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L’efficacité personnelle en présence de douleur chronique comme médiateur de la relation entre l’attachement amoureux non-sécurisant, le fonctionnement individuel et la satisfaction conjugale

Marie-Eve Martel
L’efficacité personnelle face à la douleur a été examiné comme médiateur de la relation entre l’attachement amoureux non sécurisant d’une personne (anxiété face à l’abandon et évitement de l’intimité) et le fonctionnement individuel, ainsi que pour la relation entre l’attachement amoureux non sécurisant et la satisfaction conjugale. L’échantillon comprenait 45 adultes qui vivent quotidiennement avec de la douleur chronique et qui sont en relation de couple depuis au moins 6 mois. Les résultats indiquent que...

Les effets de la perception santé des aliments sur la compensation post-exercice chez les femmes adultes inactives

Jacynthe Lafreniere
Cette thèse est le compte-rendu d’une expérimentation visant à explorer l’effet de la perception des aliments sur la prise alimentaire en réponse à l’exercice. Plus précisément, l’objectif était d’observer si l’opinion d’un produit est influencée par l’étiquetage utilisé pour le décrire comme étant riche ou faible en gras et si cette opinion influence l’appétit et la prise alimentaire immédiatement après une séance d’exercice ainsi que dans les 34 heures subséquentes. Dans un protocole en chassé-croisé,...

Combined Chemical Looping Combustion and Calcium Looping for Enhanced Hydrogen Production from Biomass Gasification

Ryad Abdul Rahman
Production of hydrogen from biomass steam gasification can be enhanced by using calcium oxide sorbents for CO2 capture in the gasifier. Calcium looping suffers from two main drawbacks: the need for high-purity oxygen in order to regenerate the sorbent under oxy-fuel combustion conditions and the loss of sorbent reactivity over several cycles due to sintering of pores upon calcination at high temperatures. One method of addressing the issue of oxygen supply for calcination in calcium...

Combining Balanced Score Card and Data Envelopment Analysis for Analyzing the Performance of Small Scale Fisheries

Mona Rezaei
The balanced scorecard (BSC) is an accepted methodology for putting strategy into action. The BSC provides a comprehensive performance measurement for an organization with respect to both financial and non-financial perspectives, including the triple bottom line of planet, people, and profit. Through various implementations to companies, organizations, and sectors, balanced scorecards have been used widely both for strategic purposes, as well as for more tactical focus for auditing current performance. BSC implementation is particularly adequate...

Optimizing the Approach for Maintaining Single Muscle Fibers in Culture

Albadrani Hind
The skeletal muscle is a dynamic tissue that has the ability to change and modify itself to fit the level of required activity; a phenomenon called muscle plasticity. Most studies of muscle plasticity are carried out in situ, a condition for which it is difficult to study and discern between the intrinsic properties of skeletal muscle, the myokines released by muscle fibers and the neurotrophic factors released by neurons innervating skeletal muscles that play various...

Housing and Homelessness: Two Models of the Relationship Between Quality of Life, Physical Health, and Mental Health

Andrea Ximena Andrea
With the increase in quality of life (QoL) research in recent years and its relationship to physical and mental health, building a model of these relationships is an important pursuit for researchers with the aim of creating targeted social policy and programs. Two studies were designed to test a model of the relationship between quality of life, physical health, and mental health on two different groups in the National-Capital region: a housed sample and a...

Marqueurs neurophysiologiques de la cognition et du vieillissement : Études par stimulation magnétique transcrânienne

Marielle Young-Bernier
Le système cholinergique joue un rôle important au niveau de l’attention, de la mémoire et des fonctions exécutives. Les processus corticaux sous-tendant ces fonctions cognitives reposent sur des mécanismes de plasticité synaptique, tels que la potentialisation à long terme (PLT), qui font aussi appel à la transmission cholinergique. La diminution de l’activité cholinergique et de la plasticité synaptique lors du vieillissement normal semble contribuer au déclin des fonctions cognitives chez les personnes âgées. Les études...

Extra-Thyroidal Action of TSH on Adipocyte Insulin Signaling

David Felske
In subclinical hypothyroidism (SH), high levels of circulating thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) maintain normal thyroid hormone levels, despite mild thyroid failure. SH is associated with cardiovascular disease and insulin resistance, although the underlying pathophysiology is not fully understood. We hypothesized that TSH may inhibit insulin action in adipocytes. To investigate this relationship, we studied primary human differentiated adipocytes. Abdominal subcutaneous adipose tissue samples were obtained (approved by OHSN-REB) from 16 weight-stable patients undergoing elective abdominal...

Les dépôts coquilliers de Baie-Comeau (Québec, Canada) : Communautés d'invertébrés marins, compositions isotopiques, géochimiques et reconstructions paléo-environnementales

Andréanne Bourgeois-Roy
On retrouve dans la vallée de la rivière aux Anglais, dans la région de Baie-Comeau, sur la Haute-Côte-Nord du Saint-Laurent, d’importants dépôts coquilliers naturels holocènes. Datés de 10,4 à 9,6 ka BP (Bernatchez et al., 1999), ils ont été formés lors de la submersion par la mer de Goldthwait. Une étude détaillée des invertébrés marins composant un de ces dépôts ainsi que des analyses isotopiques (δ18O, δ13C) et géochimiques effectuées sur des coquilles de Mytilus...

Single and multiple processor performance of a family of stepsize adjustment procedures for ODE solvers.

Ming. Yang
The efficiency with which the numerical solution of ordinary differential equations (ODE) can be generated depends to a large extent on the effectiveness of the stepsize adjustment strategy that is used. In this thesis the relative performance of a family of stepsize adjustment strategies is examined. Included in this family is a new strategy. A distinctive feature of its formulation is the incorporation of a mechanism to correct for any persistent deviation of a prescribed...

A mean field method for disordered magnetic alloys with application to FCC iron-nickel.

Paula R. L. Heron
We present a mean field model for the magnetism of random alloys. The reader is introduced to the philosophy of the mean field approach with an example of a simple ferromagnet. The special problem presented by random arrangement of alloy components on a lattice is discussed before we describe the technique we have developed. Our approach simplifies the treatment of these complicated systems by classifying sites according to the characteristics of their local environments. We...

A speech enhancement algorithm based upon resonator filterbanks.

Luc. Gagnon
Abstract Not Available.

The concept of unity in the documents of the Commission on Faith and Order of the World Council of Churches, 1927-1983: A historical-analytical study.

John Joseph. Cole
Abstract Not Available.

Les sens cachés de L'arrache-coeur de Boris Vian.

Daniel. Daunais
Abstract Not Available.

The effect of vitamins A and E on neuroblastoma growth and differentiation.

Ruth S. Slack
The effects of dl-$\alpha$-tocopherol and dl-$\alpha$-tocopheryl succinate on neuroblastoma, N1E 115, cells were studied. Tocopherol had no growth-arresting properties, whereas its succinate ester derivative inhibited growth at concentrations $\ge$20 $\mu$M. The succinate derivative was taken up somewhat more readily than free tocopherol; however, for any equal uptake of both forms of vitamin E, only the succinate derivative could affect growth. Tocopheryl succinate was taken up without marked conversion to tocopherol. The data point to the...

Dreams and revelation: A Jungian-Barthian dialogue.

Jonathan. Dent
Abstract Not Available.

The teachability of the heart: Theological ethics in the work of John Calvin (1509-1564).

James B. Sauer
Abstract Not Available.

A comparison of the effects of three selected exercise intensities on the lactate recovery ability of elite distance runners.

Robert A. Séguin
Six elite, male, cross-country runners were assessed on a motorized treadmill for aerobic endurance capacity using blood lactate (HLa) recovery ability ($\Delta$La) in three square-wave endurance exercise tests (SWEET) with repeat intervals below (S1), at (S2), and above (S3) threshold (OBLA). Each SWEET was composed of 6 possible repeat intervals (OVERs) followed by active rest intervals (UNDERs) of the same distance where $\Delta$La = (HLa) $\sb{\rm OVER}$- (HLa) $\sb{\rm UNDER}$. S1 and S2 interval (HLa)...

Behavior of confined concrete under eccentric loading.

Amir Hossein. Salamat
The objective of the research program reported in this thesis was to establish characteristics of confined concrete under a strain gradient. Both experimental and analytical research were conducted. Twelve large scale columns were tested under monotonically increasing eccentric compression. The level of eccentricity was the main variable. Columns with different tie spacings and reinforcement arrangements were subjected to different levels of eccentric loading. The results indicated that the eccentricity of loading did not affect the...

Outil logiciel pour le design et l'analyse d'expérience par les méthodes d'analyse factorielle et fractionnelle factorielle.

Yves. Do Régo
Une experimentation est conduite pour repondre a une ou plusieurs questions que l'on peat se poser sur un sujet sous analyse. En vue de rendre systematique cette demarche, de nombreuses methodes de construction de design d'experimentation ont ete concues par des statisticiens; ces methodes statistiques, en systematisant l'experimentation, ont egalement rendu plus aisees l'analyse et l'interpretation de leurs resultats. L'objectif de la presente these est le developpement d'un logiciel appliquant les methodes d'analyse factorielle et...

Distribution and power of selected item bias indices: A Monte Carlo study.

Abdul K. Ibrahim
This study examines the following DIF procedures--Transformed Item Difficulty (TID), Full Chi-Square, Mantel-Haenszel chi-square, Mantel-Haenszel delta, Logistic Regression, SOS2, SOS4, and Lord's chi-square under three sample sizes, two test lengths, four cases of item discrimination arrangement, and three item difficulty levels. The study is in two parts: The first part examines the distributions of the indices under null (no bias) conditions. The second part deals with the power of the procedures to detect known bias...

Critique et totalité : le sens de l'altérité chez Jürgen Habermas.

Patrick. Savidan
Le dogmatisme, entendu comme fermeture du discours theorique sur soi, est le risque central que courent ces pensees qui ne se resolvent pas a l'abandon de tout projet d'emancipation. La philosophie politique et sociale contemporaine semble d'ailleurs, legitimement, si preoccupee par ce risque que, le plus souvent, elle se detourne, ni plus ni moins, de la question meme du politique, des lors que l'on concoit celle-ci a l'echelle de la societe entiere. Cette etude se...

Non-uniform-band digital filter banks: Design and performance analysis.

Genzao. Zhang
New design techniques of digital filter banks are presented in this thesis. The research has been focused on systematic design methods for computationally efficient filter banks with arbitrary center frequencies, which could be easily implemented and are useful in acoustic, speech signal processing, and communication systems. Frequency interpolation filter banks (FIFB) are first derived based on an adaptive filtering structure. FIFB banks show good frequency responses, interesting sensitivities and negligible parameter quantization effects and roundoff...

Surface loading of a thin-walled toroidal shell.

Fan. Zhang
The present study is concerned with the series solution based on the Sanders shell theory for the linear elastic problems of the surface loading of thin-walled toroidal shells. The Sanders theory is considered to be one of the most accurate first order theories. For toroidal shells, series solutions have been given by several authors, using other theories and furthermore using a stress approach. In the present study a displacement approach is taken. The governing equations...

Effect of laser phase noise on multi-channel photonic networks.

Mustapha. Aissaoui
This thesis presents an investigation of the issues related to the phenomenon of laser phase noise in multi-channel coherent photonic networks. A theoretical analysis is carried out to predict the performance of two kinds of photonic networks, the distribution network and the multiple-access network, in the presence of laser phase noise. Two optical modulation schemes have been compared and the limitations set on laser linewidths are derived. The potential number of network users in each...

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