast applicability of prestressed girder bridges provides the motivation to develop optimization methodologies, techniques, and models...

Le savoir médical dans La peste d'Albert Camus, La quarantaine de J.M.G. Le Clézio et Les trois médecins de Martin Winckler

Laura Stevenson
Traversée, selon Barthes, en tant que mathesis par tous les types de savoirs, la littérature réalise de constants transferts entre ces savoirs et l’imaginaire. Parmi ceux-ci figurent des savoirs non littéraires. Ma thèse consiste à étudier le savoir médical dans trois romans, publiés à trois moments distincts (1947 pour La peste, 1995 pour La quarantaine et 2005 pour Les trois médecins) et écrits par des écrivains appartenant à trois générations différentes (Albert Camus est né...

Enhanced Contour Description for People Detection in Images

Xiaoyun Du
People detection has been an attractive technology in computer vision. There are many useful applications in our daily life, for instance, intelligent surveillance and driver assistance system. People detection is a challenging matter as people adopt a wide range of poses, wear diverse clothes, and are visible in different kind of backgrounds with significant changes in illumination. In this thesis, some advanced techniques and powerful tools are presented in order to design a robust people...

Chronically Elevated Corticosterone Levels, via Cocoa Butter Injections of Corticosterone, Do Not Affect Stress Response, Immune Function, and Body Condition in Free-living Painted Turtles (Chrysemys picta)

Véronique Juneau
Chronic stress can result in elevated circulating levels of glucocorticoid hormones in vertebrates, which can affect their stress response, their immune function, and eventually their fitness. I tested the effect of chronic corticosterone (CORT) elevation on the acute stress responsiveness, immune function, and body condition of free-living painted turtles (Chrysemys picta) in Gatineau Park, using slow-release exogenous CORT administration. While Silastic implants did not predictably elevate circulating CORT concentrations in painted turtles, injections of CORT-laden...

Prosper's Chronicle: A Critical Edition and Translation of the Edition of 445

Deanna Brook's
This thesis seeks to further research into Prosper’s chronicle and to counter Theodor Mommsen’s conclusions that Prosper made no editorial changes between the 445 and 455 editions of his chronicle. The ultimate result will be to prove that there were significant and deliberate alterations made by Prosper and to create a critical edition and translation of the chronicle of 445. The methodology includes establishing Prosper’s place in the Latin chronicle tradition, his alleged role as...

Suitable Locations for Reference Plots Based on the Nitrogen Suffiency Index (NSI)

Eugenio Landeiro Reyes
Nitrogen (N) is critical to the quantity and quality of agricultural yields. Excess N fertilization is costly, both economically and environmentally (nitrate leaching, eutrophication, greenhouse gas release, soil degradation). This research identifies zones that could substitute the field-long N-rich strips by using spatial analysis of the nitrogen sufficiency index (NSI) and the relation with Apparent Electrical Conductivity (ECa), Elevation, Slope and Soil. NSI calculated from ECa grouped into three classes was capable of minimizing the...

Environmental Factors and Transnational Migration: A Case Study with Filipino Newcomers in Ottawa, Canada

Reiko Obokata
A number of international documents, NGOs and scholars have predicted that due to global environmental/climate change, the increased frequency and intensity of phenomena such as natural disasters, flooding, sea-level rise, pollution, and drought will be felt particularly in less developed regions of the world, and may force millions of people to leave their homelands. Given the far-reaching humanitarian and security concerns that have arisen with regard to the issue of environmentally-motivated migration, there have been...

Complexité topologique

Gabrielle Poirier
Il y a seulement une dizaine d’années que l’invariant de la complexité topologique a été défini. Il y a encore beaucoup de travail à y consacrer. Ici nous comparons algébriquement les deux invariants TC(X) et tc(X). En fait, ce qui nous motive, c’est la conjecture de leur égalité. Dans le but d’appuyer cette conjecture, nous regardons les bornes inférieures et supérieures de chacun, pour resserrer l’intervalle dans lequel ils se trouvent. Ceci nous a permis...

Testing the Cultural Cognition Hypothesis in a Canadian Undergraduate Student Population

Arbone Ioana-Smarandita
Background and Research Goals. This study aims to see the association between worldviews and HPV vaccine risk perceptions in a sample of Canadian undergraduate students enrolled in Health Sciences and Business programs at the University of Ottawa. It is a follow-up to the Kahan et al. (2010) research in the U.S. that showed the association to be present in a nationally representative U.S. sample. In addition to searching for this association in the Canadian context,...

Numerical Optimization Techniques for Secure Communications Over MIMO Channels

Maria Urlea
As multimedia applications become more popular, wireless communication systems are expected to reliably provide increased data rates. Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) technologies can meet this demand without using additional bandwidth or transmit power. MIMO is part of modern wireless communication standards. Another critical aspect of communications is to secure the confidentiality of data transmission. Cryptography accomplishes this at the upper layers of the protocol stack. At the physical layer, data travels unencrypted and can...

Cdk1 Regulates Anaphase Onset

Noel Lianga
Cdk1 is an important cell cycle regulator that, in association with different cyclin regulatory subunits, is responsible for signaling important cell cycle events in all eukaryotic cells. In budding yeast, inhibition of Cdk1 by selective deletion of cyclin subunits has been shown to prevent anaphase onset, suggesting that Cdk1 activity is critically important for triggering anaphase onset. In many eukaryotes, Cdk1 has been shown to phosphorylate subunits of the anaphase promoting complex (APC), an E3...

Essays on the Economics of Sleep Time and Work Stress

Golnaz Sedigh
This thesis consists of three essays on the economics of sleep time and work stress. The first essay, “the impact of economic factors on sleep: the role of insomnia”, discusses the role played by insomnia on the link between economic variables and sleep time. Insomnia is a common phenomenon experienced by many Canadians. This paper uses the Canadian General Social Survey (GSS) 2005 to investigate the effect of economic factors on the sleep time of...

La couverture médiatique de la violence psychologique en contexte de violence conjugale de 1988 à 2012

Nathalie St-Hilaire
La violence contre les conjointes était définie comme un problème individuel et isolé avant l’émergence du mouvement féministe occidental contemporain. Dans les années 1970 et 1980, avec l’émergence de ce mouvement, de nombreux groupes de femmes ont commencé à dénoncer la violence contre les conjointes et elles ont contribué à la définir comme un problème social. Les initiatives féministes ont porté sur des recherches développées afin de mieux comprendre et documenter cette manifestation de violence....

Analyzing Dynamic Football Passing Network

Amir Rahnamai Barghi
In this thesis we are concerned with the analysis of football matches represented as passing graphs, where players are nodes and directed edges indicate the passing of the ball. As opposed to previous work, we label the edges of the graph with the time instants when the ball is passed between two players, thus constructing a time-varying graph. We then employ techniques from social network analysis to study centrality roles and other indicators, keeping into...

A Methodology for Development of Clinical Performance Monitoring Applications

Pilar Mata
Clinical performance monitoring applications enable performance management of care processes in clinical settings. Although information technology has been advocated as a solution to support the provision of better care, the development of clinical performance monitoring applications is often a non-trivial task. A high rate of failure in IT healthcare project implementations has been reported in the literature due to the disconnect between clinicians and the development team. Furthermore, challenges inherent to the configuration of the...

Music in Motion: A Metaphoric Mapping of Forces in Piano Concertos by Mozart and Schumann

Adam Roy
In this thesis, I demonstrate the dynamic way in which musical processes can be described as metaphors. Using Steve Larson’s three main metaphors (gravity, inertia, and magnetism) as a starting point, I propose additional metaphors (friction, repulsion, momentum, wave, orbit, and oscillation) to analyze the first movements of Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 20 in D minor, K 466 and Schumann’s Piano Concerto in A minor, op. 54. These metaphors provide a means to discuss points...

A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Exploration of Psychotherapists’ Practice of Mindful Acceptance

Shaofan Bu
The aim of this study was to explore psychotherapists‘ practice of mindful acceptance. I employed the hermeneutic phenomenological approach with the intention of creating thick descriptions of how mindful acceptance is performed in therapy sessions with clients by psychotherapists with backgrounds in mindfulness. The findings for this study came from a variety of sources including, pre-interview questionnaire, semi-structured interviews, field notes, and feedback from member checks with participants. The results pointed to four themes: 1)...

L’efficacité personnelle en présence de douleur chronique comme médiateur de la relation entre l’attachement amoureux non-sécurisant, le fonctionnement individuel et la satisfaction conjugale

Marie-Eve Martel
L’efficacité personnelle face à la douleur a été examiné comme médiateur de la relation entre l’attachement amoureux non sécurisant d’une personne (anxiété face à l’abandon et évitement de l’intimité) et le fonctionnement individuel, ainsi que pour la relation entre l’attachement amoureux non sécurisant et la satisfaction conjugale. L’échantillon comprenait 45 adultes qui vivent quotidiennement avec de la douleur chronique et qui sont en relation de couple depuis au moins 6 mois. Les résultats indiquent que...

Les effets de la perception santé des aliments sur la compensation post-exercice chez les femmes adultes inactives

Jacynthe Lafreniere
Cette thèse est le compte-rendu d’une expérimentation visant à explorer l’effet de la perception des aliments sur la prise alimentaire en réponse à l’exercice. Plus précisément, l’objectif était d’observer si l’opinion d’un produit est influencée par l’étiquetage utilisé pour le décrire comme étant riche ou faible en gras et si cette opinion influence l’appétit et la prise alimentaire immédiatement après une séance d’exercice ainsi que dans les 34 heures subséquentes. Dans un protocole en chassé-croisé,...

Combined Chemical Looping Combustion and Calcium Looping for Enhanced Hydrogen Production from Biomass Gasification

Ryad Abdul Rahman
Production of hydrogen from biomass steam gasification can be enhanced by using calcium oxide sorbents for CO2 capture in the gasifier. Calcium looping suffers from two main drawbacks: the need for high-purity oxygen in order to regenerate the sorbent under oxy-fuel combustion conditions and the loss of sorbent reactivity over several cycles due to sintering of pores upon calcination at high temperatures. One method of addressing the issue of oxygen supply for calcination in calcium...

Combining Balanced Score Card and Data Envelopment Analysis for Analyzing the Performance of Small Scale Fisheries

Mona Rezaei
The balanced scorecard (BSC) is an accepted methodology for putting strategy into action. The BSC provides a comprehensive performance measurement for an organization with respect to both financial and non-financial perspectives, including the triple bottom line of planet, people, and profit. Through various implementations to companies, organizations, and sectors, balanced scorecards have been used widely both for strategic purposes, as well as for more tactical focus for auditing current performance. BSC implementation is particularly adequate...

Optimizing the Approach for Maintaining Single Muscle Fibers in Culture

Albadrani Hind
The skeletal muscle is a dynamic tissue that has the ability to change and modify itself to fit the level of required activity; a phenomenon called muscle plasticity. Most studies of muscle plasticity are carried out in situ, a condition for which it is difficult to study and discern between the intrinsic properties of skeletal muscle, the myokines released by muscle fibers and the neurotrophic factors released by neurons innervating skeletal muscles that play various...

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