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Canonical Considerations in Pastoral Care of Persons in Marriages Between Roman Catholics and Buddhists in Thailand

Prajak Boonphao
Marriage is an institution based on natural law. Every person has the natural right to marriage which is, however, affected by cultural and social conditions. The pastors of the Church, therefore, have to make every effort to understand the particularity of situations within which marriage and family are lived today and respond accordingly through their pastoral action. Thailand is considered a Buddhist country due to the fact that the vast majority of its population is...

Affective Alteration: Co-Constructing Resilience in Alternative Psychotherapy Counselling Practice

Chloé Desjardins
The conceptual use of resilience has gained much popularity since the 1970s, positioning post-trauma resilience parallel to the paradigm of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder to offer a new possibility for healing and a new understanding of illness and suffering during the course of a neoliberal turn in psychiatry. In this thesis, it is shown how suffering and vulnerability becomes a source of authenticity rather than a source of a pathological illness. Through fieldwork with Resilience Summit,...

Knowledge Mobilization in Community-Based Services: Supporting Friendships for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

Casey Fulford
The objective of this dissertation was to conduct an evaluation of a knowledge mobilization process in a community-based organization that supports adults with intellectual disabilities. The aim of the project was to understand how stakeholders share knowledge, use knowledge, and collaborate to make decisions regarding practices to support friendships for adults with intellectual disabilities. We produced two literature reviews; one systematically documented the views of adults with intellectual disabilities with regard to their relationships, and...

Stack Number, Track Number, and Layered Pathwidth

Céline Yelle
In this thesis, we consider three parameters associated with graphs : stack number, track number, and layered pathwidth. Our first result is to show that the stack number of any graph is at most 4 times its layered pathwidth. This result complements an existing result of Dujmovic et al. that showed that the queue number of a graph is at most 3 times its layered pathwidth minus one (Dujmovic, Morin, and Wood [SIAM J. Comput.,...

Random Medium Access Decision-Based Cooperative Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks

Ahmed Mohamed Abdelsalam Ahmed
In this thesis, the performance of decision-based Cooperative Spectrum Sensing (CSS) using random medium access sequential reporting assuming an imperfect reporting channel shared with a primary user is studied. Random medium access reporting using unacknowledged transmissions is the case of vehicular networks using IEEE 802.11p. This entails, as opposed to scheduled medium access, a non-negligible probability of collision and a variable reporting phase duration. Sequential reporting can reduce the reporting phase duration by employing different...

« Dans mes peintures je ne dis jamais je. » Autoportraits texte-image chez Leonor Fini

Valérie Mandia
On connaît peu, malgré un grand nombre d’études portant sur sa peinture, le versant littéraire de Leonor Fini (1908-1996), auteure-artiste du XXe siècle qui fut liée au surréalisme, sans jamais lui appartenir. Pourtant, si ce n’est que relativement tard qu’elle commença à publier son travail littéraire, Leonor Fini a toujours écrit. De 1973 à 1994, elle publie la plupart de ses textes sous forme de livres d’artiste ou de romans qui empruntent la double voie...

India and Intellectual Disability: An Intersectional Comparison of Disability Rights Law and Real Needs

Arthur Hamilton
Given its vast population, India has one of the highest absolute numbers of people with intellectual disability (PwIDs) in the world. Studies have placed the prevalence as high as 3.1% of children aged between 2 to 5 years and 5.2% of children aged between 6 to 9 years. India recently passed the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 (RPwD Act), to align itself with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with...

Une expérience d’éducation à la citoyenneté : la Commission jeunesse de Gatineau

Stéphanie Gaudet, Mariève Forest & Caroline Caron
Notre équipe de recherche collaborative pose l'hypothèse qu'une partie de la réponse aux enjeux d’apathie politique, de cynisme et de radicalisation se trouve dans une éducation citoyenne vivante et engageante. Alors que les représentants de milieux communautaires et municipaux participant à des initiatives d’éducation à la citoyenneté auprès de jeunes peuvent témoigner de l’importance que prennent ces expériences dans la vie de ces personnes, peu de chercheurs se sont penchés sur cette dynamique jusqu’à présent....

Exposure to Synthetic Antioxidants Disrupt Early Development in the Frogs Silurana Tropicalis and Lithobates Pipiens

Yol Poksical Monica Reyes Martinez
Many chemicals in commonly used household and industrial products are being released into the environment yet their toxic acute and chronic effects on humans and wildlife are not well understood. Some of these chemicals behave as endocrine disruptors (EDCs), altering development in many wildlife species including amphibians, which are sensitive to these compounds. Producing toxicological information is the first step to evaluate the effects these chemicals may have on the environment and wildlife. Two synthetic...

Learning Styles of Online Students in a Distance LINC Program

Nasren Elsageyer
Online language learning and teaching is a fast growing trend in educational uses of technology. Online classes can provide a unique opportunity for learning, easy access to text, graphics, video, audio, materials, and activities to fit individual learning styles and preferences (Bonk, Wisher & Lee, 2004). However, with the rapid increase of online language learning, and when dealing with diverse adult learners, it is important to search for factors that may help predict the academic...

Tracing the Online Translations of Syrian “Poetry of Witness”: 2011-2016

Hassan Al-Mohammad
With the rise of “the sociological turn” in translation studies and its emphasis on translation agency, a good deal of research over the past two decades has focused on the translator’s involvement in ethical questions relating to human rights, political engagement, and the future of humanity (Inghilleri, 2008; Pym, 2001; Tymoczko, 2000; Wolf, 2014). However, little attention has been paid to the role poetry translation might play in shaping translation agents’ engagement in times of...

Exploring Ethnoracial Minority Clients' Experiences of Oppression During Counselling with White Counsellors

Whitney Reinhart
Multicultural counselling and psychotherapy theory and research that focuses on ethnicity and race in cross-cultural counselling have pointed to concerns of oppression within counselling processes; however, an open exploration of oppression that may occur in session is not readily available from the perspective of clients. As such, this thesis research explores the lived experiences of oppression for ethnoracial minority clients who have engaged in counselling with white counsellors, with the aim of gaining a deeper...

Favoriser de nouvelles perspectives d'analyse d'un spectacle d'art vivant ; l'empathie esthétique dans 'Mille batailles' de Louise Lecavalier, 'Cosmic love' de Clara Furey et 'L'affadissement du merveilleux' de Catherine Gaudet

Caroline Gignac
Ce mémoire propose d’explorer de nouvelles perspectives d’analyse de spectacles d’arts vivants. De façon plus particulière, nous observerons de quelles façons le ressenti d’un spectateur peut devenir un élément à prendre en considération lorsque vient le temps d’amorcer une réflexion de fond concernant une représentation. Pour ce faire, nous nous intéresserons, au concept d’empathie esthétique ou Einfühlung, dans leur nomination actuelle et d’origine. L’objectif de cette recherche, consiste donc à mettre en application les théories...

Modelling Ship-Source Noise Impacts on Marine Mammals In Tallurutiup Imanga National Marine Conservation Area

Zuzanna Kochanowicz
Climate change has influenced decreases in sea ice extent and thickness in the Arctic and facilitated a subsequent increase in marine traffic across the Canadian Arctic. Tallurutiup Imanga (TI), a unique National Marine Conservation Area (NMCA) which is home to rich wildlife and culture, is located in the heart of the Northwest Passage in the Canadian Arctic and has experienced some of the most rapid increases in vessel traffic in the region over the past...

Improving the Engraftment Activities of Cryopreserved Human Umbilical Cord Blood Through the Development of Novel Glyco(peptide)-Based Aryl Ice Recrystallization Inhibitors

Madeleine Katrina Adam
The ability to preserve samples (e.g. biological substances) for extended periods has enabled many medical and industrial advancements including the development of blood banks and improvements to food storage. Cryopreservation, a biopreservation technique where samples are stored between -80 °C to -196 °C, allows for increased storage times of weeks to years for various cell types such as hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells (HSPCs). Cryopreserved HSPCs from human umbilical cord blood (UCB) can be used...

Ficción e Historia en Alejo Carpentier: Entre la Desfiguración Autobiográfica y las Derivas de la Crítica

Jorge Llaca Buznego
This dissertation examines the historical fiction of Alejo Carpentier through the epistemological perspectives of modernity and postmodernity on history and historiography. The corpus of this research focuses on El reino de este mundo, El siglo de las luces, El arpa y la sombra and “Los advertidos”. These works identify and represent different novelistic cycles of the author and are studied through a textual analysis involving the theory of narrative, discourse analysis, the genre of the...

An Island of Civility In an Ethos of Conflict: Examining Motivation, Constraint, and Social Change In Israeli-Palestinian Shared Society Peacebuilding

Yoad Avitzur
This thesis studies an island of civility embedded in an ethos of conflict, focusing on a shared society peacebuilding initiative between Palestinian and Jewish citizens of Israel. Undertaken in close partnership with the NGO Hand in Hand: The Centre for Bilingual Jewish-Arab Education in Israel using a semi-participatory approach, this research describes the evolution of Hand in Hand from a small grassroots organization to a multimillion-dollar NGO. Drawing on survey data (n = 107), personal...

Interlayer Defect Effects on the Phonon Properties of Bilayer Graphene and its Nanoribbon

Khalid Anindya
Phonon properties of AB (Bernal) stacked bilayer graphene (BLG) with various types of defects have been investigated theoretically. Forced Vibrational (FV) method has been employed to compute the phonon modes of disordered BLG. A downward linear shift of E2g mode frequencies has been observed with an increasing amount of defect concentration. Moreover, two identical E2g peaks have been observed in PDOS of the bilayer system where the individual layer contains 12C and 13C atoms respectively....

Coastal Cambodians on the Move: The Interplay of Migration, Social Wellbeing and Resilience In Three Fishing Communities

Furqan Asif
Small-scale fishing communities along Cambodia’s coast have relied on marine resources as a mainstay of their livelihood for decades. However, in the last ten to fifteen years, a confluence of shocks such as increased fishing pressure, the rapid rise of commercial fisheries in the Gulf of Thailand, illegal, underreported and unregulated fishing, climate change and, more recently, sand mining, have contributed to a progressive decline in catch. Such challenges demand that fishers harness social traits...

Fabrication and Mechanical Properties of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composites by Squeeze Casting

Zhiqiang Tu
Rapid modern technological changes and improvements bring great motivations in advanced material designs and fabrications. In this context, metal matrix composites, as an emerging material category, have undergone great developments over the past 50 years. Their primary applications, such as automotive, aerospace and military industries, require materials with increasingly strict specifications, especially high stiffness, lightweight and superior strength. For these advanced applications, carbon fiber reinforced aluminum matrix composites have proven their enormous potential where outstanding...

Essays on Party Politics

Jérôme Archambault
This thesis comprises three essays on party politics. The first chapter discusses the strategic behavior of the central leadership and the grassroots organizations of a political party. The focus is on the degree of centralization of fundraising, which determines the locus of control over the nature of the party's platform. In a model of central and local fundraising, I show that (i) public and private funding at the central level crowd out the fundraising efforts...

Transforming Plane Triangulations by Simultaneous Diagonal Flips

M Tanvir Kaykobad
We explore the problem of transforming plane triangulations using simultaneous diagonal flips. Wagner showed that any n-vertex plane triangulation can be transformed to any other plane triangulation on equal number of vertices using a finite sequence of diagonal flips. Later on it has been established that O(n) individual flips suffice to complete this transformation. Bose et al. showed that the transformation can also be done in 4 × ( 2 / log 54/53 + 2...

Recommendations for Translating the DREAM Program: Gifted Edition to an Online-Live Hybrid Model

Julia Parrott
Research suggests that 25% of gifted children experience social-emotional difficulties, putting them at increased risk of developing a diagnosable mental health concern. Nevertheless, existing programs do not meet the specific needs that put gifted children at a 30% higher risk for mental illness than their non-gifted peers. Armstrong et al. (2018) developed a resiliency program (DREAM) for gifted children, and the goal of this study is to translate it into an online-live hybrid through stakeholder...

Blast Retrofit of Unreinforced Masonry Walls Using Fabric Reinforced Cementitious Matrix (FRCM) Composites

Hyunchul Jung
Unreinforced masonry (URM) walls are commonly found in existing and heritage buildings in Canada, either as infill or load-bearing walls. Such walls are vulnerable to sudden and brittle failure under blast loads due to their insufficient out-of-plane strength. The failure of such walls under blast pressures can also result in fragmentation and wall debris which can injure building occupants. Over the years, researchers have conducted experimental tests to evaluate the structural behaviour of unreinforced masonry...

The Effect of Acute Intermittent Hypoxia on Postprandial Lipid Metabolism

Renée Morin
Background: Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) consists of repeated, involuntary breathing suspension during sleep. These events induce rapid depletion/repletion of blood/tissue oxygen content, a phenomenon known as intermittent hypoxia. Aside from causing daytime sleepiness, the most important health consequence of OSA is a 2-fold increase in cardiovascular (CVD) risk. Animal studies provide evidence that intermittent hypoxia, a simulating model of OSA, causes important rise in plasma TG, especially in the postprandial state. However, the underpinning mechanisms...

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